8/11/2013. The Big Man

That’s what I called Bernard. “The Big Man.” I liked to tell Andrea, “Can’t hang out with ya, hun. Gotta go into town with the Big Man.” It was due to the fact that when I first time I ever laid eyes on him I was surprised how large he looked. It was evening time, September 29, 2008. After being picked up at the airport I arrived in the darkness of night to the farm and strode through the front door of the main building. I had been invited to the farm by Bernard. I had only contacted him via email and chats on the Internet. On a whim, I decided to take him up on his offer. In an email to me he said, “You won’t want to leave.” I didn’t even know what the man looked like. It was strange that I was even on another continent placing my safety into the hands of a stranger.

Bald and stout, Bernard meets me inside the door. We embrace and then he takes me into the kitchen where he suggests that I would like some coffee. We exchange the polite, customary pleasantries. Bernard pulls out a cigarette and says, to no one in particular, “How long will Darryl continue to wait?” Bernard often asked questions that tended to freeze you in your tracks. I had a wonderful time there at the farm. I extended my stay.  By the time I left, which was months later than the 4 weeks I originally planned, the Big Man was not only my firm friend, he had also become an unbelievable example of unshakable integrity. He was right. I didn’t want to leave, but I felt it was time for me to go. And the night before I left he said, “When things get tough, don’t forget to breathe.”

Well, what do you know. Things got really tough when I returned Stateside.  Three days after staying with my best friends I was kicked me out onto the street in the dead of winter. I was afraid my truck would be impounded because my insurance lapsed. I spent the night in sub-freezing weather wondering how I would get through this ordeal, wondering what I had done to “deserve this.” I kept breathing. I survived. I was offered a place to stay until I could get back on my feet. I just had to move to North Carolina. Luckily, I had just enough cash to make the journey. But that episode did not fare too well, either, and I found myself back in Bernard’s living room once again. When he saw my haggard face (I’d been through a lot), he just grinned and offered me a cigarette.

The last time I saw Bernard was when dropped me off at the King Shaka airport,  August 4, 2010. Esteni was also there and we all embraced warmly as he said to me, “You will be back here in 5 years to stay.” And he smiled. It sounded like one of his ironclad promises. I turned and headed into the airport, fully expecting to see him again. But I heard the news today. Such a reunion is now impossible. Bernard’s gone. I heard this morning that it was a fatal heart attack.

I feel strangely quiet inside writing this, but it has been an awfully long day. Maybe I’m still in a bit of shock, maybe I’m just being calm.  Maybe it will hit me later. I’m sure there are many hugs and tears to go around. But life goes on. The Desteni Group lives on, and this Group will not wimp out or fragment or disappear. Sorry, haters, but the shit just got real.

Over the years, there has been many blogs that I have written that were pretty hard to write. While this isn’t one of those instances, I must confess that there’s an existential void Bernard left that is destined to be filled with our focus, determination, fearless purpose and integrity of the Desteni Group. Meeting, knowing  and living among so many Destonians makes this day a lot easier to walk through. To everyone on the farm; Esteni, Sunette, Andrea, Cerise, Leslie-John and all the others – I love you all. And I am grateful to have lived, worked, sweated and wondered on the land that existed under Bernard’s feet.

(From the Diary. There are so many stories about hanging out with Bernard that I could relate, and I may write about them later, but If there is one event from my time spent with the Big Man that encapsulates how my life was forever transformed, this would be as good as any).

October 7, 2008

LJ asked if I could help with the planting. I booted up and put on my Indiana Jones hat and made my way to the patch where the guys had plowed the day before. I’m given instructions by Fidelis on where and how to plant the seeds into one of the two plots that had been plowed. Okay, so this will be cool. I’m planting seeds into the dark earth. Watermelon, corn, squash, tomato. Rain had been falling over the past few days (it’s the raining season here in South Africa). But today was a good, warm day. The flying ants were out and the entire valley was buzzing with millions of the things. We planted into the afternoon and took a break to re-hydrate. Gian and Jesper jumped into the pool while I was playing with the dogs,  and I said to myself, “Yeah. Good idea.” The water was cold, but felt okay after a while.

