Secrets of the Gospel


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Darryl Thomas: So this is about the Origins of Christianity, and, uh, I’d like to talk about the documents in the Bible. So, the start of Christianity begins with Jesus, so can we talk about Jesus existence. Did he exist on Earth?

Sunette Spies: Yes, for a while. Meaning, he wasn’t the normal human being – form as defined as “human being.” He had come here in the principle and outlook in relation to –

Bernard Poolman: The universe.

SS: Yeah, the universe and unifying humanity, in terms of realizing who they really are – which he could see, but what he couldn’t “see” was the mind consciousness system design, manifested in the physical, because it didn’t have one. Therefore, all he could see was the “actual being.” Therefore he lived and walked and talked within that which he could see and within the interrelations between the humans on Earth. Therefore most human beings during that time, or phase within and of Earth, didn’t completely comprehend or understand all that he was actually saying.

I’d say there was about 1% of what he actually said, left in the Bible – in the amounts of time it has been doctored-

DT: Yes.

SS: -by humanity to fit humanity’s view.

DT: I was gonna ask about the percentage. I mean, there’s always this scholastic-al, or the scholastic –

SS: You can say, “Zero point one per cent,” actually.

DT: They’ve tried to measure the authenticity of the Bible. Zero percent. Zero point one. So, uh, did Jesus perform miracles? Did he heal the sick?

SS: Um, those were such events that take place, but it wasn’t a “healing.” He was demonstrating the capabilities of the physical, of human. Meaning, he was using those events or situations – explaining to them basically, how they have created or manifested the experience. So, for example, he’d see it as um, kind of – like, almost a black and gray alignment that was “patches” within their physical expression – that’s who they are, which he saw in various colors. It was like a “colorful expression” that was infinite in its form. And then there would be like, these “black lines,” that would be like “tears” in their being.

And then he would actually discuss things, take them through, and showing them how to heal themselves. Um, which he demonstrated, and the being, for example, do it, and they “healed.” But it wasn’t him healing. The being healed themselves through the example he had given them, how to do it.

DT: How would you describe that? He was just, uh, they were realigning themselves? He was showing them how to?

SS: Realign, yeah. To themselves.

BP: In that one point they were realizing that they could experience it differently.

DT: So, for example, when the lame man was presented in front of Jesus, and he said, Take up… pick up your mat and walk,” something like that, it would happen like that, but he would talk. “Why can’t you walk?”

SS: Those are stories. I mean, if you look at the Bible in the context of “Constructing its Stories.”

DT: Yes.

SS: The actual, real event that had taken place, that is hidden within the story, is way back to the origin of where story comes from, um, it’s a completely different scenario…

BP: The story never follows the physical, actual timeline that actually happened.

SS: You know who really actually wrote the Bible…

DT: (Interrupting) I was going to ask you! But I wanna ask you (laughs).

SS: – It was various beings, but only those that observed. [i]

DT: Fascinating. So there were eyewitness accounts?

SS: Yes.

DT: Really?

SS: They would write of their experiences in scriptures, and things like that, wherein through time it had accumulated – and then constructed – into what is called, The Bible. The actual events actually taking place, those… you can say, “those in power” didn’t want humanity to know of (the real events where people could heal themselves as instructed by Jesus)  – because otherwise it would make the human being “more than” those in power want them to be in relation to control and enslavement.

Within that process, interdimensional beings where involved with the removing of the actual accounts of those that experienced what Jesus did with them – in the explaining of the process of “self-alignment” with self, which is very intricate and specific in how to do that, to heal yourself, so to speak.

DT: This is going to upset the scholars who maintain that none of the gospels were written by the people who lived during the time of Christ. In a sense, they’re right, but in the sense you’re saying, that there were eyewitnesses… the accounts began as eyewitness.

SS: Yeah, they shared their observations.

BP: It’s the same as all mythology, you know. It’s “true stories.” So, originally in it, there is an eyewitness, an observation. Now observation is – not as such as “eye-witness,” from the perspective of “participation.” It’s an “eyewitness” perspective of an “observation.” That means there is a lack of understanding whenever you are observing. You are observing from the starting point of your current vocabulary and your knowledge and your associations within your memory structure. Therefore, it is limited in itself in that perspective already.

So if you now have a “miracle” that happens, and you have observers from Hindu or Muslim, a Christian, an Atheist, they will all give you four different stories. But they are all witnessing the same event.

