2011/05/28 – Why Does Tanja Hilton Hate Desteni?

Welcome to this week”s Desteni Deconstruction. Seems that my Deconstruction of “MUERTOS” has not gone unnoticed by the anti-Desteni bloggers, and particular, Tanja Hilton, who I mentioned last week in the “MUERTOS” thread. Tanja Hilton, who’s name is known only because she filed a You Tube counter-notice on behalf of Rob Lester and Thom Darc, objects to my characterization of being more “male” than her cowardly “friends.” In response, Tanja Hilton makes some surprisingly shrill claims against me and Desteni. This week we deconstruct the perspective of Tanja Hilton featured in her “Destenigossip” blog entitled:

DarrylWThomas denies Holocaust!

And the flag is up! Prepare yourself. We are going to be wading in the high weeds of deceit, jealousy and nameless vengeance. Where I took down “MUERTOS” paragraph by paragraph, principal anti-Desteni hater Tanja Hilton posted this unattributed entry on the aptly-named “Destenigossip” blog wins same day service. So settle in, this is gonna be a long one.

May. 25th, 2011 at 9:16 AM
Let us have a look at DarrylWThomas attempts at satire, which unfortunately ended up looking rather like he was channeling his inner unsatisfied housewife. It is ironic that he claims to be ‚deconstructing hate-speech‚, when his words have neither wit nor eloquence and his arguments are based on personal insults, religious discrimination and sexism. (1*)

Apparently Tanja Hilton’s assessment of my failed “attempts at satire,” due to my limited “wit” and “eloquence,” sets the tone she’s going to use which announces that she has no intention of elevating or expanding this discursive exercise. Tanja Hilton intends to wage against me the very thing she’s complaining about, as evidenced by her own ugly pettiness in calling me a “hate-filled Nazi” at the bottom of this shrilly worded screed. Yet, I wonder how long it took for Tanja Hilton to come up with the judgment that my writing could only be compared to the emotional state of an “unsatisfied housewife.” Maybe Tanja Hilton has revealed too much of her inner reality.

However, we shall remove Tanja Hilton’s weakly-delivered attempt at denigrating of my writing from the equation of deconstruction, as her opinion is poisoned her endless and pointless seeking of vengeance against Desteni. As everybody knows, reading is wholly a personal endeavor informed by personal opinions, background and taste. In the original blog against “MUERTOS,” I sought to correct his ghost-written cut and paste job on Desteni because what he wrote was an attention-seeking, ill-researched piece of crap, thus making it easy to refute and diminish it as the intellectually dishonest hack job that it really was. Tanja Hilton doesn’t give a shit about “MUERTOS” or what I said in response to him; Tanja Hilton does not care about the holocaust or what happens to anyone but herself. Tanja Hilton will use and twist anything she can use to throw at members of Desteni because of one thing: she has been programmed to defend the system. Tanja Hilton proclaims to be an advocate of “free speech,” but what she really advocates is free speech that she approves of, and anything that runs counter to her socialization must be the work of a cult or an enemy of humanity and free speech.

Tanja Hilton will never, in all likelihood, be able to expand beyond her current perspective because she loves it so much. Maybe she doesn’t think such an expansion is possible. Maybe Tanja Hilton believes she has all, or a very large part, of the “answer.” If that is the case, then there is no possible growth for Tanja Hilton as a human being, and we will leave her there.

Does Tanja Hilton really believe that I advocate “religious discrimination” after all the problems religions have given the world? You betcha. Maybe Tanja Hilton is upset that Desteni does not endorse any religious group, especially hers, which from what I can tell, seems to involve love and lightweenyism, or as I like to call it, flowerhat metaphysics. You know, that specious, eye-glazing “everything is alright and acceptable because the Divine Plan is in full effect and the universe is full of love,” bullshit. Yes, I called it “bullshit,” and I have no problem telling anyone that in my opinion, especially the likes of a Love n’ Light Hater like Tanja Hilton, that ‘religion is the opiate of the people.” Thank you, Karl Marx.

And although Tanja Hilton will blare to anyone who listens that I am a “religious discriminator,” I will tell you this, anyone who claims they live “religiously,” is a liar. Does Tanja Hilton believe she lives “religiously?” We do not know, for Tanja Hilton, who will speak freely for others, does not seem “free enough” to speak much about herself. But i digress. Let’s get back to Tanja Hilton’s defense of her boys.