Leslie-John called us back to the field and we planted more seeds into the earth.

After we were done, I returned to the house and sat in the lounge to cool off. I was feeling very frustrated for some unknown reason. Very frustrated. Slowly I came to see that I was frustrated with myself. I was so happy being in such a place where support and understandings were coming left and right. But it felt I wasn’t moving fast enough. What was it? I was still shaking. It had been with me all day. Bernard pointed it out first thing in the morning. “Shaking,” he said. All day out in the field planting seeds, I felt it. A miasm that was showing me that I am slowly dying. Here I am in this beautiful, life-affirming place where I am being supported, fed, housed, given understandings that I never had before. And each tremor reveals that I’m slowly dying. Nothing’s changed. I am still the same loser that I have been my entire life that nobody cares about. I’m still the same old ridiculous fool, everybody’s favorite punching bag. To come this far in my life where I could finally see myself being of some use to myself and the world only to be one the losing end of the stick once again, this was just too much to bear.

I am useless.

I felt I was ready to walk. I was tired of doubting and wanting and waiting. I saw that nothing in this world was of any use and I was ready to be counted on.

Was this some kind of joke? Is this where self-honesty has led me? With cosmic egg on my face? How did I allow myself to be used and allow myself to waste my life – to have it turned to shit? To accept living in the teeth of a nightmare?

Because I allowed it. The blackness of that moment of realization was heartbreaking.

Bernard pointed to one eye and said to me, “Darryl. See.”

And I saw.

I saw that nothing will ever change for me because I still carried who I am that has existed from the past. I still claimed this self-image that I had painted on the canvas of my life. And that painting was finished. It would last for eternity.

And then I saw something else. I saw that I do not have to carry that painting any longer. I could release it and paint another self and walk as that!

One that was effective, self-directive. One that stood one and equal with the entirety of existence and did not doubt or waste his life in senseless, useless time loops. One who trusted himself. One who would never ever, ever quit. A self that would stand the test of time.

Could it be that simple?

Could it be that instead of waiting for change to be thrust upon you, or given to you from somewhere outside yourself, you could change yourself in one moment? In one breath? Just by releasing the past? Just by literally seeing yourself integrate all that is, equal and one? Just by seeing that what passes for ‘life’ in this existence has no honor and here, it stops. I took a breath.

I noticed that the shaking stopped. Tears filled my eyes. Bernard, with cigarette in his hand, asked, “Do you get it?”

Yes, I got it.

I could walk.

Darryl and Bernard


6.9.13: Human Right #3. Safety and Security for every Child


3. An Equal Right of Safety and Security for every Child, so that a life free of fear, insecurity and trauma is assured, a life in which parental guidance is balanced with freedom of expression and lived within an environment of creativity and joy so that every Child grows into his or her utmost potential as a unique expression of Life Itself.

It is a commonly held belief, that “all men are created equal.” There is also a counter-argument that cuts against the former: people have differing strengths and weaknesses, talents and deficiencies, thus any talk about “equality” must be utter foolishness. There is, however, one point of equality that cannot be denied. All human beings come into this world with a legacy of dependence. Babies cannot care for themselves, and are completely helpless beings immediately after ending our world. Doesn’t matter if you are a dumpster-diving commoner or a blue-blooded aristocrat, infants depend on others to keep it alive.

It is in this state of innocence and dependency that most parents can appreciate. However, not all parents can offer their children the protection and support they need to grow into effective beings free from fear, sickness or abuse. These unfortunate babes are destined to never reach or discover their potential in this world. They have been cut off. Truly, their births were in vain, wasted and dishonored simply because of the black hearts of too many adults are filled with too much hate to ever get along with others. So wars are fought with child soldiers. Mass starvation on a criminal scale decimating poor countries because of investor greed, trickery and fraud. Intentional maiming and disfiguring of a population’s gene pool  with depleted uranium to keep certain nations weak and unable to stand up for themselves. It appears that adults, who know how to take care of themselves, are forever attempting to destroy other beings who can’t fend for themselves. In the pages of history one can read about the extensive use of child sacrifice as a religious sacrament and ritual in ancient cultures. In more recent news, it seems that reports of child sacrifice are increasing.

