2011/09/17 – Ivan Rauscher Channels his Inner Hitler

Ivan Rauscher at play
“Ivan Rauscher,” a regular contributor to the Desteni Cult blog recently made  a lazy comparison that should reveal to anyone with even a modicum of discernment the deliberate smear campaign underway against Desteni. The only question that remains a mystery for these faux-logical contortions is, “why?”
We see and understand that any group that offers a different point-of-view from the mainstream will be called a “cult,” even groups such as Greenpeace and Zeitgeist will be called “cults” even when there is no metaphysical underpinning within their platform. But in Ivan Rauscher’s fevered imagination, he is clearly trying to link Desteni within  Nazi and Neo-Nazi philosophy in oder to smear, not to produce any kind of objective perspective involving Desteni. Watch Ivan as he does his thing:
To say that Adolf Hitler is an example of ‘self-forgiveness’ verges on support for Nazism.
This strange comparison , if it means anything, can only mean that the demonic has more power and fear over man’s common sense. A figure like Hitler is apparently far too evil to ever experience remorse or a desire for forgiveness. Such a notion of the forgiveness of Hitler is metaphysical But this description would only hold if Rauscher was serious about self-forgiveness and Nazism. In any case, this is a disgusting smear, which  Rauscher hopes that if he and his Anti-Desteni Watchdog Cult repeat often enough, people will believe it. Anyone familiar with Nazism would understand that the political thrust of Nazism was fear, racism, social Darwinism, conspiracy and vengeance, principles which not-so-ironically features a lot within the perspectives of the Desteni Cult Watchdogs. Another feature is an appalling disregard of dignity. Rauscher is quite satisfied to resort to common slander and misinformation against Desteni when he knows  what he’s saying isn’t true. I must assume that he understands what he is doing, because the alternative is that he’s lost touch with reality and needs to seek professional help.
I will go further and give Rauscher a pass and assume that he is “serious” when he says self-forgiveness of Hitler “verges on support for Nazism.” But how does the principle of self-forgiveness, a subject  that Rauscher clearly doesn’t a damn about, which focuses on self-acceptance, self-responsibility and correcting self to become clean in one’s dealings with others and within self, have to do with the political ideology of Nazism? We’ve briefly laid out Nazi principles earlier and I don’t see any connection between supporting  that specific, early 20th Century European movement based on the above factors of racism, fear and vengeance and with self-correction via self-honesty.
 If a member of ‘desteni’ made such a statement in a place of work where, as in the UK,  there are laws in support of Equal Opportunities, they would lose their job.
Well, I guess you must be sorry to live in the UK, Ivan, because in America, we are (for the moment) allowed to speak about any subject we like. But then again, censoring speech of others is apparently something neoliberals like Ivan have no problem imposing on others. This is counterintuitive, for freedom of speech is a liberal principle, and as we know, Hitler’s Germany limited speech in a big way. Another indication that the Anti-Desteni Watchdog Cult is more authoritarian than they understand themselves to be. They are the true “Nazis.”
Poolman’s romanticisation of himself as the redeemer of the Nazi leader is a crude  attempt to rehabilitate the historical figure of Adolf Hitler in the minds of  impressionable people.
It is nothing of the kind. To take the most reviled being of the 20th century and declare that even someone like that can apply self-forgiveness and be forgiven is actually a test of one’s own humanity. Simply put, anybody in Hitler’s shoes would have done the same thing. There were economic and cultural forces in the world that produced a Hitler, and nobody stepped in and helped him out before he became a monster. This is why we link self-forgiveness with self-responsibility and self-honesty. Nobody is innocent and everyone is responsible for what the world has become. There is a Hitler at the core of every single being in this world. Hitler wasn’t more “evil” than a “normal” human being. He just expressed it more fully than anyone would. It is beyond belief that Rauscher would stoop to inveigling that Desteni supports Nazism because we believe everyone has the capacity to forgive oneself and become self-responsible and clear within themselves. Rauscher’s agenda is to attack Desteni. We don’t know why. Maybe he needs something to feel superior to, like Hitler. Maybe he just wants to destroy something that he disagrees with. Like Hitler. Maybe he thinks the only way to bring his desired result to fruition is to spread and repeat lies eternally so people will believe what he believes.  Like Hitler. Seems to me that Rauscher is the one who supports Nazism, since he uses so many Nazi propaganda techniques to demonize Desteni.
Poolman’s fan club have claimed that ‘what Hitler did for the German people was full  employment and no crime’, when full employment and ‘no crime’ were brought about  in Germany by the Nazis waging all-out war against other nations and legalising the  terrorising, torturing and killing of Jews and other minorities.
Hitler rebuilt the Germany economy before he went too far and began to wage war against Europe, and he did it without using the Western banking system or their money. Hitler did kick the Jews out work to reach full employment in prewar Germany (by 1938). It wasn’t right to do, but as I’ve said earlier – Nazism was racist. Desteni does not support any policy that is racist and unequal. What Desteni supports is that any person, no matter how evil or vicious they may have become in life – we support the idea that even the worst among us can  be forgiven. And I fail to see how such a position can be twisted into “support of Nazism.”
