2012/01/28 – Barbara Hand Clow’s 2012 Mayanist Cottage Industry

Clow: Mapping the Galactic Underground

The 2012 phenomenon is largely a cottage industry of writers, lecturers and New Age celebrities who market their theories to people through videos, in workshops and on websites. There are many of these people who have been spreading for years the Gospel of the Mayans, “time – acceleration,” the evolution of consciousness and of course, the end of the current age. Appeals are made to the allegedly superior spiritual culture of the Mayans and their “sacred” time – keeping, while the darker side of that civilization is given scant attention, if any. Hey, if something you promote has a side that cuts against the narrative, best leave it alone, right?

It is noteworthy that since the era of the post New Age Harmonic Convergence date of 1987, there have been a steady rise in the publishing of books that claim received knowledge and wisdom from extraterrestrial sources through trance channel mediums. While books claiming to be dictated from alien races coincided with the UFO culture from the 1950’s. this was still a marked departure from earlier channeled material that allegedly came from “ascended beings” or “masters” who resided on Earth (at least at one time). In the late 19th century, the original Theosophist (and Godmother of the New Age Movement) Helena Blavatsky claimed to receive messages from mysterious God – like “Mahatmas” who were former humans who acquired enough spiritual power to break free of the wheel of reincarnation. This belief in the veracity of received knowledge through mediumistic means established a tradition that was carried out by Blavatsky’s followers. Alice Bailey, who was deeply influenced by Blavatsky‘s work, joined the Theosophical Society and eventually produced a highly technical series of spiritual writings from “Ascended Masters” she claimed was dictated to her for over 30 years.

A few years after Bailey’s death in 1949, George Van Tassel,  former aircraft inspector began having Friday night channelings that he claimed came from other planets. George Adamski’s book, The Flying Saucers Have Landed came out the following year, in 1953. Ken Carey’s, The Starseed Transmissions was immensely influential in the New Age Movement in the late 1970’s and every loner and outsider who read it soon imagined themselves to be a “walk-in” from some other planet. But that book has been eclipsed in recent years by two well-known New Age authors, Barbara Marciniak and Barbara Hand Clow. And they both have plenty to say about aliens, ascension and 2012.

Barbara Hand Clow is undoubtedly the more important writer as her works has been published in different languages worldwide. Clow is not only the author of at least 14 books you can buy on Amazon.com that deal in various subjects such as “Awakening the Planetary Mind,” ”the Pleaidian Agenda” and the “Alchemy of Nine Dimensions,”  but she’s also the publisher, as well. Clow began her career as an astrologer and then as a medium who allegedly channels “the Pleiadians.” She married  Gerry Clow, a book publisher and owner of Bear and Co, which under Hand Clow’s direction, became one of the most well – known New Age book imprints in the world. Almost all of the books published about New Age Mayanism and the 2012 phenomenon have been written or published by Clow or people closely associated with her, such as Jose Arguelles, James Calleman and John Major Jenkins – and many others.

James Calleman has perhaps an unfortunate and mysterious connection with Clow. His book, The Mayan Calendar was published by Bear & Company in 2004. Calleman was a major influence on Clow and she claims to have written The Maya Code as a response to Calleman’s theories. Clow alleges in The Maya Code, that her middle-aged son Tom had “snitched” a copy of Calleman’s book from Hand’s brother. On June 6, 2004, Tom’s body was found hanging from a tree, an apparent suicide. Clow claims her son was depressed over the deaths of his brother Matthew and his father. Both Matthew and Tom Clow, along with their mother, had been initiated into a Mayan mystery ritual in 1989 by another 2012 promoter and shaman, Humbatz Men,(Clow, 2004)  and the date of his death coincided with a a “key event in the Mayan calendar,” according to Clow.  Barbara claims in The Maya Code that her son’s backpack was missing, and she thinks that it was stolen along with the missing copy of Calleman’s book which she assumes was in the backpack. This awful incident is both tragic and significant to Clow, and it apparently led her to become more involved in spreading the 2012 Mayan prophecy.

All this is tragic enough, but that did not stop Clow from choosing a different target than the December 21, 2012 date others like Arguelles, McKenna and Drunvalo had selected, predicting instead that “time and evolutionary acceleration (?) would be completed by October 28, 2011.”  this date corresponds to Calleman’s speculations and corresponds to Terence McKenna’s 2012 “Timewave” theories before McKenna “corrected“ his date to align with the winter solstice, 2012. Were they copying from each other’s notes, or what? Bear in mind that Clow is not trained scholar in archeology,  anthropology, or history. Clow claims to arrive at her pseudo-scientific speculations through “intuition” and “meditating.” That’s right, Clow’s primary scientific method is “intuition.“ What Clow and the authors who publish their speculative reports for her publishing house have done is little more than project their theories onto the dim past and work them into a mixer of their consciousness and work and mix and match until the evidence says what they want it to say.

