2011/08/12 – Bernard Poolman Censored by YouTube for Talking Equality!

A few days ago, the YouTube channels DesteniProductions, DesteniProdDemons, BernardPoolman and others were deleted by the ‘YouTube Team” for various “violations” of the “Community Guidelines” And while DesteniProductions were controversial enough to have been penalized four times in four years, the BernardPoolman account was penalized twice, and was deleted by YouTube the same day. I have not heard of accounts being deleted for having two violations if the Community Standards. The other Channels that were created by Desteni, DesteniProDemons, DesteniExposed and DesteniMoney had ZERO strikes and were deleted by YouTube as well. The “explanation” given in a form email from YouTube is woefully ensconced in ass-covering, boilerplate legalese that is the leading example of corporate assholery.

“We are unable to provide specific detail regarding your account suspension
or your video’s removal.”

“Unable?” Or is it that the reason is a bit more plain than you’d like to admit, YouTube. What the “YouTube Team” has accomplished is muzzling the speech of a group that had attracted millions of views on YouTube by fighting the only good fight that matters: installing universal equality for all people. As careful readers of this blog have long since realized, no topic is more dismissed, sneered or opposed than the subject of economic and social equality. Gone are the YouTube comments that revealed the absolute evil in people’s minds. Most were stoopid “insults” made by simpletons too stupid to understand what was being shared. Others were more sinister and menacing and death threats made against were not uncommon – usually this was committed by militant “lightweenys” and “loveburgers” and conspiracy theorists who were too stupid and lost to see what they stood for was nothing but imaginary bullshit that has enslaved them forever. But some, thankfully, recognized what equality was terribly important and why its absence in the world is the tragedy of humanity. And if anyone dares to speak for those who cannot, because they’ve been locked out of the system, then woe to them. They will be called a “cult,” and that they are guilty of ‘harvesting weak minds” and evil beings who imagine that they are acting in the name of God will plot and try to stop you from speaking or worse. It is so unfortunate that these misled fools will one day realize after it is too late, that they stood on the wrong side of history. They have unwittingly – in their misguided zeal to stand against equality for all – unleashed demons that will return to devour them in madness and direct them to a fitting end. And the beautiful thing is they brought it on themselves. How fitting.

And to all the Haters, do not gloat so loudly. DesteniProductions is not dependent on YouTube for our continuance – Desteni has its own websites and forums, and so, still lives. And even though equality-speech is apparently strictly verboten on YouTube, Desteni finds this entire affair little more than a nuisance. The Desteni Material will soon be released as book and DVDs and the thousands of texts and videos will still be available on the Desteni website for anyone who wants to watch them.

I know it will sound strange to some people who believe that Desteni is defeated by this treacherous activity by YouTube, but we haven’t gone anywhere and in time, this alleged “setback” will turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Desteni Group.

Watch this space. And Haters… step off.

5 thoughts on “2011/08/12 – Bernard Poolman Censored by YouTube for Talking Equality!

  1. The cool thing about equality, is that each one is actually independent within it, and while the realization of equality comes from the realization that each one is always dependent on one another, it’s not about just ‘holding unto’ and ‘being dependent’ on another – which is pretty cool. And because of that ‘the flame of Desteni’ cannot be taken out, because it ‘burns’ in all who are living the principle of equality as Desteni, as the group itself. As the group isn’t just a bunch gathered under a banner of equality, but people who actually dare to be equal and one with the banner itself through actually living it, and thus making it a livable reality. Cool post Darryl.

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