DT: That’s fascinating. So, the sources from the Bible didn’t come from one source, it came from various –

SS: – various.

DT: – eyewitness accounts.

SS: Well, various observations.

DT: Observations.

SS: Yeah. Well, for example, one would stand far away and see what was going on, and seeing this human being sick, and all of a sudden, being fine. You know, there already would been, just from that observation, a perspective created perception or an idea of what had happened – not heard the words or the total experience.

BP: It is virtually, actually in real time to look at it like our journalists of today: are they giving you the real facts of what happened, or are they giving you their observation within the context of their belief? Or even the belief they are instructed to have by the corporation?

SS: Exactly.

BP: So accordingly, it diminish everything and thus become in essence an image; an irrelevant story.

DT: So take us through the events that became the Christian religion – like, what happened between the time that Jesus died and the religion began? I’m assuming Jesus died on the cross as the way they said it, or was it a different scenario?

SS: Um, so why don’t we go through first the point of the religious manifestation of Christianity within the world?

Remember, what you must take into account is the dimension of that – in terms of the play-out of human civilization, it was already “organized” before civilization in essence began. It might have been “tweaked” here and there, by or through interdimensional intervention, but the platform of humanity is what they refer to as “evolution,” was already predesigned within the mind consciousness system. So everything in terms of “Life on Earth,” in relation to the human’s experience on Earth, was already preprogrammed.

So for example, religion – the point of having religion was already placed. Religion meaning having various, different “gods” to worship. That was already pre-designed within the mind consciousness system and then they would have physical events take place in reality to activate that pre-designed system of religion within the human, so that they have the visual miracle confirmation to manifest the religious program within their mind consciousness system, and then they live that belief into and as their self, their physical reality, and then pass it on from generation to generation to generation, and then fuck all the… all those that would –

DT: Believe in it.

SS: Yeah.

BP: And obviously make sure that it becomes a self-perpetuating system that does not require intervention, that can run completely within the bubble as if “that’s all that exist,” because the intention was “Eternal Enslavement” of the Universe for only the benefit of a few, for the profit of a few. Same as the system that exists on Earth; having an utopia for a few, while the rest is oblivious of what’s going on.

SS: Y’know, that’s why, I like…  if you have a look at from “Now” to the relation in the past, you had a lot of… in the past a lot of phenomena, miraculous appearances and strange physical capability and experiences that you don’t have now.

Why that happened then and not as much now, is because then there was still activation that was taking place to create or manifest that self-perpetuating system where beings just pass on their beliefs and experience it in relation to “Higher Powers” over and over and over again. But they first have to have that “activation” take place, to have that belief where that “one event” which then active the whole system, and the generations that come would pass on that system or belief. And so you create your self-perpetuating religious system, for example.

DT: So, going back to the construction of the texts in the Bible, where the Gospels created in… well, our version has come in Greek. But obviously they were written in the Hebrew? Aramaic?

SS: Then language didn’t exist as we experience it now. Meaning –

BP: It was not the primary method of –

SS: Communication.

BP: Of placing. It was done through like through the Jewish Tradition by memorizing it and transferring it –

DT: The oral –

BP: It was the oral tradition.

DT: So there was an oral tradition.

BP: There was an oral tradition. Only later on with your development of, or the potential was seen in the using of symbols, specifically to have more control over what was perceived to be a “barbaric human” – was writing, used more specifically. As you can see today, writing has become the primary control of everything. In essence, with a focus on premise that the human, in essence is barbaric and evil, and must be “controlled.” That is written in ALL ways possible, so basically, criminal justice is ending up in having the criminal protected while the human existence itself has no protection. Life itself has got no protection. Profit, control, power gets all the protection. Whoever’s got the gold, makes the rules.

DT: They gave the protections in the forms of rites.

BP: Yes.

DT:  Such as baptism and the Holy Communion. How did that come about… from like an oral tradition to “Now we have baptism, now we drink the blood of Jesus and eat his flesh?”

SS: Oh that, the water. That point was passed on for the purification that water represented.

Wherein when, while Jesus was here, he was communicating in relation to nature and what nature represents…and each part of nature.

For example, wherein he explained that water represents purification of self. And you drink water within the act of purifying self, physically, here. To drink the water as an honoring –

BP: Or you’re baptizing.

SS: To self.

BP: Or it’s washing-

SS: Yes.