But let’s speak plainly. The  Mayans, as far as anyone can tell, died out because their so-called superior “time-keeping” couldn’t keep them from wrecking their environment which produced catastrophic droughts that went a long way in wiping out their culture. Nor did their impeccable time – keeping prevent the Spanish from shooting, plundering and colonizing what was left of their civilization. If building wondrous structures and tracking the stars and composing calendars till the cows came home couldn’t help the Mayans back when they needed it the most, why on Earth does  Clow and her New Age celebrity gang  think it will help us now in the 21st century? Because it is telling that Clow and her Mayanist stable of writers believe that the West will not survive this materialistic age without “the secrets of the Mayans,” which sounds to me like the blind leading the blind. (Clow, 2004)

Remember, the Mayans were fairly easily dispensed with by the likes of Cortes and his hired killers. In fact, Mayan civilization had been in a precipitous decline for many, many centuries before the Spanish finished them off for good. But let’s look at what made the Mayans so wise and worthy of making such a big deal over. Their chosen  form of governance was heavily dependent on a social division of slave labor, a priestly elite and very wealthy aristocracy. Check. Recent scientific findings suggest that the Mayan civilization never recovered from three successive droughts brought on by the Mayans overwhelming their environment that destroyed their eco-system and forced millions to abandon the cities – states. Check.  They engaged in ritualistic bloodletting and human sacrifice, including child sacrifice which was practiced on special holidays. Check. Removal of the still- beating human heart was a quaintly barbaric practice performed by the Mayan political and religious elite. Check.  I don’t know about you, but these Mayans hardly  sound like something I would want to emulate or hold in high esteem. What nobility  or wisdom can there be in a culture who superstitiously and brutally sacrificed children? Not that we as a race have evolved beyond that point since the Mayans. We’re more inclined to use children as soldiers or sex slaves than just killing them. Yet, for Barbara Hand Clow, the Mayans are to be revered as the “keepers of sacred time” and whatnot. According  to Clow and her stable of Mayanist mythologists the Mayans held the key to the evolution of human consciousness by devising a calendar that was more attuned with the Divine Plan., a future towards a “a time-less Enlightened cosmic consciousness.” (Calleman, 2001) According to Calleman:

“The prophetic Mayan calendar is unique among the calendars of the world in being non-astronomically based. Rather than being based on the physical movements of the earth, sun and planets it charts the changing spiritual energies of cosmic evolution.”


The Mayans also murdered children on their altars, so if this crap is true, then “cosmic evolution” best appears to be avoided and regarded as sinister. I really would like to know how Calleman was able to verify this beyond doubt. Like all the 2012 New Age/Mayanist crowd, Clow, Calleman and others present their opinions and beliefs as if they were based on solid, factual evidence. Does the calendar of the Mayans actually “represent the nine underworlds of consciousness” as maintained by Calleman? (Calleman, 2004) Or is that something these writers want to believe so badly that they backwards engineer their opinions, beliefs and perspectives to find what they are looking for. And in this, Barbara Hand Clow is making a lot of money misleading many into a mindset that is going to be ripe for disappointment come December 21, 2012. I just hope those who were foolish enough to fall for her enlightened pseudo-rationality will stand up from it and chose to finally stand up for reality.


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2 thoughts on “2012/01/28 – Barbara Hand Clow’s 2012 Mayanist Cottage Industry

  1. Great exposure Darryl:

    “What nobility or wisdom can there be in a culture who superstitiously and brutally sacrificed children? Not that we as a race have evolved beyond that point since the Mayans. We’re more inclined to use children as soldiers or sex slaves than just killing them”

    This is how we get to see behind the veil of mysticism and elusive crap that keeps us bound to ideals of a human race that was apparently ‘majestic’ at some point – it is not, we’ve never been and never will be unless we start considering what’s best for ALL Life in Equality with the most basic principles on learning how to coexist effectively without having to project into the future for ‘better times.’

  2. Thanks for the ‘debunking’ of another 2012 myth here. I recall Bernard Poolman (and others throughout time) stating a simple, common sense measure of a societies validity, as can be seen in how they ‘treat their animals and children’. The Mayan’s sound creepy at best.

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