But in Poolman’s ‘desteni’, Hitler’s economic policies are meant to show how an ‘equal  money system’ might work, and ‘equality’ involves seeing Hitler as a model of ‘self- forgiveness’. It means denouncing friends and family as ‘demonic’ and damning  outsiders as psychopaths who are ‘unworthy of life’ — as if such notions could be of any  use to anyone.
What if science backs up our assertion that Family is the cause of war? “Social scientists have claimed that the American family “is also in a continuous state of war. Conflict between husband, wife and children is a constant source of unhappiness. Behavioral symptoms of these conflicts are rape, violence, murder, physical and verbal abuse. Emotional symptoms of these internal conflicts include frustration, jealousy, arrogance, anger and hate.”  We were all subjected to the conflict in our families and of the conflict that scrambles our inner self. Breaking away from the family construct is necessary because of the psychic pull and influences damage and  distort one’s view of self. It isn’t done out of hate or malice. This is another charge against Desteni being made by a hater with no direct experience to self-forgiveness or self-honesty. Everything his head in just lies. Such charges betrsay a psycopathic personality, Wikipedia describes “psychopathic” tendencies.
A psychopath “is a mental disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deceptiveness.”
Doesn’t that sound an awful like the Anti-Desteni Watcher cult?
These psychopathic  symptoms begun in the family  are later played out in wars all over the world. The manifestation of War begins within the family unit, where all members are potential Hitlers all thrying to get their way.
They all revolve around the ridiculous idea that dead movie and rock stars, occultists,  dictators, reptilians, mythical beings and various inanimate objects have told Mr.  Poolman — via some waitress he picked up in a café — that they have ‘forgiven’  themselves in the afterlife or in ‘the dimensions’ — as if that were an unquestionable  revelation of ‘equality’.
See Rauscher mangle and confusing the entire Desteni message in a typically ill-researched and sloppy  manner that he tries to pass off as “truth.”Rauscher also can never verify his suspicion that the portal is a fact. This is something that he knows he can’t prove, so what he has  to is resort to opinion, lies and smears. Not very clever and very easy to see through.
Mr. Poolman tries to hijack liberal concepts of equality to try to make his financial  scams, bigotry and tawdry fantasies about famous historical or fictional characters  seem relevant and appealing. But he is unconvincing.
Liberalism has long ago betrayed the principle of Equality and disfigured it to such an extent that people fear the very word. Equality is a threat and a joke, so all Desteni is doing is to revive the meaning of the word and remove the layers of deception, fear and ignorance from the damn word that has infected its meaning. Not that you or your fellow cult-members would be able to understand anything Desteni says.
‘Equality’, the ‘equal money system’, the so-called ‘lifestyle concept’ of the Desteni I  Process MLM scam and requests for donations at desteni.co.za are all so many tacky  marketing devices to raise funds to maintain the ‘lifestyle’ of the people who live on,  and sell holidays at the Desteni farm in South Africa.
And this is another meme that the Anti-Desteni Watchdog Cult is fond of exploiting. Desteni  is apparently too weird to be able to exist in any form, and anyone who supports Desteni financially is a weak-willed duped that must be saved by clear thinking anti-cultists. This kind of reasoning is clearly fascist. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism ) Isn’t it odd that what the haters rail about Desteni is in fact how they operate?
Just as Poolman has never met Hitler or anyone else in ‘the afterlife’, heaven or in  ‘demon dimensions’, he, Sunette Spies and all their buddies and deluded, obedient  sycophants have nothing whatever to do with equality.
Big words that sound impressive but signify only a opinioned, anti-intellectual feebleness. The problem is simple for Rauscher – he has no evidence what is “fake.” He only has ideas about Desteni. He has no authority to pass judgment on what Desteni is about because he clearly is nothing but a bandwagon jumper on the Anti-Desteni Propaganda Express. Why does Rauscher believe he can make a name for himself by attacking something he has no clear understanding of? He proves that one does not have to understand something to have an idea about something, because in Rauscher’s world, only his perspective and experiences matter. This is, of course, a reflection of Rauscher’s intellectual fascism. Yes, Ivan Rascher is a small-minded and deceptive Hitler, or at least a Mussolini.
And here is the winner. The decrepid mind-poison central to the tenets of Anti-Destonianism. It is a catechism that must be murmured in solemn tones:
Desteni’ is a fraudulent organisation. It only exists to promote Bernard Poolman’s  xenophobic, misanthropic world view. Its members misrepresent, abuse and pervert  principles of equality in support of their own enslavement under his totalitarian fantasy  of an ‘Equal Life Party’. In spite of their empty claims that they are a ‘threat to the  system’, they are a threat only to themselves and the naïve, idealistic New Ager  conspiracy theorists they try to prey on, groom and recruit.
Amen. Shades of “Sandman,” Sean Munger, Thom Darc, Robert Lester and Laura Corsetmacher.  A distillation of the Anti-Desteni Cult Watcher meme, repeated in orgiastic excess that would  make Goebbels blush. Carry on, fuckers. You cannot destroy that which you don’t understand.
The point is this: if Hitler cannot be forgiven, them nobody can be forgiven, and the commandment of Jesus to forgive another is lost forever, Because as Ivan Rauscher has sufficiently revealed, everyone has a Hitler within.

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