2011/06/05 – Thom Darc’s Sadistic Christian Theology “Prefers a World of Suffering”

Thom Darc wants you to suffer. Why?

 Perhaps there is no other Desteni hater that is more fascinating than Thom Darc. What makes Darc particularly interesting is that he is a living example of how twisted and hateful one can become through the acceptance of a belief system that claims to offer understanding and love. The belief system in question is the Christian belief system, under which Darc makes a startling claim that we shall get to later, but makes perfect sense within the “logic” of Christian fundamentalism.

Understand, people like Thom Darc will always claim to offer an unbiased, well-thought-out reasoning for their position. Yet, if you give them enough rope, they will expose themselves to be neither unbiased, well-reasoned or anything other than what Jesus once claimed they truly are; ravenous wolves under sheep’s clothing.

Thom Darc’s video response to a Desteni member proves my assertion. Indeed, it is the reason my assertion can be made with clarity, for it exposes what is the heart of the Christian Delusion that Thom Darc the Wolf, believes in and defends at all cost – for what he is defending is the price he has paid in this self-investment within a belief that he has become. By becoming that which he must defend, Thom Darc is fighting a battle of self-validation. And instead of answering questions with someone that can go after him, Darc believes picking on newbies is a great way test his mettle.

Thus the belief must always be defended because of what is at stake – the belief that what Thom Darc believes in must be “correct.” And yet, Thom Darc is forced into a perilous corner in defense of his beliefs, hopelessly trapping himself within Christian Delusional Thinking that contributes to the awful condition the world is in by accepting, defending and excusing the physical abuse as part of “God’s Plan.” In this, the Christian belief that the status quo  (and everything else existence) is directed by “God.” There is even a saying that reflects this delusion that you can buy as wristband at my local Walgreens which states, “Let Go and Let God.”

So what does Thom Darc have to offer in reality? Basically nothing, but his claims that his beliefs are superior to Desteni. Darc’s personal War Against Desteni only focuses on a few points. Darc rejects the Destonian position that thoughts, feelings and emotions are harmful to the human being, preferring to see them as a ‘valuable resource” for humanity. You know, that “valuable resource” directly responsible for war, poverty, inequality and everything else that makes this human condition so miserable an existence for most humans in this world. This reflects the typical limits of Thom Darc’s flawed system of “logic,” as we shall soon see, and it is why Desteni does not trust anything that is presented from a religious or spiritual position.

In his original “Desteni Fabrications” video, Darc claims that people become interested in Desteni because they see Desteni providing a way to focus their energies in changing a world that looks terrible. Darc indicates that he wanted to respond to my own Desteni AntiHate video response of his Fabrications video, but Darc preferred to respond to another Desteni member, viewed no doubt as “easier pickins,” rather than respond to my question asking why his beloved Christian religious tradition failed to provide an answer to correct the problems of this world. Darc’s refusal to openly and directly respond to my question shows the bankruptcy of his beliefs. He chose not to respond to my question because there is no response that would satisfy him or anyone else. So instead, Darc will turn his focus towards a newer Destoniani in hopes of scoring a few easy points. But that will not do, because I will never let Darc off the hook.

Actually, Thom Darc has no choice but to avoid my question, because I directed it at Christianity’s weakest spot: the void of relevance and moral force that exists at its center, which has replicated into and within the heart of Thom Darc and other Christian fundamentalists, whose faith blinds them to the simple truth – that the creation and direction of Christianity was a project made by men, full of the thoughts, emotions and feelings such as deceit and lust for power that Thom Darc champions as humanity’s “valuable resource.” This valuable resource is that which uses Christian “faith” as a dynamic social control, shepherding people into modes of thinking that blocks out inconvenient truths.

Thom Darc pretends to know, just like other members of the Desteni Cult Haters Cult, pretends to “know” and “understand” what Desteni is all about – without any understanding at all. The best all he can do is provide cover for his self-perpetuated and discredited belief systems by attacking the messengers who disagree with them without prejudice.  They have no choice but to respond like Thom Darc, because they have so heavily invested everything of who they are within those beliefs, regardless if it is Bible-thumpin’ Christianity like Darc’s, the flowerhat metaphysics of “0rdo Aurora Templii,” the anti-conspiracy-investigation-cult-conspiracy of “MUERTOS” or the banal woman-hating ‘freedom of speech” rants made by Tanja Hilton: essentially these are different facets of the same thing – a mental diversion from what really matters in this world, which is bringing about the end of abuse in this world. It isn’t enough that they disregard the evil in the world with their childishly entertaining diversions, they also have to take it upon themselves to act like as arbiters of morality. The irony of that position the Anti Desteni Haters’ Cult scarcely needs mentioning!

To put a finer point on this, I declare that I am devoting the rest of my life on this effort of ending abuse. Thom Darc will spend the rest of his justifying the abuse. Thom Darc has firmly stated where he stands in relation to the problems of a world that suffers. In his video “Re AntiHate Desteni Fabrications, Darc admits his preference:

“… I don’t wish to live in a world of non-suffering. I prefer a world that has suffering and pleasure and hatred and love and peace and war, life and death.”

Let that sink in for a few moments before continuing. Thom Darc’s sadistic preference for you and me is that for all of us to live within his Manichean dualism, is totally in line with the tradition of Christian fundamentalism!

