The Inconvenience of Democracy… for the Elites


As the primary phase of choosing the next occupant for the White House trundles on, it should be obvious to us all that there is a serious, existential threat that is laying waste to the cherished idea that the United States is a paragon of rules, fair play and democracy. Stories of rampant voter suppression, disenfranchisement, media gaslighting, electoral fraud and a destructive, regressive political discourse has made it very clear that it is impossible for America to be a functioning democracy within a capitalistic economic system. Politicians no longer serve the people they “represent,” and both parties have been corrupted and compromised by the dirty, filthy money that allows them to remain protected, seemingly forever, within their cocoon of legalized graft. It has taken a quixotic Presidential run by Bernie Sanders to drop the scales from our eyes, and at last, people are beginning, at their level of understanding, to realize that it just might not be possible to have both a functioning democracy and a just economic capitalist system at the same time, without serious re-examination and reconsideration of what kind of social contract we as a nation are prepared to accept to live under.

Obviously, this realization can only lead to a single conclusion:  which should prove that capitalism is in essence, anti-democratic.

Team Democrat and Team Republican may have slightly differing ideologies, and really, these are merely comforting, self-serving myths that allow the gaslighting to have legs – until this election season when the bottom of the pail has fallen out of too many people’s lives, but the parties are united under one overarching principle: gathering and extracting more and more money from the taxpayer and giving it to the elites, the banks and stateless corporations who in turn are quietly planning God-knows-what for the hapless dupes who still believe that the problems in their lives stem from undocumented aliens, liberals and conservatives. These elites benefit from the division the media generates while ignoring the shameless corporate welfare which their lobbyists have managed to write into laws, and are ultimately planning to gift the corporations sovereignty over governments themselves with the TPP.

That President Obama is aiding and abetting this “trade deal” as a good thing for America, should be evidence enough on how easily one can be corrupted by power so completely, that all common decency and common sense evaporates, along with any moral barometer that should awaken and alert one’s conscience that something has gone terribly wrong with one’s judgment and ethics. But we’re talking about beings who clearly operate under another criteria of “ethics.” One, apparently, that doesn’t include  a consideration for what is best for everyone, but only considers those who are sitting the the seats of great wealth, power and influence.

Which brings us back to this point: capitalism has proven to be the most anti-democratic force in the world, if not in America, where it seems that every day, new and surprising ways are being invented to make voting as difficult and unpleasant as possible. This is hardly surprising, although I suspect the blatant rigged gaming of the fraudulent electoral process may have come as a dreadful shock to most who believed in the “rule of law,” and that they truly lived in “the land of the free,” but the fact of the matter is that an open, citizen-led democratic process can be very bad for “business.” The movement inspired by Bernie Sanders has awakened to this awful realization, and the anti-democratic forces; the media-industrial complex, the stateless corporations, Wall Street, the billionaire class and the establishment politicians that loyally serve them will be doing everything they can to make sure the movement – and by extension, the expression of democracy – is quashed.

Therefore, be prepared to witness a titanic barrage of forces to be unleashed to nullify, marginalize and stifle this natural, suppressed expression of democratic values where one person – one vote still has meaning and value. It will be a massive effort for the grassroots activists to overcome this inevitable onslaught, but the future is not yet written, although it appears more and more likely that the Democratic convention in Philadelphia this summer is going to make Chicago ’68 seem like a Methodist bakery sale in comparison. The genie has been let out of the bottle, and with it, the elites’ stranglehold on democracy is in peril.



Bernie Sanders reveals the Mockery of Democracy


ROCHESTER, MN- FEBRUARY 27: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) speaks to a crowd of supporters at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN. Sanders is projected to come in second to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the evenings South Carolina primary election. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Emma Goldman said it best. “If they thought voting could change anything, they would have made it illegal.” After witnessing what can only be described as an unmitigated disaster and shamelessly open mockery of democracy within the Democratic Party’s treatment of its base, Independents and in particular, Bernie Sanders, Red Emma’s point is an understatement. And while I think Bernie Sanders makes Don Quixote out to be a hardened realist, he has provided the citizens of America a unparalleled service of awakening and alarming thinking American Citizens that the sacred model of American Democracy is nothing but a House of Cards.

Never before has the ideals of American democracy been so openly laid bare as a cruel joke and an unfortunate illusion. It appears, in spite of all the high school civics lessons and storybook notions about the Great American Democracy, that no such democracy has ever existed in this country. It has all been a lie. Taxpaying American Citizens have been gaslighted, catfished and hypnotized by lies, deceptions and double talk by its statesmen, media and special interests, through the machinations of a fascist two-party system that is essentially a one party system dedicated to the benefit of the elites who believe they control and own this country. Simply put, if you believe that your vote is dependent upon your status as a taxpaying American Citizen, well, you’re dead wrong. Apparently, your voting status is wholly dependent on an either-or party affiliation. If you are not aligned to a party, your right to vote doesn’t exist. And you can look high and low for the cite in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution as much as you like, but you won’t find anywhere where it is laid out that your right to vote is entirely dependent on which political party one you are aligned to. So what happened to my franchise?

Apparently, somewhere, somehow, we have accepted and allowed two political parties to exercise and completely control who gets to play God in the Capitol and state legislators. We alway hear about how terrible the historically low voter turnout in America has been for ages. Well, it turns out that the system has been specifically set up to disenfranchise voting rights to make sure that voting never becomes a “thing” in America, because it is the one avenue of influence that is left to the common American Citizen. It is the last level of power left to the citizenry. And so that dangerous power has to be bottled up by the elites, thwarted and frustratingly difficult to break through to the point where it most people don’t want to be bothered with it. And that is the way the elites want it. It keeps them in control, in power and keeps real change agents discouraged and powerless. If you turn on talk radio, you’d think that the problems facing America all comes from the left or the right… when in fact it’s only because of one simple truth, our vaunted version of “democracy” which we love to trumpet to the rest of the world its wondrous and exceptional quality, has been nothing but a lie.

To those who claim that the Primary system isn’t “voting,” I say this: As a taxpaying American Citizen, I reject the notion of being channeled into a situation where my franchise is dependent on the principle of party over person. This primary system only exists to help the parties and allows them to maintain control – even Wasserman-Schultz admitted as much. It is wrong, slimy and undemocratic – my vote is not dependent on party. It’s dependent on my status as an American Taxpayer. We are going to work together to overturn this legalized voter suppression scheme that only benefits the two-party democratic fascist construct. Democracy to this point in American History has been based on deception, and we are beginning to wake up and see how limitless the parties have exercised their control over the American People. Bernie Sanders has done the America People a solid. He is the only candidate this blogger is interested in seeing elected to the Presidency.