2012 Mayan Prophecy EndTimes. Day 19 and Counting…


Nineteen more days. I don’t know if I can keep this up for 19 more days. But as long as there is beating heart of an African Swallow, I shall continue. I SHALL CONTINUE.

Okay, so continuing; here’s what I’m going to guess (again) what happens the day after December 21, 2012 and nothing really happens. No Christ Consciousness, no Galactic Federation, no 6 GODDAMN DAYS OF DARKNESS [1] , no “Ascension,” no sun flipping its magnetic field and blowing our solar system up, NONE of that shit is going to happen. I’m willing to bet $100,000 that nothing happens, and I demand that  some of you  snotty-nosed Fanatic Fanboys pony up and hoist your weenie on the chopping block. I’m waiting. You’re not gonna need money for your trip to Heaven in your silvery shiny space ships, right? Show some commitment.


[1] Italics mine. Posted on website:

As the author of five booklets regarding the Three Days of Darkness, allow me to briefly explain what the Three Days of Darkness is, when it will take place, and what it’s outcome will be.

1.) The TDOD will occur during the reign of Antichrist to destroy his kingdom (along with his minions) and call forth into being the 1,000-year (lengthy) Marian Era of Peace.

2.) The TDOD phenomenon itself will actually be a Divine visitation by Christ Himself under the cover of plasma lighting storms that will purify the entire earth of all physical and spiritual contaminants.

3.) The notion of Three Days of Darkness is nothing new. One of the plagues God visited upon ancient Egypt for refusing to free the Jews from captivity was three days of intense darkness, during which time the first-born of all Egyptians were slain by the Angel of Death.

All five of my TDOD booklets are available for free in downloadable PDF essay form on my website: members.toast.net/louisbarta


I’ll be paying this site a visit come December 22md.


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