Our Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Obama is my mama and has been re-elected.

“What kind of economic contribution can we expect from a generation of American minority workers whose social decline has made them more suited for entitlement dependency than executive management?”[1]
This is a fair question – and I essentially agree that this perspective stands on firm ground This quote rightly delineates the consequences of the historical social forces that has shaped our nation into this current form. White America has only thought about itself in whether it made it or not and let the minorities to their own devices – left them to fester segregated schools and neighborhoods, in separation and blocking them (either out of negligence or active intimidation) from attaining an equal footing.

The fact is really simple, apparently too simple for White America to perceive, that if you impede the growth of American citizens who don’t enjoy the default setting of being a White Male, you’re going to have to listen to cries calling for equality. And those cries won’t stop until they are satisfied. Social dependency was engineered to keep minorities in their place so White America could justify “keeping the niggers down,” as Randy Newman would say, keeping them dependent and powerless because of a simple, inconvenient truth about Capitalism – you can’t give everyone a job who needs one. So their needs to be a social mechanism to rectify that. Just saying that poor people don’t know what’s good for them doesn’t wash.

The chickens have come home to roost. By not giving an even shake to all American citizens, by relying on lazy color prejudice, social and economic self-interest at the expense of others, White America created a ticking time bomb of its own destruction. It has engendered numerous factions all wanting what they see others have, but cannot attain for themselves. The one disagreement I have however, is your suggestion the high school drop-out rate is due to parental failures. I add that the more likely failure comes from the schools these kids have to attend in the inner cities. They are truly detestable places to learn and would require an extraordinary discipline just to make a decent grade.


I don’t see how it is possible for America to transcend these intractable problems without dealing with reality. And the reality is that social programs are necessary until we don’t need them anymore. But then we’re talking about a utopia. If we must have a federal government, it should be much smaller and if it has to intrude on our lives, it should make our lives easier. Why continue to live like barbarians fighting for scraps? it’s not as if America is on the gold standard (Thanks Mr. Nixon). We can and do print as much money as we want. We need social programs, but we also need a real commitment to make our society work, and we have to agree that it must work for everyone or else we’re gonna get more of what we’ve got. And nobody is satisfied except those who currently benefit from division.

[1] This post is an answer to a blog on political outcast.com. Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2012/11/my-favorite-racist-is-right-again/#ixzz2BZ5nahQz


2 thoughts on “Our Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

  1. Well, I’m white but, not male. Everthing you describe in your blog as being the Black state of things is also the “white” state of things if you are not a connected white male. Notice I said “connected” white male. The inequalities you mention, in other words, do not occur exclusively to Black people. They are the existence of all poor and most of the poor are white not, Black. That doesn’t mean many Black people are not among the poorest of poor and suffer under bigotry but, it just means that since White people outnumber Black people there are greater numbers of them and they also suffer descrimination.

    You see, what you describe is not exclusively directed at Black people. You just think that because you are a Black man and you see things that way. You have never experienced being a poor, white woman. How could you understand the humiliation they have suffered? Now, I’m not saying you are not compassionate because you seem so. What I’m saying is that your experience is limited to some extent because you are Black and male.

    No, I could not with a clear conscience vote for Barak Obama. You see, the idea of killing an unborn child is horrific to me. I just can’t support that sort of thing and can’t vote for him because of that. No compromise is possible. I don’t believe it’s better to be dead than poor. I don’t believe it’s better to be dead.

  2. Thank you for your views, and your points are noted/ However, the abortion issue has been settled and in a pluralistic America, it’s going to be the law until we can create a nation that values all lives after they are born. Until then, abortion will will be desirable result.

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