2011/06/13 – A Cult of their Own: The Ironic Fabrications of “0rdo Aurora Templii”

We do not know who is behind the secret minds of the You Tube channel, “0rdo Templii Aurora,” who claim to be a collective that opposes Destonian principles completely. What little evidence we have suggest part of this group are from the British Isles and have also set up “anti-Desteni cult” blogs that spew comically paranoid conspiracy fever dreams. They prefer to run their propaganda hate machine behind the curtain of anonymity while gleefully attacking and smearing known Desteni members in their videos and blogs. As if we care, yet it shows everyone the intrinsic fear of exposure and consequence these haters live with daily, and the voice of the narrator of the 0rdo videos, drips with an affectation of defiance that belies their obsessive fears that Desteni, if unchecked, could take over the world by installing a “spiritual fascism.” Like I said, comical.

The bone of contention that 0rdo has with Desteni contains many facets, but can be traced to one point: they believe that the portal is the “big lie of Desteni.” We will not respond to that, as this is only an opinion that they have formed out of ignorance and disbelief. They have zero-proof to back up their claims that the portal is a fake, as there is no evidenced available to them that they can use to validate their claims. They will not admit this, because out of their self-righteous belief that they have a pure, undimmed understanding of what they think Desteni is about. They have formed, like the rest of the haters, a “cult” of their own.

Let’s give a close reading of their video attack, Desteni Preacher of Hate, Bernard Poolman – Part 1, for example. It contains a laundry list of “crimes against humanity” that the mouthpiece for  0rdo (henceforth known as, “Zero Our Doom,” or just “Zero”) dryly reads in a stiffly detached British monotone.

1. Bernard Poolman’s Desteni is a centralized regime, run as a dictatorship, which advocates strictly regimented economic, industrial, and social controls. 

A: Being described as a “centralized regime” sort of makes me pine for the old Cold War days. That Desteni is “centralized” is a fairy tale scare tactic, and false, as Desteni is a global group that is beginning to replicate all over the world-wide web of the collective unconscious.

That Desteni is a “regime” is only partly correct, as we are not authoritarian as the word is applied here, but we do promote a “regime” as giving a modality or way of doing things that brings equality to the world. What Zero fails to realize is that there are more “social controls” arrayed against human beings under this current system then there would ever be in an Equal Money society. But that doesn’t seem to bother them at all. The Equal Money and the universalism of Desteni isn’t that terribly concerning to them either. They have fears that what Desteni says about the religious and spiritual scam of humanity may be true, and this exercise of character assassination against members of the Desteni Group should be read with that in mind.

2. It suppresses free speech and forcibly attempts to censor criticism and opposition. 

This is hypocritical nonsense from “Zero,” as they have also blocked comments on their channel, depriving people of their “right” to freely speak. That’s because 0rdo doesn’t really give a damn about “free speech.” We are not afraid of opposition. We are not afraid of criticism. We are not afraid of “free speech.” Desteni members will not tolerate abusive comments from haters, and that is a totally different thing than what Zero would have you believe. What Zero wants to do is be allowed to spew their dishonest, spiteful smears on our turf. They are not interested in an honest discussion, for they have already made up their minds about Desteni: it’s a cult led by a madman. Fuck them. Haters can converse among themselves, as they are free to exercise their “free speech right” to converse among themselves within the Anti-Desteni echo chamber of their own making. Have at it.

3. Its extensive use of propaganda utilizes democratic procedures for an anti-democratic cause. 

Again, what Zero fails to appreciate is that what they despair against is currently happening in this world. I am not going to go into it here, as there are many blogs by Desteni members that take this one, but it is clear to all with any kind of functioning brain power that Democratic principals today are used to push undemocratic agendas that benefit the elites of this world at the cost of everyone else. But Zero doesn’t find that sexy enough to complain about. Desteni must seem like such an easy target, but we see right through them.

4. Destonians condemn non-Destonians as less-than-inferior beings.

This is a lie. We condemn no one. We DO disregard the spiteful, opinionated ignorance of haters. Who wants to listen to someone talking shit all the time?

5. Bernard Poolman’s comments on Jewish people suggest he is anti-Semitic.

People who believe or think that Bernard Poolman is “anti-Semitic” is projecting their own prejudices onto him. File under: hate smear.

6. Desteni is a fascist organization. 

See: #5

7. Its devotees say Desteni is all about equality and like nothing that has ever existed before. But Desteni uses the same exploitative methods of mind control found in mystical, religious, or quasi-religious thought-reform cults, and is a hierarchal organization, not a collective of equals. 

Ah, the “mind-control” bomb. I was wondering when we would get to this. A favorite smear used by the haters who have read too much into Margaret Singer’s book, “Cults In Our Midst.” Singer’s theories of “thought-reform” has been seized upon haters and critics as “proof” that Bernard Poolman has “hypnotized” and “brainwashed” thousands of Desteni members scattered around the world.