BP: -yourself. Purifying yourself.

DT: Okay, that’s an ancient tradition: the going down to the waters and then purifying yourself symbolically.

BP: Yes.

SS: No, it wasn’t even “symbolically,” then. I mean, he actually showed how you could purify – by yourself – through and as water, because water is purity.

BP: If you look at the Emoto point,[ii] it shows you that you can – you being water, how easily you can actually change your inner reality, once you get to grips with it. Now, obviously nowadays for most people, that’s impossible because they have no idea how in the first place the actual manifestation of the water crystals, so to speak happens and how it works in the body. And then when you use, say the word, “God” Every possible way that word to exist within and as a geometrically design or symbolic design manifest first within your body all at once, and the primary one you believe in stands forth. So if you purify one, it’s useless. You have to purify them all.

You are in essence, a holographic representation of everything on Earth. So every word you use manifests in all its forms within you. You use the word “Good,” then all it’s relationships  – evil, you name it – everything manifests within you as crystallized form, and depending where it’s placed within the memory construct of your design and you’re pretty much in trouble.

The point would be that your purification would indicate that you must be able to manifest within your total physical body, One crystal. Which up till now, Emoto has been unable to prove possible.

DT: Was the purification through water known? You said its very much reality; people could actually purify themselves. Because we have these Baptist Cults in that area. And even in the Hindu religion where they would wash themselves. That was in there all the time.

SS: See, again, that’s not… that’s, that’s the “symbolic-”

DT: Ceremonial…

SS: -systematic-

BP: Ritual.

SS: Ritual, yeah. It’s about the actual, real, physical purification of self, here.

DT: Did Jesus institute Baptism?

SS: Again, observational perspective wherein for example, another had written down, or shared an account of what he or she had seen – where Jesus would take them into the water and he showed them there was a specific sound that they could express in voice to…within accessing that sound within drinking the water, within washing through the water, you’d purify yourself through sound.

DT: Drinking the water?

SS: Yeah, it was drinking, washing, submerging yourself in the water – totally becoming one with the water. [iii]

BP: If you look at how this whole operational thing has manifested now as the New Age, you will notice that you have multiple people with teachings about what they are observing, say about the soul, the aura, or the energy lines and so forth… and then they have their own explanation of it, as an observer, and then they become a teacher that teach that. I mean, the very fact that there are so many divisions within it, that already say: there’s a problem, and the reason why they all allow each other “their space” to explain their point of view, is purely because they’re all just observers. None of them are Actualized Participants that has transcended, in fact, what they’re teaching.

DT: They’re philosophers, basically.

BP: Basically. That’s your total New Age fraternity of teachers, psychics and so on, I mean, they’re all teaching people. Which is why they have no stability. They allow each one to come out they way they want to come out – because they haven’t done it themselves yet. I mean, it’s just observation and knowledge.

DT: What about the Last Supper; the Holy Communion?

SS: That was his parting. Meaning, where he was “leaving Earth,” and he brought everyone together in a celebration. Wherein the supper was signifying that equal celebration of all humans together. When you have a look at various (inaudible) – that point of celebrating life, celebrating self, celebrating each other in that whole experience. Again, it was “transmuted” and “changed” – deliberately shaped to fit in a religious context programming for the consciousness system.

Remember Jesus’ life was what was called a “staged event” to create, form or manifest a particular, specific religion. That’s what happened to All religions existing within this world.

Jesus was basically used to activate the particular religious belief within the mind consciousness system or create a physical, actual, real belief, so to speak.

DT: What was the essence of the enslavement through that belief? I mean, how do we become enslaved through Christianity?

SS: Taking your point of focus to a “Greater” manifestation or being “Out There,” completely preoccupying the being’s “There” instead of self.

BP: And which obviously, the “There” is based on something you will have to “Imagine.” You are creating it through your imagination. They’ve gotta get you to actually misalign You to something that is not real and then you are stuck.

DT: The Hindus had a Bhakti Movement which life was (defined as) continuous devotion to the “Gods.” And that’s how you proved your spiritual evolution, how you prove your worth to God. So it was like, they had this program in place. Why did they feel the need to… bring to other areas of the world, or…

SS: There was the point of… in the beginning, various, different civilizations was instigated on Earth. Meaning, humans were placed in various places on Earth; different physical form, different color, different physical shape, and a different mind consciousness system, and then within that, a different creation of a particular, specific religion; that as the main, basic point in terms of the initialization of civilization in the various, different civilized groups.