Let me elaborate here:

„Thom Darc and Rob Lester (who hide under the skirt of Tanja Hilton, a woman more a man than both of those clods put together, which isn’t a good thing, Tanja)“

„Tanja Hilton may get a bit more respect, but she engages in deception by fighting Thom Darc’s battles instead of allowing Thom Darc an opportunity to assert his manhood. Too late, Thom Darc, you’ve been femininely castrated.“ (Darryl’s quote)

By saying that being ‚more of a man‘ is ‚not a good thing‘, he is in fact reinforcing a world-view (where the female) is‚not allowed‘ (from his perspective as being male) to embody traits he has labelled as ‚male‘, such as courage, strength and self-confidence. It return, that means that he thinks females should be submissive, weak and dependant, enforcing his chauvinistic viewpoint onto females in his environment and beyond. By projecting his opinions and expectations of ‚what women/ men should be/ act like‘, he is not only making a strong statement about his own gender-biases, no, he is also acting against the Desteni-doctrine. Now do not believe I am trying to tell you that Desteni supports gender equality, it is far away from doing that. But making ‚judgements‘ about the world and people, trying to fit them into your own ‚belief-system‘ of ‚what they should be‘ is something Destibots are not allowed to do.

Tanja Hilton, maybe you weren’t following. Maybe you were only outraged at what I said only because your name came up. I wondered if I didn’t mention you at all if you would have bothered to write anything at all. Those are human characteristics, Tanja Hilton, not exclusively “male” as you believe. There have been plenty of instances where women have been just as courageous and strong as any male. Maybe Tanja Hilton resents that. Maybe that’s why Tanja Hilton prefers attacking strong females that participate within the Desteni Group because Tanja Hilton resents seeing their strength while hiding behind her ridiculous and petty anonymity. Tanja Hilton is not only a hater against Desteni, but she’s a hater of strong women, too. Which is a typically cowardly male response.

By projecting his opinions and expectations of ‚what women/ men should be/ act like‘, he is not only making a strong statement about his own gender-biases, no, he is also acting against the Desteni-doctrine. Now do not believe I am trying to tell you that Desteni supports gender equality, it is far away from doing that. But making ‚judgements‘ about the world and people, trying to fit them into your own ‚belief-system‘ of ‚what they should be‘ is something Destibots are not allowed to do.

But let me educate Tanja Hilton to what I meant as the undesirable male attribute that Tanja Hilton often exhibits in her comments: the ego. Maybe that’s why Tanja Hilton decided to help out her weak-kneed boys, because Tanja Hilton could dramatically show them how a man tickles a problem? No, Tanja Hilton did a disservice to them and to herself by reinforcing their male impotence of character. Tanja Hilton taught them that it takes a male-as-woman to stand up. But Tanja Hilton didn’t realize what she stood up for was male weakness. And you robbed yourself. But maybe that’s why she likes to defend weak males. It feeds her ego. Tanja Hilton goes on…

Self-forgiveness on this ‘point‘ ‘opening up‘ sounds appropriate.
Here are a few suggestions:I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to see females as weak/dependant/inferior to men.
I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to take part in the sexist system of society by judging women as inferior to myself.
I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to react as a projection of ego when females do not act according to the behaviour-patterns programmed by society.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to view male-female relationships as polarity.
I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to project my own judgements onto other people.
I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to project my insecurities onto men who do not act as what I believe to be ‚manly‘.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have judgements about what is ‚manly‘ and what is not.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to try to convince fellow Destonians to see me as ‚more manly‘ than other males by belittling them.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to enforce judgements about male/female stereotypes in fellow Destonians and making it seem as if those systems are allowed in Desteni.There we have it, I just out-destenied a Destibot.
Guys, if even your haters do a better job than you, it‘s time to get another hobby.

The only problem is that you have just abused self-forgiveness through pretense. It would have been good for you if you intended to forgive yourself sincerely, but once again, you gave in to your male ego. You really have no idea what you’re doing. Please stop. You’re just making it more difficult for you. You mistakenly believe you know what self-forgiveness is all about, but you really don’t get it. One day you will see, probably too late.

