2011/09/16 – A Reply to Sean Munger (AKA “MUERTOS!”)

 Sean Munger AKA “Muertos!” Why?

I haven’t really had the time to check on what the League of International Desteni Haters Cult has been up to lately, what with all the You Tube banning of Desteni and the accompanied internet attacks against us. But now that things have calmed down, it has been brought to my attention that the white racist Desteni  Hater Cult (why are almost all of them white males?) might not be aware that Desteni doesn’t die — we MULTIPLY. Desteni is STILL ON THE INTERNET. Must bug the hell out of the racist Desteni Hater Cult that they couldn’t complete their mission.

Why do I call them “white racists?” Because that’s how they’ve chosen to portray themselves. Look at the “comments” they leave on their insipid message boards. And one of the principal white Desteni haters is of course, the doughty meta-conspiracy theorist, “Muertos!” Of all the white Desteni haters on the formerly-called “Conspiracy Science (recently renamed to the somewhat less goofy “Skeptic Forum”), perhaps none was as gleefully gloating as Sean Munger, who also has the most threads started on the “Skeptic Forum” about Desteni.  Weirdly obsessive, isn’t it?

The month of August has not been kind to the conspiracy theorist cult known as Desteni. Indeed, while it’s probably too early to declare the impending extinction of this bizarre group, they are undoubtedly reeling from a series of recent disasters, one of which may well strike at the cult’s ability to reach new members.

And then again, it may NOT, Sean. After the You Tube banning of Desteni, we experienced another surge in subscriptions to the Desteni I Process and let me tell you, it was very gratifying to witness that some people can see right through the elaborate paranoid fever dreams you and your ilk take so much satisfaction in creating.

This move by YouTube is very possibly a stake in the heart for the cult, as YouTube is their main recruiting portal.

Hahahaha, wrong again, Sean. There are still many Desteni channels – dozens and far too many for you to wish for their demise. The Bernard Poolman and Desteni channels (not all of them, though) were targeted by an affiliation of racist white haters who couldn’t care less about the “poor, hapless dupes” that were “too mentally unstable” to think for themselves. This affiliation was cobbled together to form an “anti-Desteni movement” out of sheer hateful ignorance, jealousy and cultural brainwashing. This group was merely a ”sleeper-cell” of system-zombies that like the good robotic anti-bodies they are, attack the “cult” who has the nerve to state things as they are. The “MLM-cult” smear was something that Desteni could not overcome, so there has been a change in tactics, although the details aren’t for public consumption yet. The You Tube banning was the best thing that could happen to Desteni, because now we see what is allowed to be said and what isn’t. Desteni is shown that YouTube and Google are instrumental in curtailing “free speech,” not that Destonians believe in such a quaint notion, it’s just that speaking about Equality has consequences, but it is too late: millions have watched Desteni videos and won’t forget them. They have been marked in way that aren’t understood, but has all to do with the almost-dead seed of honor and human dignity that will find a way to break out of this ever-tightening noose around the throat of humanity. And there’s nothing white racist sleeper-cell zombies can do about it. There is a shit storm coming their way with their names on it. Remember these words when it finally falls upon you, and understand it was the consequence you created for yourselves.

While Desteni uses Facebook to a lesser extent to spread its message, its main strategy has always been to reel in the gullible via YouTube videos spouting their bizarre philosophy and promoting conspiracy theories. Indeed the use of YouTube to appeal to a conspiracy theorist demographic is no accident. Conspiracy theorists are uniquely attracted to YouTube, for reasons I explained in another blog on the SkepticProject site. […] Furthermore, Desteni has always marketed itself using a uniquely visual interface. Blogs and even Facebook posts just don’t have the same visceral appeal.

Sean Munger, the only conspiracy theorist in this conversation is yOu. I mean, it would take someone with a racial-superiority mindset to be opposed to equality just because of the deep-seated desire to be ‘superior” to someone else. Yes, I am sure the subject of Equality is a “bizarre philosophy” to someone who hates Equality. How else would they see it?