There was an “interdimensional guard” in charge of that; the various, different civilizations to “burst” them into reality.

DT: That is actually in some of the spiritual writings in different cultures. It’s in Hinduism and the Theosophists proclaimed that there was a sheriff or a gatekeeper in charge of different parts of the world.[iv]

BP: Yeah, and obviously the point was division. I mean, they manifested division that way and that to get division “accepted” by all, so that in the division there was preprogrammed inequality; different civilizations with different abilities, so that one start accept your ability, which is limited as “unique,” and thus start to program your “individualization” according to your limitation. And then you are eternally fucked.

SS: So, in essence, the human was “split.” The actual being in “who you are” from the greater perspective was split into all and everything that you see now in this world. It’s all human beings with all different capabilities, gifts, et cetera, wherein the human believe that “only that human can do it because that human was doing it. Alright, I’m not doing it, therefore I can’t.”

BP: So that’s the first point of Structural Resonance Alignment. It’s to bring back all your parts, which we now do, step by step, very slowly. And the human is so disempowered in their basic ability to deal with a minute amount of information, we have to do it very slowly.

SS: Yeah, very slowly.

DT: We’ve talked about the Last Supper now, the different rites. The whole “Tomb Story,” how did that come about?

SS: Um, when Jesus, in terms of… in his physical form, died –

DT: Oh, let me stop you there, real quick. He did have a physical form?

SS: Oh, yeah. I mean, he had a physical body.

DT: Did he have a physical mother?

SS:  No. Not in terms of being “birthed.”

DT: Did he just sort of “step into” this dimension?

SS: – Reality,  yeah… from the interdimensional into his physical, he manifested.[v]Um, so when his physical form died, beings were sad, and “Oh my God, he died,” and, “Now he left us,” and et cetera, et cetera, and then to honor him and his memory, they bought a tombstone place.[vi]

DT: And so they go to the tomb after the day of mourning or so, and they roll away the stone and he’s not there.[vii]

SS: Yeah.

DT: “He has arisen!”

SS: There he was merely presenting the extent in which one is able to exist within reality. In other words, show them that they are not limited. They have the ability to move between dimensions. It’s not just this interdimensional exist… this, the physical dimension is not the only dimension that exist. He can “move” between dimensions. When that happened, there was quite a bit of a huge, big problem for, you know, “the creators” of being’s civilization, because that would mean that they would not have any control of the humans. They would have to “get rid of Jesus” as soon and as quick as possible.[viii]

DT: So was the death part of the “plan,” though?

SS: Um, they made it “part of the plan.” They didn’t realize he would in essence “go that far.” But also in worry – wasn’t too concerned about it, because they knew the limited design of the mind consciousness system that was in the humans: they’d perceive it as “godly” and more than a “greater power” than themselves. So therefore, it was interpreted as that way.

DT: So they used that to their advantage. Like the message that he was “Going to Return?”

SS:  Yeah.

DT: And they kept… they used that as a way to trap people.

SS: Well, he said he would come and assist in terms of, “here humanity walking within anything like that.” [28:28] When he got over to the interdimensions, he got fucked.[ix]

Because in the interdimensional reality, they had more “quantum control” over beings that would cross over, because in the interdimensions exist “timelessness,” and if you are not “equal and one” with the totality of existence in relation to timelessness, um, there you can get trapped.

So then they trapped Jesus to “not return,” so that they can have control over human civilization, from that perspective again. Keep them “locked out,” basically. So that humans don’t realize what they’re really capable of than what’s actually happening in existence, and to them. Because, I mean, if you are a human and you realize you’re being controlled, and you cross over, to see what the hell is really going on, I mean, you’re going to do something about it. I mean, you realize everything, of course. That was then. I’m talking now about consciousness then, not now at the moment. Now we’re at the stage where it’s too late. Now we’ve gotta walk a very long process.

DT: Okay, this is for the information hounds; was his name “Jesus?”

SS: Um, no, he had a different name, a name in sound. It’s not gonna sound-

DT: So is “Jesus” just uh, placed on there by –

SS: -Except, Jesus… “Jesus” in terms of the “letter formation” and the sound within the name, in which isn’t given, is indirectly translated. So it means, “Savior.”

DT: Oh! Oh, okay.

