The Mayan Code is a book by Barbara Hand Clow who  is the leading propagandist for the Mayan 2012  end times prophecy that relies mostly on the “scholarship” of  Carl Johan Calleman. What is so great about this book is that it is destined to be an occupant of the 2012 Failed Prophecy Hall of Fame in 23 days! It’s like History in the Making.

For those of you into the UFO channelling, SaLuSa, a “Sirian” channelled by Mike Quinsey,  has gone on record that December 21. 2012 will be a great day for Ascension. “Nothing will stop the Ascension process from finally manifesting at the end of 2012.” The messages of  Quinsey and “Salusa” have been stuck on repeat with their never-ending yammering of “Galactic Federation,” “full consciousness,” and “ascension,” dear ones. I made a parody of the Galactic Federation a few years ago.

Yeah, I don’t think these UFO channellers have it right.




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