Brief Consideration on the George Zimmerman Verdict


I’ve given this media story a bit of fleeting consideration. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman forever linked to a tragic incident that is no different from any other tragic incident. The “tragedy” being of course that an unhappy result of a calamity all but guarantees further suffering awaits all parties involved.

Leaving skin color aside, I believe we should focus on the fact that what we have are human beings killing other human beings due to an interesting human failure: out of reactions of fear, suspicion and/or sheer hatred. What happened in this case can be retold in many, many thousands of incidents EVERY DAY, callous, sinister acts of that span the unimaginable depths of human cruelty. You know, like intentionally dropping depleted uranium on foreign soil or dumping nuclear waste in the oceans or human trafficking or using child soldiers. If one looks at the big picture, one begins to see a larger pattern that ¬†emerges. That pattern suggests that human beings are not intrinsically “good at heart” and that it is a constant struggle to give reality, value and meaning to our humanity.

8 thoughts on “Brief Consideration on the George Zimmerman Verdict

  1. It all starts with the fact that all human beings are willing to accept that killing is “justified” in some cases. Try to elaborate what I’m saying here, think of the many situations where we can accept and even be happy that “the cops killed the serial killer” or the like.
    If we all accept killing other beings is something that could happen on some cases when there is a good reason, then it will always happen, and not always with a good reason.
    Killing a cow for food seems to be a good reason, right?
    Well, in my point of view, there’s NEVER a reasonable cause for killing anything or anyone. All living beings on this planet has equal right to live and to not be killed by others. Of course nature has its cruelty and you can’t explain the lion that killing and eating the zebra is not right.
    But we, humans, are way beyond that, we’re smarter than a lion, we DO have a choice, we can just NOT kill.

    1. Unfortunately there is a problem for life forms in this reality – and that it must consume other life forms to survive. That goes far beyond any high-minded principle or ethic. It is a biological necessity. All that has been added to that is a “rational” or “logical” justification to expand that necessity to cover other things that are not necessary at all, things that are considered and accomplished for one being’s advantage over another, whether it occurs in the political, economic or religious spheres. Given a choice, most people will fight for what they believe is key to their survival, even if it is at the expense of the survival of others. It is an intelligence based on fear, which is the primary drive within the human being and prevents so many to consider solutions that would benefit everyone equally.

  2. Again, if you’re talking about a lion that kills a zebra for surviving what you say is correct.
    Humans don’t HAVE to eat meat to survive.
    You’re wrong if you assume that eating meat, dairy and eggs is a human biological necessity, there are lots of scientific researches that prove this. And lots of people like myself that live a healthy life on a plant based diet.

  3. Plants and humans share one vital quality – the both possess a life force. To consume a plant is really no different than consuming an animal. There is still the dynamic playing out of life consuming life to survive.

    1. Oh, come on! I hardly believe you buy that shit you tell yourself to pace your conscience…
      You can’t compare an animal to a plant!!!
      Besides that, you can’t eat an animal without killing it, but you can eat plants, leaves, fruits and vegetables without killing the plant itself. Plants create fruits for you to eat, most of the fruit plants give are meant to be eaten, they are appealing so you will pick it, eat it, shit their seeds and help spread their species.
      Do you really believe it’s the same thing? I pity you!

      1. You do realize that people can read what you post here. So when you say you can “eat plants, leaves, fruits and vegetables without killing the plant itself,” it makes you look foolish and incapable of having an intelligent, honest perspective.

      2. Are YOU trying to understand what I’m saying???
        To eat a pork chop do you have to kill a pig?
        To eat a chicken wing do you have to kill a chicken?
        To eat an apple do you need to kill the apple tree?
        To eat a lettuce leaf do you HAVE to kill the whole lettuce plant?
        The answer is NO. If you can’t understand this, then I can’t help much.
        Sorry, I don’t think I’m the foolish one here…

      3. Are you saying that an apple isn’t alive? What about grains, herbs, berries, veggies before you pluck them from whatever… Wait a minute… You DO know the difference between a state that alive and dead, don’t you?

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