SS: So the “letter formation” in terms of the sound “Jesus,” within it, it means, “savior,” his “figure” is in the word, “Jesus” itself. You’ve got the “Holy Savior” picture, holographic image that manifested.

DT: Same with Julius Caesar. He was called the “Savior of Mankind.”

SS: Julius… Julius Caesar. Yeah.

DT: You’ve got Julius Caesar, sort of like Jesus Christ. Jesus the Savior.[x]How about the other section of the New Testament, which was supposedly written by a being called, “Paul.” Was this a person, or a historical figure or was this sort of a “cut-out” to place information?

SS: No. I mean, the names in the Bible, most of them have been… if you look at the sound as well, gives the signature of an elderly, old-figured man that has walked an experience on Earth, so the image – there’s always imagery based on words.

DT: So it’s based on the sound?

SS: Yes, Sound and Words and the whole symbolic formation-manifestation. So the names in the Bible is um… most of them, not actual, real names of beings. I mean, they didn’t have those names then! Their names were more “sound-like,” symbols. I mean, “Paul” or…

DT: Well, I assumed they were Aramaic names or Hebrew names or Greek names. Are you talking about in that society, in that civilization, in that part of the world?

SS: Yeah.

DT: Like the Semitic people had like a –

BP: The language was much different to today, where you have it  “trained-in” through a form of symbolism and spelling structure. Now you have a different way. There, they didn’t teach like that –

DT: A lot of them were illiterate, too.

BP: Yes, they were learning it through sound.

SS: Now, the Bible was the “original text” in terms of those that were participants in observing what was happening while Jesus was here. It was all Sound, the Scriptures so to speak. It’s not –

DT: It’s very melodic or sonorous, like the beginning of the Gospel of John, which is, “In the Beginning was the Word. The Word was God.”

SS: Those things are… those things are quite valid. But, not in the context of the way it was written. You can look in the deeper context of the word in the total perspective, you’ll see what the words are actually saying. But because of humans “defining words” according to “programs,” or memories or what other people had “told” them the words mean is, you’ll accordingly read the words within your knowledge and information that you shape within your mind, not what was actually being said… not what it really means.

BP: That’s why the words of Lao Tzu can’t be seen, because what you’re reading is not really what he is saying. It was done in sound.

DT: So did he not write the things down?

BP: Yes, but not what you understand he wrote. You’re only understanding it from your knowledge and information base. That means, you can only observe what he wrote. Therefore it is useless.

DT: You can’t get into the meanings of his –

BP: Therefore it is useless for you to read it. You have to participate as those words in fact, equal and one to be able to see what Lao Tzu wrote.

DT: Well, how can you do that if you are a Western person – you’re so far removed from the original language?

BP: There are sufficient keys in the words to show you what to do, it says. Same as Jesus. “Let go of the World.” “Give up everything you have.” Same words that Lao Tzu used, Jesus used. He says, “Follow me.” What does that mean? Follow the life inside you. There’s sufficient keys, but who wants to give up what is their apparent identity? But that apparent identity comes from the parent, and is limited in every way. I mean, if one doesn’t give it up, there’s a consequence.

DT: But we’re not taught to “give it up” or even that “giving up your identity is something that would benefit you, because then if a person comes up against that, it’s like, “I’m nothing.”

BP: It’s in the words of Jesus in the Bible.  It’s in the Tao Te Ching. But everybody is looking for what?

DT: For the Pie in the Sky.

BP: Yes, their own importance. Their own importance; never reaching it and therefore diminishing.

SS: And they’re focusing on the words instead of the living instead of the words and what that would physically imply.

How for example, like, seeing in terms of “being able to speak,” the way he did, he lived it. He lived those words as himself, in physical reality. Therefore he had the ability to express and to speak those words.

DT: That comes through, though.

SS: People don’t understand that. People read the knowledge and think, just because they’ve got the knowledge, I am that now. No, it’s not so.

BP: I mean, if… the New Agers will, for instance, refer to the Tao Te Ching  and Lao Tzu – the lightworkers… but! Lao Tzu says very clearly there, that everything comes from Darkness. So, how the fuck can they profess Light?

They’ve no idea what they’re really doing. It’s all just deception, self-deception, all seeking self-importance.

What does it say there: A Real Master will confuse everyone.

DT: How close… well are the basic principles that Lao Tzu originally wrote still in the Tao Te Ching?

BP: Yes, they’re in the very words, in any language. He did it in sound. It is “whole.” It is “everything.” You only have to use those words, and you can understand the universe.

