2011/06/29 – C.S. Lewis and the Cosmic Sadist

The problem of Evil should be enough to dissuade anyone from belief in the existence of an all-good, omnipotent and benevolent “God.” But it is to our detriment that it’s not.

Process: 2018

“Suppose the truth is God always vivisects?” C.S. Lewis

The Problem of Evil is one of the most rational and obvious of objections to religious belief systems one can have. It also happens to be the best argument against the existence of God. And yet, defenders of the faith have used this deadly theological weakness as a cornerstone of faith. The weakness (of course) is the lack of a satisfactory answer of how a “good God” could allow suffering and evil into the world? This question is specifically dealt with, very unsatisfactory, in the Old Testament Book of Job, where Job demands an answer of why God has singled him out for undeserved suffering. Does God reveal to Job that the cause of his suffering was originally a cosmic bar bet with Satan? Well, that would have been nice, but instead Yahweh dissembles and puts on a great show of…

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