2012/01/06 – 2012: Will Earth be Saved by Higher Consciousness?

Yesterday we briefly looked at the Father of the 2012 Mayan Code Prophecy, the late Jose Arguelles. Another New Age prophet of the Last Days is Drunvalo Melchizedek (birth name: Bernard Perona, born in 1941). Drunvalo, like Arguelles, foresees a major future event happening on Earth that isn’t all that different from the Christian eschatology found in the pages of the Book of Revelations. Yet, one major difference is that God and Jesus is not going to be coming back to lead their children home. Instead, the cataclysm to come will be resolved through the light of consciousness. In this 2007 interview at a workshop in Washington DC, Drunvalo is asked why he had grown less “optimistic” about the current world situation.

Marie: During our last interview some time ago, you did not seem as optimistic about what is happening in the world as you are today. What has changed?

Drunvalo: I know we are going to make it because I have been allowed to see into the future. However, even though I optimistically say “we make it” we are still going to pass through this little “eye of the needle” where it is going to look like it is hopeless. And they [my guides] wouldn’t let me see what this was — but something happens and what looks so hopeless turns around very quickly.

Marie: Is it like the three days of darkness that we used to talk about?

The “three days of darkness” (which was originally thought to last five days) was an anticipated event built upon the claim that the Earth was passing through a cosmic field called the “photon belt” and that “three days of darkness” would be followed by a shift in energy and consciousness. This idea was presented in the mid-1990’s by many New Age authors, notably Barbara Hand Clow and Sheldon Nidle. The “three days of darkness” referred to the result of the Earth passing through this multi-dimensional light field; all electrical devices would cease to operate for three days and the world would experience 72 hours of “night.” This idea would later pop up again in the Y2K scare at the end of the 20th century.

Drunvalo: No, this doesn’t have anything to do with that. It looks as if the outer environment we live in will completely and totally die, as well as everything in it. We are going to come to that stage. So it is going to look hopeless. My angels didn’t show me that part of it. All they would say is that you are going to witness in your life a place where it looks like it is just over. Then this “thing” is going to happen. And the world situation is going to be quickly and completely turned around.

Yes, Drumvalo says that his “angels” showed him a vision that “look as if” everything around us will “totally die,” and then miraculously, everything will be better.

Marie: In the workshop you spoke about “waves” of people who will die. Can you explain what you were talking about?

Drunvalo: The waves are spoken about in Native American prophecy. There was an American Indian from a long time ago that was allowed to go to all the various tribes and secret societies (the Grandmother societies) and to collect and write down the prophecies from these tribes to find out what they had in common.

He found one thread which ran through all the prophecies which talks about the time which is approaching. There are three waves of people on the earth who are said to die in a very short amount of time. I don’t know what that is about exactly, but when I was reading about it, it felt like it occurs in about 10 days time. Something very quick — something VERY BIG happens and kills an enormous number of people.

Outwardly it looks horrible. It could be Atomic war, the bird flu or who knows what. Outwardly, to the survivors, it looks like a catastrophe, but inwardly the people who leave this way have planned it. They want to leave, and they want to leave together. When they collect over the top of the earth, the first wave goes to a specific place in time/space dimension so they can be with their own kind. Because they are not really in tune with the Earth they can be in harmony together (elsewhere).

Drunvalo turns to Native American eschatology to legitimate and populate his own desire for achieving a solution in the world he doesn’t believe he has the power to carry out. He reads this passage and within his imagination he builds a scenario in his mind where some kind of genocide occurs. And then he says those that die wanted to leave anyway! Obviously, if most of these people were so unhappy with there lives, it had to have something to do with the relationships they formed with others. Does anyone really believe that these miserable murdered would want to go off to another place to hang around the with the other miserable murdered they tried to get away from? It’s a very neat and tidy trick. Nobody has to take responsibility for anything in this scenario. Don’t feel bad about other people’s suffering: they chose to suffer. This is a great, although sinister, New Age trope.

Then it is said that there is another bigger change coming with another wave of people leaving the planet. Again this is by choice on the inner levels — not a kind of suicide — but on the inner these people know something is about to occur and they come together to go to another place in space time.

In the third wave, a massive amount of people die. This group called “hitchhikers” in the prophecies doesn’t know where their home is so they leave, looking for that place and eventually they do find their home.