The cult’s indignation at this move was palpable. In an “official statement,” the Desteni cult, mere hours after the channel closures, was already crafting its take on this event: it is (naturally) claiming this is censorship and an attempt to prevent Desteni’s pure message of equality from getting out. The statement read in part:

“We can only assume the real reason for this. One thing is certain – Desteni is hitting the nerve of some people and it’s hitting hard. It also shows the nature of the system we live in. I mean what we deal with in our material – self-forgiveness, self-perfection, establishing and Equal Money System for all. Points that everyone can benefit from, points that are best for all. Many people have been supported by this material and shared their results publicly. Yet, this is not recognized and even fought against. Shame.”

Desteni immediately launched a counter-strike, commanding its members to spam YouTube with a form email protesting the closure. Not surprisingly, the form email blames the whole thing on Desteni’s external enemies–the “haters” with whom the higher-ups in the cult seem bizarrely obsessed:

“Hereby we declare, as the individuals that have received the support and assistance from the material provided by these channels, our discontent and discomformity with the decision that youtube has taken based on the false-flagging done by people that have been opposing our stance in relation to world equality.”

We have seen evidence online that a concerted effort was made to remove Desteni from YouTube, and since you are one of the Desteni-obsessed haters who exhibit that smugly superior attitude that people who don’t share your personal perspective, must be in a “cult.” You sound a lot like Rick Ross. Are you a “cult-watcher,” Sean Munger? No, you’re worse than that. You’re a ‘conspiracy-cult-watcher.’ Yet you belong to a similar cult that Rick Ross and Thom Darc and Rob Lester belong to. A cult that protects the status quo. Or maybe the world looks alright to you. All your conspiracy-cult-watching as done fuck all to improve the state of this world. And yet you and your white, racist conspiracy-cult-watching pals probably surf the internet for porn while keeping one hand on the keyboard scouring the internet for ‘equality cults.’ No, you don’t look for equality cults. I was kidding. Equality is like fucking kryptonite to zombie sleeper-cells. And you think Destonians are “indignant?” Wait until this world gets ahold of you. You’ll know what “indignant really means, although, it will probably be too late for you.

Although there is some precedent for reversing YouTube channel closure decisions, it has now been 11 days since the closure and the hundreds of emails sent by dutiful Destonians seem to have come to nothing. None of the channels have been reinstated.

Fuck YouTube.

Desteni spokesperson Darryl Thomas, who I suspect (but do not know for sure) is #3 in the cult hierarchy after leader Bernard Poolman and New Age whack job Sunette Spies, took to his blog with an even more defiant statement denouncing the closure, as well as reinforcing the cult’s narrative that it’s all the fault of “haters.” For the record, Darryl once told me he “enjoys being in [my] head.” I wonder if I and other Desteni critics were not in his head as he fired off this seething invective:

“It is so unfortunate that these misled fools will one day realize after it is too late, that they stood on the wrong side of history. They have unwittingly – in their misguided zeal to stand against equality for all – unleashed demons that will return to devour them in madness and direct them to a fitting end. And the beautiful thing is they brought it on themselves. How fitting.

And to all the Haters, do not gloat so loudly. DesteniProductions is not dependent on YouTube for our continuance – Desteni has its own websites and forums, and so, still lives. And even though equality-speech is apparently strictly verboten on YouTube, Desteni finds this entire affair little more than a nuisance. The Desteni Material will soon be released as book and DVDs and the thousands of texts and videos will still be available on the Desteni website for anyone who wants to watch them.

I know it will sound strange to some people who believe that Desteni is defeated by this treacherous activity by YouTube, but we haven’t gone anywhere and in time, this alleged “setback” will turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Desteni Group.”

YOU “suspect (but do not know for sure) ” that I am “Number 3?” Is this more of your “research” or more opinionated twaddle that you are better known for? Besides, for all you know (or suspect), I could be “Number 1” in Desteni?  I use Bernard to throw cult-watchers like you. But, who is the conspiracy nut here? Careful…

The closure of the cult’s YouTube channels was evidently enough to bring cult leader Bernard Poolman out of hiding on his South Africa ranch. Two days ago Poolman uploaded a video that is remarkably shrill even for him, urging followers to flag as inappropriate any video on YouTube that they don’t like for any reason–regardless of copyright or privacy status. The video is here, but as the video itself violates YouTube’s terms of service I doubt it will be up for very long; I’ll therefore link you to another blog that ran a story on the video. Essentially, Poolman is, in evident desperation, commanding his followers to create such havoc on YouTube through the flagging process that the video website giant will be brought to its knees. Somehow I don’t think this is likely.