„In retaliation of having one of his videos removed, Super-Christian Thom Darc uploaded a video onto You Tube where he published my name, phone number and home address. After it was taken down, in an act typical of Christian Hypocrisy and spite, Thom Darc posted my home address and phone number on the Cult Infotainment Forum. You know, acting in the same fearful manner that he fears will happen to him. Jesus would be so proud. Nanny, nanny boo boo.“(Darryl’s quote)

Let us re-phrase:
ThomDarc is a whiny Super-Christian and did not want his address known, so he‘s a pansy. Publishing Darryls address however is evil because despite the fact that he is claiming that not being willing to publish your address makes you a pussy, DarrylWThomas does not want his own address posted anywhere.

This is a clumsy bit of “writing,” but it seems that Tanja Hilton is saying that I called Thom Darc “a pussy” because he published my address. Well, okay, but I was actually calling him a spiteful hypocrite for whining about not filing counter-notice because Thom Darc is afraid that Desteni members will hunt him down if he did and yet did not abide by his Master’s Golden Rule. Obviously, the Golden Rule carries no currency for Tanja Hilton, who appears to never have heard or understood it, and who is doing her darned best to wrangle the point to her definition, but it can’t work, because she can’t have her weakness prevail. “Weakness can never prevail.” It’s the law of the Male that says so, not me.

Darryl, you should be grateful to ThomDarc. He helped you ‚face yourself‘ and everything. He has given you the opportunity to ‚investigate‘ what is ‚here‘, standing up in self-honesty, with your real name and -yes- your real address. This might not only have been the perfect opportunity to ‚see points opening up‘, it might also have been your chance to prove to the world that Destonians are more than big talk, that they stand in for their principles and are not anonymous cowards.

This failed attempt at comedy would have been funnier if Tanja Hilton actually cared about anyone other than herself. That she doesn’t provides this joke an ironic resonance that is kind of creepy and wholly appropriate. Tanja Hilton is fed up with the ‘big-talkin'” Commentariat of Desteni. As Tanja Hilton would have it, she and her gutless wonders are “more Desteni” than Desteni. It’s an old rhetorical trick that falls flat when used by Tanja Hilton because of her obvious intellectual dishonesty and poor understanding of her subject.

Pity that you failed the test your ‚process‘ bestowed upon you.
I‘m afraid more self-forgiveness is in order.
You‘re up to yourself for that one though, I‘m not here to baby step you through this bullshit.

Bravely stated, Tanja Hilton, but you haven’t understood a very important point: you’re also the one who is in process by using Desteni terminology and employing fake self-forgiveness and pretending that you have understanding, but due to your male-ego, you take everything personally, which is going to make for a very interesting process for you. So, you might want to consider worrying about your own ass since that’s probably the only thing you know how to do (besides attacking strong women).

But he wouldn‘t be himself if he couldn‘t top this proof of his lack of tolerance and fairness by stating that:

„It isn’t because Hitler was a good guy and that we desire that we wish ‘rehabilitate’ his memory.“ (Darryl’s quote)

Then I guess you did not read Bernard‘s novel in which he describes how he travelled into the dimensions, met Hitler, taught him how to forgive himself and made him support oneness and equality.

What does it matter if it happened or not, Tanja Hilton? I can’t imagine that you read the entire book, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt because we are getting to the point whereby hangs the tale of why Desteni produces such bile and consternation within Tanja Hilton. Could the key be contained within the words of Tanja Hilton, “Hitler, oneness and equality?”

We in fact, have no such wishes of any kind. That would be pointless. People are going to have their opinion, all of it based upon what others have said about him before.“

So he is stating that they do not seek to rehabilitate Hitler, not because they do not stand for total war, anti-Semitism and genocide, oh no. They do not do it because all those closed minded people judge someone who takes over a country, suppresses and then kills all opposition and then puts millions of people into death camps based on their race and culture as, in fact, ‚not a nice man‘.

Not sure what that’s supposed to mean, Tanja Hilton, as there seems to be a conclusion missing. In any case, we do not, and never have supported genocide, war, holocausts or anything harmful to the lives of human beings that Hitler and the Nazi party engaged in. What Tanja Hilton seems to be upset about, along with her faux-colleague, “MUERTOS,” is that they both have an infuriating disbelief that someone as evil as Adolf Hitler could be seen as anything remotely heroic or well-spoken. There have been portal interviews of Stalin, who killed millions more than Hitler, but not a peep from the anti-haters. Selective outrage? You decide.

