2012/01/05 – 2012 and the New Age Eschatology

Just where in the heck did all this 2012 Mayan Prophecy talk begin? Well, the late Jose Arguelles, who was the chief architect for 1987’s  Harmonic Convergence ,  argued in his 1987 book,  the Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, that,

“the primary intention of the Mayan calendar system was not to measure time but to record the harmonic calibrations of a galactic synchronization beam, 5,125-years or 5200-tun (360-day cycles) in duration. According to the time science of the ancient Maya, a great moment of transformation awaits us at 2012, when we pass out of that beam. “[1]

Yes. According to Arguelles, the galaxy and our Earth are going to converge in such an alignment that will produce a beam (yes, a beam) that will somehow either cause an evolutionary step-up in the consciousness of humanity, or bring about a final cataclysm. While  this interpretation of the Mayan Calendar could be seen as one man’s syncretization of an almost-dead religion updated to a modern New Age mythology, Arguelles’ book was the first attempt to set up a link between the Mayan 2012 calendar prophecy with a kind of New Age Spirituality eschatology. It certainly was an attempt to justify and explain a life experience of Argurelles who was allegedly stricken with a vision at the age of 14 atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico in 1953.


Outside of Mexico City, on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, when I had this experience like a vision or an inner knowing that it was my life mission to learn or remember again the cosmic knowledge that had been used to build Teotihuacan in the first place. And that was my life mission and journey — from that moment in 1953 when I was fourteen, my life became increasingly devoted to decoding the Mayan mathematics and prophecies. – Arguelles.  Interview. Magical Blend Magazine (2002)

Was it a “vision” or an “inner knowing?” Maybe it was a desire or something less profound? In any case, there has been a cottage industry of books, seminars and movies touting the End of the Age according to the Mayan Prophecy as interpreted by Arguelles. During this year-long investigation we will see how such things came to lodge itself into the minds of human beings and whether anything of substance will come out of this “prophecy” other than inevitable crushing of the true believers’ wishful thinking.



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