“Desperation?” If you knew Bernard Poolman (and we both know you don’t), you’d understand why he doesn’t experience “desperation,” and why the You Tube banning was the best thing that could happen to Desteni. Again, “Fuck YouTube.” There are plenty of Desteni channels and blogs on the internet.We’re STILL HERE, Munger. You and your white racist friends on the Skeptic Forum (lol) can waste your time being against us if you want to, but as long as there’s an internet, we’ll be here.

The second blow to the cult fell just this morning. As you can see from Darryl’s defiant statement, the cult clearly did have plans to relocate to another web video service, though of course being denied access to the vast numbers of YouTube users must be galling. Desteni attempted to move over to Vimeo. Today, however, Vimeo suspended Desteni Productions’s account. Why? Because promotion of multi-level marketing schemes is not permitted on Vimeo.

Fuck Vimeo, too. Nobody watches anything on that lame-ass site, anyway.

In short, it seems that efforts to promote awareness of the fraudulent and destructive nature of the Desteni cult are finally bearing fruit. While we have no idea what’s next, I wonder if Facebook may be the next social network outfit to ban them. Facebook’s terms of service, like Vimeo’s, expressly forbid the promotion of MLM schemes, and Desteni watchdog bloggers are already spreading the word that Desteni violates Facebook’s guidelines.

Ahh, God bless the White Religious and Racist Desteni Watchdog Cult. And yet, nearly 2500 Facebook users have chosen to identify themselves as being proponents of the Equal Money System. And as of today, Desteni members are all STILL ON FACEBOOK. “Oh my GOD! It’s the END OF CIVILIZATION! DESTENI MUST BE STOPPED!!!” We can’t be stopped. Deal.

It’s not inconceivable that in the near future Desteni may be reduced down to its own website and a much less-centralized structure of communication. Individual Desteni users are still as thick as fleas on YouTube, but the authoritarian coordination of their message seems to have already suffered a serious disruption. Their bizarre “Anti-Hate Response” ritual, for instance, has ground to a halt. [Scroll to the bottom of that blog for the update that discusses that issue]. Without central coordination from YouTube, marshaling the Destonians in the future is going to be a much tougher slog than before.

I know that is what you would like to believe, Munger. but the past events has shown us that Desteni is all the more conspicuous in its absence. Tell a lie long enough, and people will believe it’s true, and that is all the Desteni Watchdog Cult has been able to do, although they did their job well. Goebbels should be so proud. The orchestrated and deliberate misinformation campaign, smears, slanders and out-and-out lies was only made because certain fools thought that Desteni was an “easy mark.” Yeah, that foolish miscalculation will be your downfall. Already the consequences are drawing closer to you. You brought it on yourself with your deliberate deception.

It almost goes without saying that this has nothing to do with Desteni’s message of “equality,” as much as Destonians would like to make it about that. Instead, it’s about the fact that Desteni is a fraud and has been using social networking tools to make money, possibly illegally but certainly spuriously, through a remarkably transparent pyramid scheme. It is certainly not against YouTube or Facebook’s terms of service to use their services to promote belief in conspiracy theories. And it’s ludicrous to believe that the owners of these services give a whit about messages of “equality.” They just don’t want to get tagged with advancing fraud and illegal activities, and rightly so.

“Almost goes without saying that this has nothing to do with Desteni’s message of “equality?” Yes, Sean Munger, it does have everything to do with the message of equality. And we have all seen your true relationship with the “facts.” You are delusional if you believe you know squat about Desteni. If it is a “fraud,” then why don’t you fucking PROVE IT? Or is it that since trumpeted your deliberate twisting and misinformation of Desteni so much that you’ve finally believe your lies are “true?” You just don’t get it – making false statements about a subject that you are ignorant of doesn’t make it “true,” no matter how much you want to believe it. Your grasp on reality is becoming confused. I suggest you seek out professional help to deal with your obvious mental issues before you become a danger to your community.

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