Terrible, prejudiced people, that‘s the true reason why they can‘t openly support Hitler.”

„Let them think what they want about Hitler.“

Is it a question of ‚thinking‘ really rather than just acknowledging historical facts?

It’s certainly not a question of “acknowledging historical facts,” Tanja Hilton. because we have said repeatedly that the shit that Hitler did was not for the best for all. They were only the best for “his people.” Since Tanja Hilton and ‘MUERTOS” wants to make this as an unforgivable crime to take the figure of Hitler and say that no matter what he had done in the past, he could still forgive himself. Self-forgiveness does not absolve the smallest of an infraction, but the anti-haters like Tanja Hilton and “MUERTOS” think they know enough from their limited reading skills and personal biases to sit as judge over whom gets to participate in self-forgiveness while mocking it outright. Look at that. Does that sound or look like an even-handed, sober approach to controversial material. This is one of the example of intellectual dishonesty that these two regularly engage in. That’s why nothing they say about Desteni, or for anything else, can be trusted.

„What is said about Hitler on Desteni is simple: he attempted to fix his country’s economic that was vengefully destroyed by other nations. That he went from there to wage war on the rest of the world is not something we want to defend. What Hitler did for the German people was full employment and no crime.“

I will have to give you a brief lesson in history now, just in case Darryls offensive lack of knowledge is contagious.

And the flag is up!

Hitler was an Austrian, not a German. ‚His‘ country was Austria, not Germany that had been held responsible for their actions in World War 1, which is, in fact, understandable.

Tanja Hilton forgets, or doesn’t know, which country Hitler was decorated for fighting for in World War 1. It was Germany. When Germany lost, Hitler was crushed. Hitler also considered the Austrian and German people being of the same blood. In Mein Kampf, Hilter writes, “‘German-Austria must return to the great German mother country’.” ( Hitler, 1985, p. 3) Did he mean the Germans in Austria, or Germany-Austria? Hell if I know. But Hitler did seem to consider Austria as a part of Germany. And Hitler became a naturalized German citizen in 1933. Unlike the anti-haters, I actually do not just throw shit at the wall hoping it will stick. I learned a long time ago that if you post something on a forum to be able to back it up. Otherwise you will look foolish, Tanja Hilton.

Trying to take over the world doesn‘t exactly make other nations think you‘re trustworthy and they admittedly have the right to defend themselves.
Back to Hitler: After being rather unsuccessful in his life, he adopted somewhat radical views, such as blaming ‚the Jews‘ and the winners of WW1 for about everything that was going wrong at the time.
Showing quite the talent at loudly screamed speeches, he was discovered by the German Nazi-Party and used to propagate their views, which eventually lead to him becoming first the official spokesperson for their ‚movement‘ and later on the leader of Nazi-Germany.

Here we go again. In case you missed it, Tanja Hilton wants you to know that Hitler started World War 2.

That Desteni does not want to defend the war but yet talks about the employment he provided as something good does not go together. The war was what caused the increase of employment: there is simply nothing else that gives the engine of a countries economy a kick start like the war industry.

This is true. The prosperity that pre-WWII Germany experienced was created by Hitler’s war machine. Tanja Hilton is trying to have an argument where none exists. Tanja Hilton’s screeching headline, ‘DarrylWThomas Denies the Holocaust” resorts to what we call in America as, “catch as catch can” smear tactics. Meaning, Tanja Hilton will say and twist anything and everything and is prepared to use any lie, smear or distortion as long as she can slow down or tarnish the message of Desteni, a trait the All-Male All-Stars anti-Desteni haters share in abundance. Why? Only because Tanja Hilton blames Desteni for attempting to take away her precious “free speech.” Yes, this is all about Tanja Hilton’s male ego. Tanja Hilton blames Desteni for having one of her videos removed from You Tube. Yes, I know. Sounds funny to me, too. But it takes a lot of energy to willfully, consistently lie like Tanja Hilton. How long can she keep up the pace?

