25 Days and Counting to the Mayan Prophecy!


Aren’t you excited. I’ve been  waiting nearly a YEAR for this end-times prophecy to occur. When the  space ships don’t arrive and the clock keeps ticking away, I will be on the Internet YEEHAW! and having a laugh at the gullibility of MILLIONS.

Today RuPaul (not to be confused with Ron Paul) tweeted:

No one’s talking about the Mayan end of the world prophecy anymore. Are we over it or ignoring it in hopes it won’t happen?

I tweeted in response:

@RuPaul It was a con, sweetness. 25 Days and Counting!

YUUUUP! 25 Days and Counting. The team at Process 2012 Tower in beautiful down-town Columbus, Ohio, will be hard at work manning the land lines and the Internet to bring you the latest, greatest news about a supernatural event that will never take place. Bookmark this blog. It’s gonna see a lot of hot, failed prophecy action!

2 thoughts on “25 Days and Counting to the Mayan Prophecy!

  1. “If the truth only, is not taught, why teach anything at all?”

    Dear Reader;

    Given your intention is to seek to spread the truth and provide newsworthy information; leaving the door open for intellectual understanding of emerging possibilities, I would like to present my understanding of the significance of the ending on the Mayan Calendar as it relates to the whole of mankind who is created in God’s image.

    ‘Every event of mankind, a sign from God’

    The ending on the Mayan calendar is based in a need for profound spiritual and intellectual change (for today’s society); and not portraying the end of the physical world.

    Consider first: Because of the way many of the history books have been written, it is often times missed that cultures of bygone eras have been perhaps even more intellectual (in their own way) than some aspects of modern society. All mankind (since Adam and Eve) is created in God’s image; even if most deny most aspects of it; or simply aren’t aware of their actual spiritual composite.

    Though well documented in history books, most people miss this fact: Mankind had had an acute interest in the concept of God, or thinking themselves as being gods, as well as intellectual awareness of abstract concepts like invisibility, philosophy, issues of morality and right and wrong, for thousands of years before mankind could intellectually penetrate the surface of his skin to understand his own physical construct; i.e., man could long reason what he could not see with his eyes; but could not reason what was right in front of his eyes. This perception alone is proof of being created in God’s unseen (invisible) image; and the effects of sin and denial.

    Part of the Mayan intellectual awareness itself was from NOT HAVING all the technological products, conflicting government ideologies, or even the massive number of entertainment venues to distract or interfere with their intellectual thought processes. This means: They may have been somewhat crude in some principles, but as with other cultures worldwide at the time (having some similar simplified thoughts; yet having significant knowledge in mathematics, DIETY, etc), they also happened upon other profound intellectual truths bringing change to their lives.

    As for the significance of the ending of the Mayan Calendar from a bibilical timeline point of view, one need only go to Genesis and Revelation. Since both God and Man are both as existing on the earth during the time of the creation (even now), our Father determined there would be six days of labor together for the creation to come to the point for God (and mankind) to rest from their labors of working though the misunderstandings together – as God cannot be divided against himself, nor can He be divided from the children (species) He created in his (invisible) spiritual intellectual image. The ending of the Mayan calendar defines the dividing line between the 5th and 6th days of the creation. God knows Mankind has reached an intellectual and spiritual understanding of heaven and earth. God has done His part, Man (the children of God) now evolved sufficiently in understanding, has but a thousand years to restore the world to pristine sustainable condition; as was at the beginning. Did not Soloman write: “God seeks what has passed?” This means all the discord, all the strife, all the compromised conditions of the planet are to be resolved in totality 1000 years from this date 12.21.12.

    The Mayans also came to awareness of the truth of how being overly involved (and ritualistic) in planning and celebrating things based in repetitious unending calendar events, was getting them nowhere intellectually in the process.

    Look at present day society and see what is ritual and based in calendar events: the planned elections of replacing officials (whether or not they were or are actually accomplishing anything for the whole of society during their tenures); the present holiday celebrations (where business executives get a boost in their sales, profits, and salaries, at the expense of people putting themselves into more debt); the ongoing rotating sports venues filling the calendar (keeping mostly men glued to their favorite teams, rather than for them to spend time in building family values or conducting changes which actually provides safety for the whole of society and the generations to come), are but a few examples of being entrenched in stagnating calendar tradition.

    Prophesy, even something like ‘an end’ signified on a calendar, is hopeful in fulfillment; not just of a physical nature, but first of an intellectual nature which produces profound physical environmental changes. Is the ending on the Mayan Calender really a message from God, indicating an end time, or start time, for those created in His image to do something different? Sadly, the prediction of the Mayans may come and go, and nothing will have changed in this world; because mankind has not intellectually reached the conclusion, that in order to effect significant change it requires eliminating compromised and false ideology, methodology, principles, and maybe even most of the emphasis on calendar events; as did his ancestors.

    One ‘END’ mankind MUST PLAN to do: Mankind would do well in eliminating speculations (and prophecy AS IT IS WRITTEN and as it is said, ‘it will come to an end’) and the exaggerated benefits of calendar traditions; and actually take ‘intellectual charge’ of the events looming as possibilities in front of him, thereby eliminating irrational moments in thinking others can (and will) use to their advantage.

    *But, it appears many (leaders and followers alike) in the whole of society, don’t want to be involved in the ACTUAL changes God expects from them; but will wait and/or delegate while the rituals of the day take precedent over actual constructive action.

    There is one major problem with delegating, or empowering a person to make decisions for you. You are still responsible for knowing the character of the individuals to whom you delegate; and knowing the character of those whom you empower to make decisions for you. In the ‘END’ there is no loss of accountability for any individual, no matter what side of the functioning of society one takes a stand. Man is an example to those who come after him. God is not divided against himself; neither can mankind be divided against himself, as a singular body in God’s sight. Woe to those, who cease to bring ‘an end’ to corruption; and those who fail to start a new beginning.

    Though few take it seriously, the events and thoughts of each man INDIVIDUALLY, are written and recorded daily, as whether they actually accomplish one thing or another; or whether they are actually making disciples of the nations; or are the nations converting them to their way of thinking.

    Notice: Even though this which has been written above is true, you are not being forced to believe this. It is up to you in your relationship with God, to determine its validity. YOU alone are accountable for denying it; and accountable for those whom you turn away from believing it. You have a responsibility to proclaim this as true to others that they may be saved and do their part. There is no middle of the road position to be had concerning this final day of labor.

    603 Collingwood Dr.
    Decatur, GA 30032

  2. John, the fact is that the so-called “Mayan Prophecy” is nothing more than a cottage industry that generates a bit of wealth though propagating a story that is irrelevant, specious and plays on human stupidity. It is also a prophecy based on FEAR and the desire to escape the world system through fantasy. There is no God (another fantasy that has no basis of reality) and the only “truth” that exists is the truth of who you are (and not who you think you think you are).

    You do make some points that I agree with. However, by appealing to the veracity of the Bible, which has a very questionable history when one drops a theological commitment and looks at the evidence for what it is, you have shown yourself influenced by the mind-control device that has hypnotized millions of human beings – the reliance on so-called “holy scriptures” that claim to be the only source to truth.

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