Human Right #3 demands that it should be obvious that the safety and security of each child is right, proper and just. Since children are innocent and weak, they become targets of the strong and cruelest of beings. Not recognizing that the right of children to be sheltered and protected from those that would love to destroy them means that these beings are enjoying the right to destroy everyone in their way. Has it really come down to this? It is the 21st Century. We no longer have to act like superstitious barbarians who sacrifice the innocent for our sins. The time to stop allowing the potential of children to be erased from existence is now. The Equal Life Foundation has been convened to end this assault on the innocents.


6.7.13. Human Right #2: Right to Physical and Mental Health

2. An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments, insuring vitality and well-being along with clarity of intellect, emotional balance and physical stability.


Anti-Abortion activists often refer themselves as members of the “Right-To-Life” campaign. It’s a bit of a misnomer, since they really should be called the party of the “Right-to-be-Born.” I don’t have a problem with considering the right of a fetus to allowed to be born, IF the world they are going to be born into the jaws of a nightmare that we laughingly call “civilization.” The fact is that the “right-to-life” movement cares way too much what happens to the fetus before birth than to what happens to it after it’s born. For most fetuses that will be born into this world, birth  is probably the worst thing that can happen to an incipient life-form. Most infants – many millions of them – will be born into an impoverished hell that they will never be able to recover from. Many will have nothing but pain, starvation, war, a wrecked environment and insane human beings to deal with before they die an undignified death, never knowing a single comfort that we in the First World take for granted every day. The “Right-To-Lifers” really couldn’t care less; many have told me that it isn’t God’s Will that so many suffer, but that it’s due to Satanic influences and Mankind’s “fallen nature” that so much suffering exists for these little ones. If that is the case (and I’m kind of in agreement with the “fallen nature” aspect – humanity has forever been a pretty brutal and vicious piece of work on this planet), if such suffering and pain is awaiting so many new beings coming into this world and you realize how fucked up things are, why would you campaign for the “right” of these future persons to be born on such a world?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to be all about standing up for the unborn if the world was first a proper place to begin a life? Has anyone ever interviewed a fetus before it was born and asked if it’s okay being born in a dirty hovel in a Darfur refugee camp where it can expect of life filled with no education to speak of, no access to healthcare, nothing but violence, water and food shortages, abuse and exploitation to look forward to? Put yourself in those shoes. Does that sound like an entrée  you’d want to order from the Menu of Life? Does that sound like the kind of fate you would want for your child? People who wring their hands about the shame and desolation of abortion (which may very well be a mercy considering what is in store for most children coming into this world) are so involved with their own minds and inner conflicts that they fail to see what they are really advocating. It is unfortunate for them that they never considered what would be in the best interests of newborn beings would align with the best interests of everybody else. That means providing a decent place for children to be born into – a place where they can grow in strength and honor, within a potential just waiting to burst forth onto this plane of existence, freed from crippling psychological issues that maim and destroys their character before they even have a chance in this world. What greater sin could there be to be given the gift of life and have that gift of a newborn turned to such a shameful thing just because we refused to rise above our disgraceful, paranoid natures, where the “right-to-life” is merely a “right-to-wrong” the truly innocent. Human Right #2 would be so easy to give to all of us, and it would finally bring forth a world that would be an honored destination for any newborn.

