2011/04/20 – Zeitgeist: To Straighten a Crooked Stick…

The statement by Peter Joseph on leaving the Zeitgeist Movement:
So, in consideration of this, with respect to Jacque – I will no longer be actively publicly representing TZM or TVP. 

I could address his hasty statements directly, but I am not going to do that to myself as it’s simply sad.This falls on the heels of a level of personal exhaustion and general life frustration which requires personal time anyway. I will continue to orient a radio show rotation of new speakers, content and help with event days and the many other project based issues in the background… I will also continue to personally finance the global movement’s work…but I want everyone to know that I am removing myself as a forefront spokesman… a figure I never wanted to be, in fact. A position which has neg affected my personal and mental health a great deal, to be frank. 

So, this is good grounds to see how many out there can lift themselves to high levels of communication. I have also informed TVP that all major press will be turned over to them so they can make sure “their” message is “accurate”… as apparently mine isn’t.

At the end of the day, let it be known that I don’t care about TZM or TVP or “Jacque Fresco” or “Peter Joseph” as entities to be perpetuated. 

I care about a new, working social system only and I will not stop with that pursuit in the long run.

We at Desteni care for the same thing; Peter, installing a global, social system that works for everybody, and you should join us. Because what the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement has not taken into consideration is that old zen koan that says, “if you want to straighten a crooked stick, straighten yourself first.” That is, there has to be a part in the movement that accounts for the “crooked nature” of the human being. Now I know that there’s this New Age Spirituality jazz that claims that the human being is in essence, good, but in fact, one needs to only look at the tragic history this human being has managed to create. At Desteni, we consider that to fix the system, we first have to fix ourselves. The Desteni I Process does just that, and watch this space; Desteni will not implode over silly human weaknesses like ego or vanity. We will not wimp out. We’re going the distance and we’re going for speed. Join us.


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