This is the point which Thom Darc has to admit that he defends suffering because he has accepted, without question, his received teaching of what “God” is, and ultimately, “God’s Plan for Humanity” includes suffering, rape, torture, war, every single thing in Creation. Thom Darc has painted himself into a corner with his unconsciously sadistic theology, as it is based on the Christian conception of Deity as the “God of Suffering.” Not a “God” for the sufferers, you see, but as a “God” who doles out punishment and suffering, just like in the case of Job, where “God” punishes and causes Job to suffer for no other reason than to win a celestial bar bet with Satan. Such is the sense of “justice” when it wielded by the Mighty Jehovah.

I repeat: what Thom Darc has stated so boldly as a “Christian” is that he “prefers a world of suffering,” which unwittingly encapsulates fully the essence of religious thought throughout the centuries. Holy Wars, Crusades and jihad are still being waged across the Earth over ostensively religious rationales. And although Thom Darc doesn’t realize it, he also unwittingly provided the correct answer to my question I urged him to answer and that he sought to avoid by turning towards what he considered a lesser adversary – the question being: why has Thom Darc’s Christianity failed to provide for a better humanity for the world? Thom Darc claims that suffering exists because such activity is the most obvious way to praise the “God of Suffering.” Thom Darc’s logic is simple: if suffering exists, it is because of “God’s” will, and that human beings are saddled with emotions and thoughts that contributed to that suffering, well, that’s off-limits to discuss, as well, for according to Thom Darc’s logic, anything that looks like criticism of “God” must always be refuted.

Within such a cosmic sadism which Darc proclaims as his theology, there is no need to create a “Satan” to contend with “God,” for “God” has all the points covered when it comes to “good and evil.” Thom Darc and the sadistic Christianity that he represents, which is, in effect, ALL of Christianity, claims that a world wracked by evil is preferable to one where evil does not exist. This aspect of “God’s” demonic nature that resides at the core of Christianity has been dealt with before in the DesteniProductions You Tube video, Hiding the “Demonic” Behind “God” – and it is very gratifying to have my views validated by such a Christian like Thom Darc. For the demonic is that which must destroy all things, which is the purpose of sadism and torture, to destroy the human form through sinister malevolence. Such is the God of all Theologies that do not seek to stop the evil in this world, but rather leave it to celestial hands to sort out. Personal responsibility to others, as Darc’s putative master, “Jesus” directed, is avoided out of crass selfishness, for one wonders if Thom Darc would hold such views if he led a life of the worst of the sufferers in this world. One wonders if Thom Darc only speaks such shit because of his relative privileged position?

I could go on and on and on, but know that Thom Darc has declared himself to be a part of the problem, and he has shouted to the world where his allegiance resides: firmly in the camp of the Abusers of this World. Has he lost himself forever?  Only time will tell, for there are many mansions in the house of Christian Fabrications. Thom Darc’s Christian Fabrications are not so far removed from a similar Christian delusion exhibited by another false prophet of Christianity, Harold Camping, whose followers went on record bragging about how many people would suffer and die during Camping’s hilarious “prediction” that the world would commence with the Apocalypse on May 21, 2011. When that dream died on May 22, those same followers were “stunned” at the nonevent. Their precious and fervently-believed-mind-possessions could not work out what went wrong. Did the thought arise within their minds that maybe, just maybe, that every word in the Bible isn’t necessarily true? Nope. Instead, their unfortunate minds could only grasp that the “date” was wrong, not the edifice of the delusion. So now they’ve given themselves another opportunity to ravage their delusions on October 21, 2011. Ought to be fun. But in the meantime, remember one thing: that to Thom Darc’s way of thinking, suffering is your duty to “God” Almighty. It is a perverse and twisted line of reasoning, and yet, very easy to see why Christianity has failed to live up to its promise when people like Thom Darc speak in its name.


4 thoughts on “2011/06/05 – Thom Darc’s Sadistic Christian Theology “Prefers a World of Suffering”

  1. Well said , Is Tom Darc in a wheelchair, is he literally in agony dying of starvation today, is he sleeping on a sidewalk in the freezing cold tonight, is he being beaten and sexually abused while slaving at a sewing machine for 15 hours today? So easy to say suffering is the ‘will of God’ when you are not the one suffering today!
    Thank you Darryl for exposing this .

    1. What “Thom Darc” is, is a human with faults and flaws like the rest of us, yet uses Christianity as cover for his weaknesses. In all the times I’ve confronted Thom, I’ve never seem him quote scripture, which is strange in seeing how he portrays himself as a believer of the faith. He’s more like an “armchair Christian” who professes love for his faith, yet never actually gives an indication that he even knows what his faith entails or that he has any idea what’s written in that Holy Book. If Thom doesn’t refer to the Bible to defend his position, you can be damn sure he doesn’t live it, either.

  2. His comments are repugnant and expose him as one of life’s deceivers.

    On another note, Thom was so desperate to ‘help Desteni supporters’ and to prove his anti-Desteni point, that he took the time and trouble to ask for help on the Physics Channel website forum regarding disproving the History Of Mankind series.

    You can check out this with SoOutThere comments made to his video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE5dA4HQBdQ

    He sure does put a lot of effort into Desteni considering its all so irrelevant.

    And if he’s so against things, why not to do an expose on (for example): Sumerian text, The Annunaki, The Nephlim, Lucifer, or even the Bible.

    And, how about he takes on Scientology…

    Thanks for your work Darryl.

    1. You’re right about all the time and effort “Thom Darc” puts into his human campaign against Desteni. Makes one wonder who’s paying for it all. Hmmmm…

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