In reality, Hitler caused Germany enormous debts. People were employed building war-machinery – yes – but there were no resources whatsoever to cover the costs in the long run. After having initiated the war in order to aid the economy, he now was obliged to win in order to raid the countries surrounding him to pay back what he spent to invade them

“The people were not put here on earth for the sake of the economy, and the economy doesn’t exist for the sake of capital. On the contrary; capital is meant to serve the economy, and the economy in turn, to serve the people.” This was Hitler’s stated goals. We are not afraid to state that people do not exist for money, but that Man is the master of money. Tanja Hilton cherry-picks the historical record in order to isolate the her essentialist observations of Hitler’s Germany within a tiny perimeter which she insists is all there is. Nice try, Tanja Hilter.

In the end, it didn‘t pay off well. Hitler and the Nazi regime brought neither lasting ‚employment‘ nor ‚no crime‘. The employment he granted was to be paid for by future bloodshed and theft, which failed.

As for the ‚no crime‘- argument: it is simply not true. There might have been fewer incidents of reported stealing and murder amongst the population, which might be contributed to the fact that the regime turned people into spies against one another, promising those who report their friends, neighbours and family members rewards. Yet the only reason that anyone can say that there were fewer crimes was because they were LEGALISED. It was allowed to tell on your Jewish neighbour, wait until they were transported off to a KZ and then raid their belongings. Why bothering to kill someone or steal from them if you can have the police do it for you on grounds of racism or ‚treachery‘ and then simply sit, watch and wait until all is over and you can help yourself to their table silver?

All these things did happen. Yet, Tanja Hilton does not really care about those poor Jews that led away to slaughter. Tanja Hilton seeks to score points. Tanja Hilton is crying crocodile tears over the holocaust victims to show you how evil Desteni is because we openly talk about what he did. Tanja Hilton wants to heap the anti-semitism and pro-Nazi slur upon Desteni because she believes Desteni did something to her. It’s shameful for Tanja Hilton to use the example of millions who suffered so she can claim Desteni as morally inferior to Tanja Hilton’s way of thinking; which is that of a completely mind-possessed system-robot. This is just like the fake self-forgiveness that Tanja Hilton wrote out above. Tanja Hilton are ensconced in deception, spite and a male woman-hating ego. Don’t listen to her.

And are you, Darryl, trying to tell me now that denying people on the base of them being Jewish to buy food, take a bus or even sit on a park-bench is no crime?

More crocodile tears. Shamefully transparent exploitation.

Is it not a crime to take them away under the cover of the night, put them into cages like animals and have them starve to death or gas them?
Is it not a crime to have people executed just because they said one word against your rule of fear and violence?
Is it not a crime when the police looks the other way when people are violated or killed just because they are not ‚arian‘?
Are you seriously trying to tell me that the Holocaust did not happen?

Tanja Hitler, I mean, Hilton, wants you to know, in case you’ve missed it, that she has difficulty sorting out her ego because she blames Desteni in preventing or denying her “free speech.” So Tanja Hilton is prepared to use the Holocaust as her Personal Vengeance Package. Thus Tanja Hilton will obsessively retreat into mind-possession and repeat herself how Desteni needs to be punished for having one of her videos taken down. Since Tanja Hilton has taken this imagined slight personally, she will resort to smears character assassination and disinformation, much like her ego-partner “MUERTOS” in an attempt to return our personality based egos in line; to be just like them. Typical of the Love n’ Lightweeyism, these people represent. Ravenous wolves beneath sheep’s clothing.

„I want you, “MUERTOS,” to name an American president who’s done the same for his country. Won’t be very hard, will it, since none has come close.“

I would say in regards to methods, George W. Bush came rather close, using the military to push the almost ruined economy and deciding to ‚fight terrorism‘ only in countries with a vast oil-supply… but of course, Darryl as being an US-citizen cannot be expected to know what is going on in his own country, can he?

You’ve got to be kidding, for that’s a very weak answer, Tanja Hilton. The American “economy” has been bankrupt beginning when Clinton left office in 2001 with a federal budget surplus of $127 billion. President George Bush ran a deficit of $455 billion in 2008. Millions of Americans lost their homes. The debt is on it’s way to eclipse the national profit of this country by 2012 (it had reached 1.3 TRILLION in 2010). Look it up, Tanja Hilton, and educate yourself on the state of the national economy of America.