Fear of Equal Money, Part 2. 03/24/2013

War in Iraq
Photo: Carolyn Cole

10 years ago, I recall working in a Kinko’s in Whitehall, Ohio when the war began with the news of rockets raining down in Iraq. I heard it first on the radio that we had turned on behind the counter. For months I felt uneasy about the prospect of war with Iraq, and when there was news about an anti-war protest being held in Columbus, I went down only to find nobody had bothered to show up. Some of my work colleagues accused me of “protecting the terrorists.” When I talked with my teen-aged son about the illegality of the war, he dismissed me as “giving in to the terrorists.” I kept to myself and studied the news that confirmed my suspicions that “Bush’s War” (as I called it) was being conducted for stealing Iraq’s oil. Others were saying this at the time, and I felt it was probably true. And at the same time, I experienced a gaping disconnect from my fellow citizens who were parading their “patriotism” by slapping American flag decals on their cars and whooping and hollering as if they were cheering the OSU football team in their rival match against Michigan. I felt a disgust and even a hatred against these stupid, easily – duped people, purportedly my countrymen, and wished that there could be something that would happen that would change their collective minds.

The war dragged on. The Patriot Act. Abu Ghraib. Depleted uranium. [1] WMDs that never were found. “Freedom Fries.” Blackwater. Guantanamo. Extraordinary renditions. And what “good” came out of it? Depends on what you would call, “good.”

Saddam was deposed and the invading nations colluded with the biggest oil companies to shares the spoils of Iraq’s oil reserves, namely, BP and Shell. It certainly was a “good” outcome for them.

Looking back on it now, it seems my memories about the start of Bush’s War has cooled and hardened into a dull mass of regret and shame, and the horror of what America is accountable for is difficult to hold in the mind. Some of these memories are recollections of truly the most, absurdly existential bullshit. Some of them reflect a shocking, sinister and murderous malevolence that exists somewhere within the being of every American. Its fury was born in the perceived mass humiliation of 9/11 and was artfully misdirected and manipulated into being unleashed upon 116,000 Iraqi civilians who never asked to be “liberated,” let alone liberated from their precious resources and their lives.

Will anyone accuse the American Capitalist system of illegally “confiscating” the wealth of another sovereign nation? Will anyone question the morality or justification of a course of action that was nothing if not naked fury of greedy, blood-stained hands? Will anybody ask where the trillions of dollars that exchanged hands in the war went?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame others for not doing more to stop this shameful war  from happening. But I didn’t know how to deal with it. I didn’t know how to stop it. I didn’t realize until it was far too late that there was another way, a way that was paved within a society  that was honorable and just, not interested in doing the most good for the largest amount of people, but what is best for all.

I went through all that to set up this question: could something like the War in Iraq happen in an Equal Money System? This is going to sound “scary” to some folks, but when one realizes the decisions to invade another country almost never happens because of a purely politically interest. It’s a business. It’s a racket. The profit motive is front and center. The goal of EMS is to remove Capitalism’s profit motive, and replace it with a principle that is truly life – affirming and supportive to all beings, as this quest for profit is both  unnecessary and the single greatest cause of poverty and fear in the world.


[1] A 2010 health study of Fallujah, Iraq reveals the highest rate of genetic damage in any population ever studied. Residents have high rates of cancer, birth defects and sterility from U.S. bombs that used depleted uranium and white phosphorus. Other areas of Iraq face similar health problems.

Fear of Equal Money, Part 1. 03/22/2013

Would the Equal Money System confiscate personal wealth?

If history shows anything, it is that there’s no better way to justify relations founded on violence, to make such relations seem moral, than by reframing them in the language of debt – above all, because it immediately makes it seem that it’s the victim who’s doing something wrong.

-David Graeber

This question appeared on the Quora board and I was asked to answer it.  It was asked by “anon user,” the now – infamous paid internet troll who suffered a massive literary beatdown at the hands of Sunette Spies (see previous post). I wasn’t going to answer it at first, but upon reflection, why the hell not? Others (without an axe to grind or a paycheck to collect) probably ask the same question. So I won’t acknowledge the p.i.t. on Quora, but I will answer it here (and dare anon user to play his game in my back yard).

Pretending that this question comes from genuine curiosity, I will say that I do not know everything that will happen with the installation of an Equal Money System. I do foresee it being installed in successive stages, over a period of many years, maybe decades, I don’t know. The current system would not accept such a shock if EMS were to be delivered all at once. But I want to discuss the overarching concern embedded within the question: “what will happen to my personal wealth?”