And yet, there appears to be no inclination from the haters and critics of Desteni to be concerned with the hypnotism and brainwashing performed by families, religions, politics, education and the media centers that dominate the mental environment of the human being. Apparently, the thoughts engineered by these centers need no attenuation or revision. We should never, ever question what has been told to us or consider that what we have previously believed is wrong. Beliefs should never be challenged. Especially those held by faceless, anonymous critics. If you do, you will be labeled a “cult.” It is a narrative based on  the claims of one scientist. Therefore, according to the narrative, it MUST be true.

8. It has more in common with religion than any equal rights group. 

What does Zero mean by this? What commonalities to “religion” do they see Desteni favorably compared to? Which “religion?” Is that a “bad thing?” Loaded language. Beware the Forked Tongue.

9. Mystical notions of enlightenment or ascension are scoffed at by Desteni.

I suppose 0rdo has direct, irrefutable evidence that such phenomena exists? Is that an axe I hear grinding?

10. They regard Bernard Poolman as the only authority to be trusted on mysticism, the new age, religion, occultism, and spirituality. The Desteni philosophy is based entirely on those influences. 

I can speak for myself as having studied all these things intensely in vain for decades. It was only because that all those paths led to the same dead-end that I could take what Desteni said seriously. It was all about the “dead-end.” None of those things have ever changed anything meaningful for the human race. Instead of experiencing expansion, these things diminished us with Holy Wars that have gone on for centuries. Now 0rdo may feel that these things are still beneficial, although I would love to see them “prove it.” Desteni is a total and complete rejection with all things “metaphysical,” precisely because it doesn’t work!

Somehow, in their haste to slander and smear, 0rdo missed that.

11. Poolman puts his own spin on it all and employs a less traditional phraseology, which his acolytes slavishly copy and repeat.

Bernard only relates what he’s found through difficult years of study and application. He doesn’t make anything up. He doesn’t lie. He is the one person that I have ever seen in my life who lives his words. I lived with him in his house for two years and the things that went on were both incredibly normal and extraordinary, and I listened to what Bernard and Andrea and Sunette said, interviewed them all. There is a ton we don’t share.

And I can say that I did not believe in the existence of demons until after Andrea told me of her story about Jack many years before she knew anything about Bernard Poolman, a story that is worthy of a movie. There is just too much that people do not know about this world for anyone to claim they “know it all,’ as critics say of Bernard. But let me tell you, unless you have walked in Bernard’s shoes, you have no business in pretending that you know anything about the man. Bernard is the last person who needs to defend himself.

12. Everything he says or does, they regard as beyond question because it surpasses the mind, which is the same mystical power ascribed to leaders of other religious cults. 

I repeat, Bernard Poolman does not need to defend himself. He knows what he’s doing and haters can only guess. It’s amazing to read the shit they say about, as if they ever met him or know him through any other means than the smear campaign they all copy each other from.

These people are so insignificant and petty, honing their hate against us as if they have a real target. They are only hating themselves. How neat is that?

13. The Desteni group say Poolman and Sunette Spies possess abilities to function in both the interdimensional and the physical realms. They say Poolman is somehow not an individual or a personality. He is said to exist Here, bringing together Heaven and Earth in the physical, as if he were the incarnation of the Hermetic maxim, ‘as above, so below’. 

Correction: Bernard Poolman does not “see interdimensionally” and has never claimed to do so. We would like 0rdo to produce the text when Bernard claims interdimensional sight because we need it for our records.

As for Sunette, I can attest to anyone interested that she is as she appears. There is not one goddamned person in the world who can prove otherwise, and if it were in my power I would send limousines to pick these f**kers up at the airport to make sure they get on a plane to South Africa so they could for see for themselves the truth of the matter. As it is, we will not offer any more “proof” than what we already have. So the haters like 0rdo can continue to “make statements” and entertain their wrong and mistaken “opinions” “about” the Portal. Why? Because their self-dishonesty will not allow for anything else. We understand that for them the truth that they must deal with is that haters can never know for sure if their claims are correct, which is extremely funny to me.

14. Just like any other new religious movement, sect, or cult, Desteni redefine and reinterpret conventional religious or spiritual ideas and beliefs, using their own peculiar invented jargon. 

Desteni does not “redefine” religious convention: we completely render it unusable and a waste of time. Desteni is not a “new religious movement,” which is a term coined by Methodist pastor and religious scholar, J. GordonMelton. Anything that Melton investigates must take his religious beliefs into consideration. Desteni is not an  ‘anti-religious religion.” Desteni is not defined by hater-speech. Desteni defines itself as a group of people who are working the only work acceptable: the establishment of universal equality. Without the need of calling on “God.” The group that’s behind 0rdo Templii Aurora is a joke. Their opinions are worthless. Their lies are outlandish. Their bravery nonexistent. Desteni is giving them more than they deserve and more than they expect, and we thank them for showing us how much they care for life and for others. They have a very big problem on their hands, however. They don’t know what they are doing.


3 thoughts on “2011/06/13 – A Cult of their Own: The Ironic Fabrications of “0rdo Aurora Templii”

  1. As always, pin-sharp, factual and clears up the nonsense spewed by the ignorant ‘personalities’ in our world intent on deliberate damage/harm. Cheers.

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