Demons of Folk Friday Tune of the Week: Moral Panic!


moral panic



Security. Give me some security! 

There is something about the God concept that is relentless. Unfeeling. Brutal. Hidden from plain sight yet manifest as systems, desires, entertainment, war, money. It is a monstrosity.Basically this: from all the evidence we can verify in physical, practical terms, “God” could not give a rat’s ass about us. “God” is not Life, but a consuming thought experiment that shuts down any discourse about human affairs. Yet, people will submit to maintaining the illusion  of an omnipotent, Invisible Father. People will trade security and comfort for themselves first before working out the problems that besets humanity as a whole. “God” is dangerous idea because “God” does not ever doubt.

If you are not in the presence of “God,” you have no value. And you will not supported and all your works will be as dust. And even if you play by the rules and succeed, years and years of toil, effort, blood, sweat and tears in creating a world for yourself  can all be taken away in a second. This is the story of Job.

As a system “God” exists to manifest self-defeat.

We accept our own enslavement and self-limitations as if it were a winning lotto ticket. We fight for the right to be slaves who will never stand for life but will accept the unacceptable: hell on Earth. This is bad news, because we cannot be more than what we are. Thus, “God” is that point where we give up on ourselves forever. The point of the ultimate self-doubt, self-loathing and self-dishonesty. Self-defeat.We call this, “security.”



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