 This is part and parcel of the fear of loss attached to a change from the current economic system. A system where the winner takes all, and is perfectly represented in the image below:


Within this equation the question must be asked, what if your personal wealth directly contributed to the suffering of countless others? I won’t even apply any rationality or morality to the question, because it’s been exploited to death. And the cheap trick about morality and rationality is that one can set up a premise based on any foundation along a causal chain of events and attach any moral or rational “cover” or significance that can prove or justify anything, no matter cruel or unjust. MY personal wealth is to be considered the most important thing in my life because I have given it so much value that it justifies everything I had to do to get it and keep it. I’ve given so much to this that I have identified this value as myself. So the fear of my wealth being “confiscated” is really the existential fear of having my valued personality taken away from me.”

Has our questioner ever considered to what extent the personal wealth of those who have to be stripped of all worth, economic or otherwise, to line the pockets of those in command of the system? [1] I really doubt anyone has. Because if one had even first considered the inner dimensions of such a question, it would have failed to leap from one’s mind. Then again, it could be the rank ignorance of an appalling nature. In America we have wealth “confiscated” by others every day in the form of banking fees, interest and other charges and subsidies commonly known as “corporate welfare.” That last item “confiscated” the wealth of US Citizens to the tune of $100 billion dollars in 2012. [2] The questioner may not be aware of such confiscations of wealth currently at work in Capitalism, but more likely, the question was merely a cynical trap to engage in pointless troll dickholery, which I mean to say, it may be a good question, but considering the source, it is only a question presented with a dubious malice submerged within a veneer of civility.

Critics uniformly draw lazy comparisons between Equal Money  and Communism, and often with a weak command of either subject. Of course, we have already diagramed that fear of Equality will cause one to succumb to unreasonableness – and even hostility – when presented with the notion of economic egalitarianism, and at the same time, fall into silent denial over the fact that the current system has taken so much more than Equality ever could.

Fear of Equal Money is a fear that radiates from a center of unenlightened self-interest, a sense of entitlement and a perverse need to justify the unjustifiable. Remember, it was less than a century and a half ago that human slavery  – the legal, religious and economic confiscation of a colonized people’s treasure of blood, labor and tears was abolished. And it took a bloody civil war and a 150 years of lynchings and disenfranchisement since then to nearly settle the question. Nor does the question even begin to explain,  acknowledge or bemoan the attempted extermination and confiscation of land of the Indigenous Peoples in the United States. Yet, any talk of “reparations” sends these Randian Individualists into paroxysms of rage. They will archly reply that they shouldn’t be held accountable for the sins committed in past centuries, yet they will be slow – or unwilling – to forswear any wealth or advantage gained by those same sins. This is what I meant by the “cheap trick of rationality.”

So, back to the question – I simply do not know the answer, because that chapter in human affairs is still to be written. Whatever happens will be agreed upon democratically, which would be the best method to set up the EMS. There will undoubtedly be a transition phase – and many people will be surprised how relatively easy it all could be done. But any discussion about the redistribution of wealth should not be made within cynical, jaded and lazy comparisons of what has happened in the past, but with due consideration of what is best for all. Which leaves me with a question for the critics of Equal Money: What would be better for everyone than having everyone’s basic needs in the world taken care of?


[1]  For some perspective how the US government has colluded with the US banking system in taking public money to give to the banks, please read Ellen Brown’s excellent Internet article for Global Research, “Financial Meltdown: The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History; How to Reverse the Tide and Democratize the US Monetary System.

[2] From the Libertarian Cato Institute report, a think tank as neoliberal as they come; Corporate Welfare in the Federal Budget .

