05/04/2012 – 2012 My Reply to “Franklin Beenz”

Franklin Beenz (if that’s his real name) is upset that I don’t give a fuck whether he properly investigates the Desteni Material or not. Something is stuck in Franklin’s craw and I don’t know why he insists on posting his disappointment about… why I don’t give a fuck whether he properly investigates the Desteni Material or not. The reason why I don’t give a fuck is because I’ve already investigated it, compared it to what I already knew and understood, participated fully on the various forums, visited and lived with them for years and still find the material (and the people behind it) trustworthy, impeccable and free from bullshit. So Franklin, how is it my responsibility to “prove” anything to you? You apparently know how to type, have access to the internet and seemingly have a working knowledge in English. If you can’t be bothered to research this yourself, then fuck off. Simple. Surprised I had to say that, a bit.

Now for you out there who may think I’m being too harsh on Franklin, here’s his last comment to me, submitted for your approval. He was asking my “source” responsible for the story I related in the FAQ. I told him the source was from a thread in the old Open Forum – which is archived to be viewed through permission only.

The source is from a ‘thread’ – and so that’s that, it’s true because it’s from a thread and you ‘simply don’t care’ that the words, message in that ‘thread’ should make actual and factual sense, be logical for any of your fellow human beings. So while traditional religions offer the word of god, you offer a thread and it matters not that either traditional religious beliefs nor your thread should actually make sense to your fellow humans.

The words and the message in the thread make perfect sense to me, Franklin, although according to your sensibilities it may seem like we’re pissing on logic and rationality… but I find it amusing that you would drag the Gods of the traditional religions into your bosom. Aren’t you a well-conditioned automaton?

Thanks for this little demonstration on how selflessness and equality operate in ones life if one puts into practice the teaching you are selflessly sharing and promoting here.

You’re welcome, but Franklin, I would never dream of taking your own responsibility away from you (unlike the Gods of your traditional religions). And I would never stand in your way of understanding equality and self-honesty if you sincerely asked, instead of spiking your inquiries with hater-aid.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone arrogantly and selfish-centeredly ‘simply didn’t care’ that their religious beliefs/teachings, philosophies of life, ideologies, value systems, etc ,that they were promoting and sharing with their fellow human beings, actually and factually contained logic and actually made sense?

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if people didn’t pretend to understand more than they actually did, and considered different ideas without the need to always place one’s own precious perspective above all others, without deceptive forked-tongued blandishments and deceitful dissembling? But that would be asking too much from you, eh Franklin?

It would be and remain a world demonstrating ‘the fucked-up nature of human beings and the world we’re bent on destroying’.

Unfortunately, I am forced to agree with my words you pasted above. There’s too much of the Desteni Material to go through to make such sweeping conclusions, Franklin.  There are thousands of documents and videos. It’s deep, gnarly and sometimes scary stuff. And you’re not going to understand a lot of it. I’ve walked this for almost 5 fucking years and I barely grasp it. So, those are the main reasons why I don’t give a fuck whether you get the message or not. Because it’s your responsibility to get it, not mine. It’s all there waiting for you. You know it’s there. But if you’re like all the other haters, then get over yourself, stop posting on my blog, go back to your Traditional Gods and fuck off. And thanks for reading.


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