2012 Mayan Prophecy Endtimes. Day 22 and Counting!

Day 22 until the end of the world. The 2o12 Mayan Endtimes Goodtimes Hour continues for 22 days! You excited? I know I am. I haven’t scoffed at such a colossal hoax since the Harold Camping Endtimes fiascos. The Raptures (which were predicted twice by Camping) failed to commence with the end of the world a la the Book of Revelations.

“We realize that many people are hoping they will know the date of Christ’s return,”Camping wrote. “We humbly acknowledge we were wrong about the timing.”

Reports that the Mayan Calendar skipped Leap Years, has some jaws a-flapping that the veracity of the “prophecy” has been dealt a life-threatening blow. However, the bigger blow would be if someone could prove that even if the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012 (which they certainly DIDN’T), they absolutely failed to predict the end of their own civilization. And yet, the believers of the Mayanist Prophecy of 2012 are crawling all over the web. Even NASA had to get involved by making a statement that no planet was going to hit the Earth and kill everyone on the planet.

NASA’s David Morrison: “While this is a joke to some people and a mystery to others, there is a core of people who are truly concerned,”

Morrison went on to say,

“I think it’s evil for people to propagate rumors on the Internet to frighten children,”

Not really evil, but certainly stupid, inappropriate and fuck-up filled with fear.


[1]  By Elizabeth Tenety and Elizabeth Flock,   11:51 AM ET, 05/23/201


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