11 thoughts on “07/08/2012/ – 2012 and Deepak Chopra’s Guru-Speak

  1. English, the end-time language, has the answer:

    Be-Cause: To BE is to CAUSE, for ones State of Mind is the cause for ones body’s health and circumstance, enabling any one to live in (the state of) Paradise in the midst of hell.

    How so?

    Hell: He Will – He’ll – Hell


    “I AM happy” – I AM (is) the savior of my immeasurable health, in spite of my doctor’s meaningless snap-shot of my “sickness”, thus superseding all error (sin, evil).

      1. Mind=Spirit in Action – same Hebrew word as Spirit. What you’re saying is true, but only for Ignorant Minds. Ignorance is the transgression that kills. Jesus Christ’s State of Mind|Awareness is eternal, because it is error-free.

      2. You don’t actually know what the mind is or what Jesus went through. In one sense the mind is perfect and in another, the mind is full of “error.” It is then, insufficient and foolish to wholly rely on.

  2. All I can say to you is (1) that the point of our physical existence is to overcome death via virginization of the mind; (2) ignorance is the transgression that kills; (3) Jesus Christ Overcame and has, through His symbolic “death” of the Testator prepared our way into the eternal kingdom.

    Regardless of His experiences, Jesus Christ, if He had not been born From Above – 24 Chromosomes, blood found by Ron Wyatt, He would have redeemed Himself as well, for He addressed everything and everyone with perfect accuracy, which reflects His error-free State of Mind and puts Him in charge of power (Elijah), wisdom (Moses) and Love (God).

    1. (1) that the point of our physical existence is to overcome death via virginization of the mind;

      “Virginization of the mind?” What you say makes no sense. Because the mind does not overcome death – after the body dies, the mind dies. *POOF* Gone forever. And if you die as a mind, you will share the mind’s fate. There is no “point” to physical existence other than birthing Life into it. It is too bad this isn’t more widely known.

      (2) ignorance is the transgression that kills;

      Yes it is.

      (3) Jesus Christ Overcame and has, through His symbolic “death” of the Testator prepared our way into the eternal kingdom.

      You don’t know anything about “Jesus Christ” other than some stories told by others who didn’t know anything about “Jesus Christ” either. The “eternal kingdom” is another story nobody knows anything about. So the question is why is there so much desire to turn these stories into “truths” just because they sound so nice?

  3. Before you make a fool of yourself:
    (1) “Jesus Christ” stands for anointed savior.
    (2) When referring to Him, I am referring to His timeless 4th-Layer scriptural meaning and NOT to “stories” as perceived by morons.
    (3) Please study His words and acquire a broadband abstract state of mind based on the world’s #1 Mandatory Instruction Manual, the only source for overcoming death via mind|spirit (same Hebrew term), before uttering any more bunk about Jesus The Christ. Just like the indigenous people of the West-Indies were unable to see Columbus 3 ships, ignorance (doubt, fear, faithless absence of wisdom) prevents one from seeing the higher levels of Abstract State of Mind – the meaning of “Mount Zion”…

    1. (1) As far as we know, Jesus Christ is a story, a legend, a myth. There may have been somebody who lived that these mythic stories were based upon, but I’m sure his name wasn’t “Jesus Christ.” That appellation came from the theological tradition that arose in the first and second centuries as Christian doctrine was being formed.
      (2) “4th-Layer scriptural meaning?” Get out of here.
      (3) You are a believer, and it is pointless having a discussion. I guess you will not know if you are right until after you die. Which is a problem because you are using faith as a substitute for common sense. Good luck to you.

  4. “after you die” – The Absolute One (Sh’ma), called God, withdrew His animation of your otherwise dead existence and you remain perpetually without the power to run your own life.

    There are 2 (TWO!) deaths:

    1st death: You die to the spirit, when you are born to the physical realm, which we know is nothing but light|shadow|darkness. This is symbolized by the cutting of the umbilical cord, the symbol for the silver cord, and the separation of the placenta, the seat of memory, intelligence and manna – ongoing spiritual nourishment.
    2nd death: God withdraws His animation based on your not bearing fruit, and you lost the ability of becoming a quickening spirit (last Adam) forever, while other, wiser minds can resurrect you by expectation of an outcome, which involves your animation for a short time…

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