A Demons of Folk Salute “BPTS”

bp small piv

Bernard Poolman was the most amazing person I’ve ever known and I dare say that the world has known. He was so steady and ready and forever moving towards realizing the potential in himself and in everyone I saw him come into contact with. I spent many, many nights talking with him and listening to him speak on matters big and small, and while I didn’t readily understand everything he shared with me, with the unfolding of time I’ve begun to notice realizations popping up inside my mind from past conversations I’ve had with the Big Man, as I called him.

I wanted to share what it was like speaking with Bernard and listening his booming voice as he spoke and reasoned with us on the farm. If it is allowed to cherish certain memories in life, then allow me to say that these moments sitting with Bernard as he puffed away on an ever-present cigarette, taking us all on a discursive journey in sound full of surprises, wonderment, troubling analysis and much laughter, as only Bernard could. So, this DOF tune is dedicated to those who have also had the pleasure of sitting with this unique and wonderful man who for me epitomized the full potential of being human in this crazy world. And it is dedicated to those who never have heard of him or may have propped him up in their minds as an enemy or villain. It doesn’t matter what one thinks of him, it only matters if you heard him. And verily I say to you, those who have ears should better use them!


“BPTS” The Demons of Folk (Featuring Bernard Poolman)




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