DT: Even in English, French or-

BP: In any language! Yes!

DT: How does that work?

BBP: That’s sound! That sound is whole. It doesn’t matter how you “express” the sound – what “symbol,” that’s irrelevant. It is when you create symbols as an observer, where you’re fucked, because you never participated in it. It’s not real. You are creating a Hollywood movie by projecting your observation. You’re attempting to tell a story that you didn’t live.

DT: Well, I look at these preachers and ministers and gurus, who speak these profound, philosophical things, but it always comes from a mind perspective…

BP: They won’t allow you to go and live with them for years. Because they’re not the same. They will have a presentation they’ll present to you under conditions that are controlled. They will not allow people to come and stay with them. You see.

DT: You’re on to something.

BP: (Chuckles) we knew that. Why do you think we did it?

DT: That has come up in my investigations so far; it’s uh, quite a story. Well, let’s see. One more thing, now we’re talking about the different books: how do we explain the Book of Revelations? [xi]

SS: (chuckles) Oh… it was seen.

DT: Is that like a whole ‘nother discussion?

SS & BP: It was seen.

SS: That was seen.

BP: It was observation.

DT: Okay.

BP: Come on. You, you just read the book. It’s observation.

DT: Well, it’s observation, but it’s done –

BP: Didya see the movie, Armageddon? It’s still just observation. Same thing. Like a script.

DT: Okay, so he sees this as a dream?

BP: Does it matter?

DT: Well, yeah. Because if it’s not real…

BP: Is a dream, or seeing it meditation, or seeing it as a dimensional shift, in which you are presenting it, which was done many time – even in Eckankar [xii] – and in various, different… call it, “New Age Groupings,” were able to travel dimensions. And you could see these things and they could present it to you. I mean, you are entering a “timeless zone” where everything can be shown to you; you observe it, it looks real.

SS: Yeah, Revelations is constructed through that point; “prophets” and things like that, in which you could see something and interpret what they were seeing into symbolic form – which formed Revelations.

Which was… it could be even be various things – even fears, their own desires. Their own –

DT: Prejudices.

SS: Emblems, all sorts of various things that was formed in pictures. It seemed like  it’s all you experience within a dream, seeing this figure for the first time, which was a mind consciousness system shift in time that wasn’t supposed to yet manifest. Darryl, I can explain it to you in many, many ways in how Revelations for example, and the Bible in its totality, the construct that it created.

And during that time, the physical wasn’t yet as manifest as it is right now, because of the mind consciousness system integration.

DT: It hadn’t integrated fully yet?

SS: No. Therefore you had all those dimensional/interdimensional interplay with the physical that happened up until when the full integration happened.

DT: What era did that happen, like the Industrial Revolution?

SS: No… ‘98 only.[xiii]

DT: Later?

SS: Yeah, it was a progression, remember. Slowly but surely the system closed, but in terms of the interdimensions, it essentially closed in ’98.

DT: Okay.

SS: So, during that phase you also had your “time zones” that existed.  Meaning, where various “timelines” where playing out at the same time. Some things got “mixed up” in other time lines. It’s a mess!

DT: Aw, like the Sumerians all of a sudden disappear, seemingly.

SS: You have texts popping up here and there that’s got no physical history showing of its existence. That’s when “timeline zones” where they were testing physical bodies – playing out the same platform of the mind consciousness system, by testing out various physical forms. And within that, some information “shifted” between the “timelines.”

DT: So it was really unstable, basically. And they would just (test things).

SS: They were busy manifesting the “platform of civilization” of humanity to move in one “timeline.”

DT: So there were different “timelines.” Hmm.

SS: Forms, manifestations, events. They were looking to what would be substantial, easy and simple way to control.

DT: Was that the major civilizations?

SS: No, that was one time zone.

DT: What about the Egyptians, the Romans…

SS: That was this timezone. We’re existing here because this is the timezone “timeline” that was “chosen” so to speak. There were others that were existing and that did continue to play out interdimensionally, but not physically.

DT: Okay, so looking at Vishnu and Shiva, was that a different timeline because that was older?

SS: No, that was this one. There are different “parallel universes” existence and lives that were happening, interdimensionally we’ve found. So it just continued to have that “running” that was there, and they could use it, but it didn’t manifest physically with this one. It’s very intricate, Darryl.