„Now, what Hitler did to the rest of the world, and ultimately to his beloved country, was a brutal tragedy.“

The country he happened to rule, not HIS country. The only reason he loved Germany was because they gave him the opportunity to live his delusions of grandeur, which Austria had denied him. Invading half of Europe seems more like an act of spite seen in that light, doesn‘t it?

Like I said before, Hitler was a naturalized German citizen. He was a German in the legal sense. Not that your objection to the fact relates in any way what we’re discussing.

The use of the word ‚tragedy‘ implies that all this was not meant to happen. Anyone reading ‚Mein Kampf‘ knew what was going to happen. There were more red flags than could be counted, war and genocide were part of the plan all along.

My dictionary describes “tragedy” as: “an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress…”Tanja Hiltlor loves to project. She can magically transport herself back in time and tell us what these people think and felt. I guess you could call Tanja Hilton a “prophet.”

„But the point of the portal, and of the life of Hitler, is that forgiveness can be rendered to those who are the worst of beings. You are not a fucking “God” to consider anyone not worthy of forgiveness“

But you are a ‚fucking „God“‘ to say what the purpose of the life of Hitler was? What pretentiousness.

„And as far as “focusing on the occult aspects of Nazi ideology,” I would like for “MUERTOS” to point out specific examples of this(although “MUERTOS” has actually admitting in watching no more than “a very few videos,” and probably even less of the texts).“

In defence of los muertos I have to say that those videos are so repetitive that it really should be enough to listen to two or three. No new concepts or even phrases come up once you‘ve gotten past that number.

Yes, Tanja Hilton’s willful ignorance regarding her obsession with destroying Desteni :roll: reveals the anti-hater trait yet again. And it reveals how feeble their capacity of rationality really is.

So to sum this up:

The flag is up!

Hate-speech is not hate-speech when it is filled with – I don‘t know – hate maybe? No… it is only hate-speech when Darryl Thomas thinks it attacks his superior worldviews. Responding with insults is not hate-speech either apparently.
Hitler loved ‚his‘ country? The genocide didn‘t happen but when it totally didn‘t happen, it definitely happened ‚out of love‘?
You‘ve really proven who is the powerless hate-filled Nazi here, Darryl.

Poor Tanja Hilton. Tanja Hilton wants to leave you with the impression that if someone is saying Hitler grew the economy for his country and took care of his people, that means you can only be a denier of the holocaust. Tanja Hilton must take another tack, because this is getting boring. In literature, this would be called, “a smear,” that is, a false accusation intended to damage someone’s reputation. This is again, a typically male-ego matter that Tanja Hilton is exploiting for self-gain.

You‘ve really proven who is the powerless hate-filled Nazi here, Darryl.

“Gasp.” Does Tanja Hilton feel… “powerless?” Oh, that would explain much, wouldn’t it?

Tanja Hilton… enjoy! 


5 thoughts on “2011/05/28 – Why Does Tanja Hilton Hate Desteni?

  1. wooo…how can anyone possibly say watching 2 or 3 Desteni video interviews is enough becasue they`re repetative… I personally never read anything so mind blowing (lol) and am so grateful to all who gave so much and continue to do so….the possibility to bring heaven to earth…the possibility to birth ourselves as life…duh

  2. Shame that your “deconstruction” didn’t even refer to MY blog. You got the wrong blog yet again, but apparently all the interwebz are run by me. Perhaps you should begin quoting from MY blog, not someone else’s, if you keep throwing my name around, Darryl? I hope you feel really sheepish. Oh, and there is a response to this paranoid rambling of yours on MY actual blog. You know, the one you fail to refer to whenever you mention my name? Have a nice day.

    1. Ah, has the REAL Miss Tanya Hilton stood up? It is what happens when so-called fake-named defenders of free speech hide behind the walls of anonymity, and as such actions are meant to deliberately divert and deceive (because “free speech” is apparently far too sacred a right to be used in public) – they react with smirks and guffaws as if they made a fool out of someone’s mistaken grasp at their identity.

      So while it appears that Tanya Hilton is not the author of the rambling verbal diarrhea spewing from the hatred of “Freespechwtf,” (identified as You Tube Desteni-hater Laura the Corset-Maker), I am not bothered by your childish taunts or apparent need for attention. Furthermore, I’m not interested in reading your “blog” or watching your “videos” or hearing anything “you,” or any other hater, has to “say.” Banned.

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