2011/12/26 – How Capitalism Will Eat Itself

If one takes a careful survey of the condition of workers across the world, one would scarcely be surprised at how much workers  have to give up to remain “economically viable” within the capitalist system. In the USA, workers are under immense pressure as the job market continuously shrinks the so-called “Middle Class” out of existence. In the Euro zone, there is great discomfort as the global debt bomb crisis threatens to tank the Continental economy and tear the Euro apart. In Central and Latin America (and Africa) under the thumb of the IMF and World Bank austerity limits, political corruption and organized crime has created a perpetual state of underdevelopment where disenfranchised workers are condemned to survive hand – to – mouth. And in China, the workers (and natural resources)  are exploited and repressed by the State to such an extent, one wonders if the Communist Chinese leadership (as the 21st Century version of the neo bourgeoisie) are aware of the ironic joke that they have become.

Within all this there seems only three major trajectories that Capitalism will proceed. 1) The neo-liberal transnational American version backed by military intervention, 2) the Chinese model that represses and reduces its citizens to mere cattle for the good of the “State,” and 3) something entirely different.  The first two options will end in the same neighborhood of perpetual enslavement and disenfranchisement. We can create the third option into something never tried before, the creation of a system that will serve all equally. But understand one thing – capitalism will eat itself. It has to due to its own internal logic. In its pathological desire for endless profit that must consume resources that are limited, there is a point of no return that must be crossed, and once crossed, everything that was once taken for granted will no longer be here. What will be left will be the consequences of trashing our world to the point of near-collapse. And we will have to walk through the nightmare and be chastened and thankful for lessons learned too late.

People will scoff today at such ideas as Equal Money and the Basic Income Grant, but there will not be any other viable options after Capitalism eats itself. Best to educate oneself now about the only great social movement that matters; universal equality for all.



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