After these waves pass there are only millions (not billions) of people left in the world — a much smaller number. The people that are left over will come together in one heart according to Native American prophecy — they become as one living being.

So New Age eschatology is nothing more than an appeal to Native American mythology where everything is reversed. As if living on a Native American reservation is somehow an uplifting spiritual goal. No, Drunvalo mythologizes the Native American spiritualism into something that only exists inside his mind. My point is this: if the Native Americans are not of “one heart” now, why would anyone believe they could be in the future? As far as I can tell, Native American spirituality has not helped any Native American who’s broke, bored and looking for something to do on the reservation. It’s not as if there’s a lot of money in it.

Regardless of race or religion, all the divisions are dropped and the remaining people become as one family. Then, with this new found higher consciousness, those that are left take the earth and they fly it — as if the earth is turned into a space ship which is flown to a new place, and a beautiful new way of living emerges on earth.

Why would  “all the divisions” be “dropped?” Because there are fewer people? Because this is only a claim made in the  vacuum of desiring a solution without having to work towards one? What would be a “beautiful new way” of living on Earth?

Marie: So the actual earth is used as a space ship… so do you mean that Mother Earth is going to clean herself in this process?

Drunvalo: Yes, everything is solved. We totally fix everything through pure Consciousness, not through technology or anything like that but through our very being. From a Melchizedek point of view, we actually change orbit.

And there you have it: better living through higher consciousness, guaranteed by Drumvalo’s “angels.” All we have to do is sit back and wait for the good times to roll.

Further into the interview, Drunvalo paints a vivid ascension scenario:

Marie: But hearing you this week, it feels like humanity (we) will be “going home”…

Drunvalo: Oh, yes, because after that, we leave the earth altogether. There comes a point where we completely leave the earth, we transcend it, we go into another level of existence and that is the beginning of a very rapid, but very long journey. And we end up completely beyond the stars and planets. We end up existing in another way and in another octave of existence.

Marie: Do we leave with our body?

Drunvalo: Initially we do. We leave with our body and then our body mutates into something that would look more like an ET. After that we become Everything. But that is only the beginning of the journey.

The New Age’s preoccupation with the primacy of consciousness over the physical can be seen here within this ascension scenario. It has its beginnings with the 19th century Indian sage Ramakrishna, who claimed that the purpose of life was to realize God through consciousness. According to these folks everything that is worthy or “real” happens through consciousness.  All else is an illusion, especially the physical which is seen as an abomination in some Eastern sects and something to be overcome and denied in Western religious and philosophical systems. Very few want you to do deal with what is here on the physical plane of existence, which is, by the way, the only part of existence we can verify that something is occurring. The 2012 eschaton  is an imaginary event that people have attempted to make “true” simply by having beliefs about it. Busybodies will weave all sorts of threads to gain legitimacy and traction, but unfortunately for them, 2012 will come and go with nothing to show for it – just like the Photon Belt and Y2K. And they will be asked to drop their beliefs and to stand up within their physical frame that they have and honor it by treating it, and others, with respect.


4 thoughts on “2012/01/06 – 2012: Will Earth be Saved by Higher Consciousness?

  1. Awesome Research here Darryl – a point I found interesting as well with regards to the ‘waves of dying people’ like with tsunami’s for instance is that these people will have apparently ‘chosen’ this as their ‘divine path’, yet they will still go out kicking and screaming, obviously not wanting this to happen to them. so, the question is ‘why were they not aware of themselves while here on earth?’ and how come we apparently only get to realize ‘who we really are’ after death –obviously having lived a completely worthless life within absolute unawareness of self?

  2. When it comes to “freedom of choice,” you have to either absolve yourself or God from the problem of suffering. And the only way to escape being responsible for another’s suffering is to say that they wanted it. Blaming the Victim is a religious construct that should be looked at when noting the deceptive uselessness of Religion.

  3. Significant to me is that all these prophecies only tell about human life, totally disregarding all other life on our planet. Humans regard themselves as the only big thing of importance and other life is merely existing to serve and please us. Or/and the human race is aware of themselves being the root cause of all problems – so the prophecies point out directly the root cause: human life and what has to happen to ‘solve’ the problem. Either way it is the same egocentric story.

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