When “Fringe” is “Phony.” Or at least, pulls the wool over its own eyes!  


I had been posting the youtube clips from DesteniProductions on the “fringe” site, Noble Realms. Noble Realms is run by “Montalk,” and today he informed me that I could no longer “spam” his message board with the youtube clips, and that he was going to close the thread down for further comment. Since Noble Realms is his baby, hey, he can do whatever he wants. There is a bit of irritation I am experiencing with the “fringe” community at the moment, and I will have to process some self-forgiveness on this subject. 


My irritation is caused by my observation that these people, who are so entrenched in their own little world, seem so threatened  when something falls outside their frame of reference. Instead of giving this admittedly odd perspective a chance, these people seem so quick to judge, ridicule and dismiss anything that doesn’t fit within their little box.Noble Realms is a perfect example of the “Phony Fringe.” 


Fringe is supposedly is situated outside the orthodox and the ordinary. It can be a bit “kooky,” like libertarians. But historical examples abound with those hardy souls that labored outside the accepted norms of the arts and sciences; Wilhhelm Reich, Nikolai Tesla, and others.  


There has also been plenty of skepticism to what the fringe, and it’s close cousins, psuedoscience and junk science, conspiracy theories and the like, can actually bring to the table.On Montalk’s own site, ( he expounds on such “Key Concepts”  as the Matrix, how the masses are being “farmed” for their spiritual energies, alien contact, how people are asleep, the NWO, and amazingly, the New Age meme of “reality-shift” into the fourth dimension. That’s right. Supposedly, our three dimensional reality is going to “shift” into a “higher” plane of existence. If you download his ebook, “Fringe Knowledge for Beginners,” you too can learn the truth of our eventual slide into “fourth density,” along with information that only fringe knowledge can unlock. 


As Montalk puts it on his Welcome page: 


‘Knowledge is the key to unlocking our potential. It gives us the self-determination, responsibility, and power necessary to cast off the chains of covert oppression. Knowledge is therefore the greatest protector, for it also gives us foresight to impeccably handle the challenges of life and, most importantly, to sidestep the traps on the path to awakening. The more you know of higher truths and apply what you know, the more you begin operating under higher laws that transcend the limitations of the lower.”


 Sounds lofty and reasonable, doesn’t it? It is as long as you don’t present an alternate perspective powered by the connective link of common sense. Then you’d receive a send-off that I experienced. Which went like this:


“Good, I just needed enough people to get thoroughly disaffected before shutting this down. For you more discerning folks, that point happened a century ago, but I always require at least half of the slower people to get the point too, which takes time. Otherwise go see those old threads in the Announcement section complaining about heavy handed moderation policy.  


The fact that Kid Mongo was so calm and civil (more than some of the responders) was commendable in my view, but that plus was outweighed by a robotic persistence to rebut logical arguments with irrational circular reasoning and other fallacies. (Right. So I’m not William Jennings Bryant. Sue me).Regarding the Desteni posts, there is something to be said about letting people have their own threads and others simply skipping over it — however with 560 posts on this thread and sometimes several a day that barely interests anyone here, that privilege has been abused to the point of spamming. Overstaying the welcome is an understatement.”


(Yeah. I get it. 560 posts, 16,300 hits  = “barely interests anyone here.”Check) 


“So I am hereby disallowing any further promotion (aka spamming) of the Desteni material on this forum. NR members simply aren’t the type that would fall for this stuff. It would be unfair to myself and this forum to endure more. Besides, anyone still interested knows by now where to find the website, videos, and forum. [..]So, Kid Mongo and other pro-Desteni people, take it elsewhere, thanks. I will close this thread in a couple days.”


Like I have said, NR is his forum and he can do what he wants with it.  Well, I suppose Montalk has his reasons for being annoyed with my *coff* “spamming,” since the Desteni message directly contradicts his love affair with the mind and knowledge. Well, we are taught the the mind is what we are, right? And if Desteni says, “No! You are not your mind, and knowledge without action is useless,” then great fear arises, and Desteni’s message must be quashed.Eagle, can you tell us why? 





What if all you have ever believed is a lie? What if the real reason why we are trapped in this illusion is a simple explanation? What if you really were self-honest and saw that you what you are actually fearing is everyone in your world-fearing what they were capable of doing to you? What if you realized that this is just your projection of fear? 


The real truth is that you see what you are capable of doing to every one else. You see how you can deceive. 


Then comes the Great Act of Deception: Let me do it first! Then I will not be deceived! Because I know what they would do if they have a chance! Let me do it first! Let me be the one in control of the situation! Then I am safe! 


This is the truth that created everything. We fear our own self-dishonesty and we project it onto others and then act to protect ourselves. The elite in this world do this. They fear the masses so they control the masses. The religious fear this. They fear their own dishonesty and thus create ways to force others to be honest. 


But the truth is that everyone is dishonest and lives in fear of each other. And this fear is actually fear of self, fear of the dishonest nature of self and fear of the dark side of self. Because of this fear, we seek the light and enlightenment to blind us from the truth which is that we are living in fear of each other. 


So we invented love because if we can say the word “love” and feel love and generate this feeling, we do not have to face the awful truth-that we fear each other and we fear what we will do to each other and what others will do to us. We live in petrification and fear. 


The reason why the world exists is to manifest this one point-our fear of each other! 


Look at this world. Everything-all our seeking for purpose, our governments, our societies-all are all based on fearing each other and having the upper hand. In doing that, we expose our own self-dishonesty justify it saying, “If we do not do it first, they will do it to US!” 


Desteni is your greatest fear. It HAS ALL BEEN A LIE! Everything you have ever believed is a lie that you created through your own fears. It’s time for self-honesty. 


And know this: Another fear you have is that YOU WILL FACE THE TRUTH OF YOUR SELF-DISHONESTY AND THE TRUTH OF YOU FEARING OTHERS. There is no way out. You will live as many lives as needed and experience as much pain as is required and as much trauma as you can handle. This will reveal.”

3 thoughts on “Commentary

  1. TIME BEING the tridimensional manner in which the fourth dimension of space is perceived, disappears automatically and inevitably in quadridimensional vision, & with it the dualism of seer & seen in no longer Space-time.( FOR SEEING AND SEEN IMPLY SPACE AND TIME) The witness of perception is all equally, and alone is real.

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