[i] According to scholarship, the sources of the Gospels remain unknown. Academics have long held that the Gospels are not to be considered accurate accounts of eyewitness observers, but rather the culmination of decades of oral tradition that was only written down by various groups several decades after the death of Jesus. The names of the four evangelists; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, first appear in history in the writings of the early Church Father, Papias (d.155 ad), according to Bishop and Church Historian, Eusebuis of Caesaria. (c. ad 264– c. 340) Here, Sunette indicates that the process of the Gospels’ development began with eyewitness accounts that were heavily redacted, edited and revised over time, resulting in what scholars have suspected, that these scriptures underwent a long editorial process before becoming the point of religious propaganda and control established by the Roman Empire beginning under Constantine, rather than the unbiased and God-inspired dictation describing true events of a wandering rabbi who was the Messiah and the Son of God.

Modern scholarship suggests that “schools” of disciples, located possibly in Ephesus,  Damascus, or elsewhere in Syria, wrote the Gospels. The Gospels that have come down to us are all written in Greek. However, Sunette indicates that the followers and observers of Jesus wrote them down immediately, obviously in Judea or somewhere in the surrounding area of Jesus’ travels during or shortly after his death. While there have been theories that some of the Gospels having Jewish origins, particularly the Gospel of Matthew, no Jewish sources have ever surfaced.

In his portal interview that can be seen on you tube, Jesus claims that he taught his followers all he knew and showed them many things that they could apply for themselves, directing them to ask questions and to “write things down” and apply what he taught. Various new Testament episodes portray the messages of Jesus were often misunderstood by his Apostles, who were shown as being slow to catch on to what Jesus was saying.

[ii] Masaru Emoto is a Japanese author of “Message from the Water,” which he claims his research has discovered that the crystalline structure of water can be influenced by the energetics of words, thoughts, pollution and even music.

[iii]  In the Gospel of John, Jesus has a conversation about “the Living Water” with the Samaritan woman at the well. (John 4.4) Christian theology traditionally has interpreted the “living water” to symbolically refer to Jesus, rather than a literal act of cellular purification.

[iv] The Theosophists were not the first to speculate that there existed cosmic hierarchies that were in charge of specific areas of the world. The Qabala and the “angelic diaries” of the Elizabethan polymath and master alchemist John Dee, laid down similar claims of angelic hierarchies that mediated between Heaven and Earth before and during the Renaissance.  See Deborah Harkness,’ John Dee’s Conversations with Angels: Cabala, Alchemy, and the End of Nature, Alice Bailey’s A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, and Helena Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine.

[v] Interestingly, there was an early Christian movement in the early 2nd Century who claimed precisely that. The Marcionites, an early breakaway sect of Christians named after the former Christian leader Marcion (d. between 140 – 144 CE) of Sinope in Pontus, (the same area of Asia Minor that Paul was said to have lived) allegedly produced a collection of biblical texts that contained an “edited version” of the Gospel of Luke and 10 Pauline Epistles into a single volume predating the “official canon” of the emergent Church by over 150 years. While Marcion’s collection is lost, textural evidence from his Christian rivals claim that Marcion removed what he considered corrupted Jewish interpolations from his edition, including the story of Luke’s Virgin Birth and Jesus’ genealogy. Instead, Marcion’s Gospel begins with a fully formed Jesus who  “descended to Capernaum,” presumably from Heaven.  This idea also is reflected in the Gospel of John, where Jesus is identified with the Heavenly Logos; “the Word made Flesh.”  The Marcionites believed that the Jewish Creator God of the Old Testament was evil and had created an imperfect and defective world.  Jesus came to save human beings from enslavement of that god’s control.

Obviously, what Sunette says here implies that the parental figures of Mary and Joseph, along with the genealogical charts at the beginning of the books attributed to Matthew and Luke, were but deceptive, mythical inventions meant to establish and legitimize Jesus as the prophesied Jewish Messiah of the House of David. This editing process must have occurred independently across all the Christian groups producing their Gospels.  The figure of Marcion is a faint echo of the evolutionary process of the revisions and editing of the story of Jesus.

[vi] Luke 23. 50-55, Yosef of Arimathaia, a high official and member of the Sanhedrin, claims the body of Jesus and places him in a tomb “cut from the rock.”

[vii] Luke 24. 2.

[viii] See, The Forgiveness of Jesus, Desteni article. Published Mar 24, 2007

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