How to Deal with a Paid Internet Troll. 03/20/2013

Illustration: Darryl Thomas
Illustration: Darryl Thomas
Did you know that there exists on the Internet people who are paid to invade social networking sites like Yahoo, Facebook and others, and try to influence others with premeditated trolling. I myself ran in dozens of trolls when I moderated the Desteni Forums a few years ago. Actually, trolls were instrumental in my Internet education when I began participating on bulletin boards many, many years ago. There was a soccer fan site called Matchnight that was full of them. Don’t look for it now, it’s defunct, but it was literally the Wild, Wild West of online male dickholery. At times even the moderators would troll their own threads. I formed a thick skin learning the tricks of word games and emotional manipulations trolls love to play, and by the time I became a moderator, when I spotted a troll, I mercilessly mocked, irritated and banned the hell out them. Eventually, I read on another board that one shouldn’t mess around on the Desteni board because it was tightly moderated. Damn right it was.
But I didn’t dream that there were fools who were actually paid to write crap that is meant to piss people off. Not when so many of them are willing to do it for free.
But they are out there. And they follow the members of Desteni around the Net like a wretched, ghostly  hyena spreading misinfo, disinfo, slander and outright lies in order to… I don’t know what they want to do because they should realize by now that we’re not going to “crumble under the pressure” of their pathetic, futile, libelous bullshit. (And I say “they” as if they are more than a handful of them – you probably could count them on one hand).
So it is with great pleasure and gratification that I post the following exchange between an “anonymous” troll who had pestered a bulletin board for several days (in a manner a la Rick Ross’ Cult Infotainment Forum) and Sunette Spies. I could say that it was truly a Master Class of Advanced Internet Beat-down of a faceless Anonymous Coward, but that wouldn’t be fair to most cowards. Please carefully read the anonymous user’s “question” – it’s classic Trollery. And carefully read Sunette’s answer as she strips away the bullshit to get inside the troll’s head just using the troll’s own words. It brought a tear to this jaded, crusty eye. Well played, madame. It will be a loooooooong day before this anonymous coward will want a second helping.
Anon User

Sunette Spies.Lets open up a rational dialogue here. I am firmly convinced that if you answer some of the questions I have about you and your group- we can all come to a better understanding of the truth.1. If the Rick Ross forums have spread mis-information about your group, then why don’t you point me to a specific list of facts that are incorrect. Without giving me some examples of incorrect facts that I can verify myself I can only conclude that THEY must be telling the truth and you are only upset about it and calling them liars. I need empirical proof of lies or falsehoods.2. The fact that I am anonymous is to protect my identity. We have already been over this several times. Users who submit answers that you don’t like, even if they are FACTUALLY CORRECT get their answers downvoted just because you don’t like them. That is wrong. You and EMS should not do that. I do not want my answers downvoted and so I REMAIN anonymous.A further point. WHAT WOULD CHANGE if I was no long anonymous? What WOULD you do if you knew my name? Would you try to go and try to make up some lie about me so that what I have to say seems less important?I am surprised that you don’t understand this yourself. You used to be a waitress am I right? You used to be a nobody, someone whose name didn’t mean a thing to people who had not met you. Just because you were not someone people knew didn’t mean what you had to say was not (in your and other’s opinion) potentially important.I am a nobody, but that doesn’t mean that what I have to say about your group is not important, just like you. If all people are equal, don’t I deserve the same dignity and respect as you? Don’t I deserve to be heard out regardless of who I am?A final question that I have for you, is the Destonian group a non-profit religious organization or is it considered a private enterprise?

Sunette Spies

Sunette Spies 19 votes (show)

Ah, very interesting opening line “rational dialogue” – which would lead an individual to from that premise believe that the rest of your statements/questions would be “rational”, when it is in fact irrational. Such as your irrational fear to remain anonymous just because of fear of down voting – I mean, can you not even stand by your own name/words out of a silly fear/reaction to being ‘down voted’ – you should be able to stand by your name and words whether being down voted or not. Thus, showing that you determine who you are and the words you speak based on how others would react, which would basically then come to question everything about you in your life with regards to how much of who you are is determined by others/what others think/how others may react – such as something as simple as down voting and how much of you is in fact standing for anything? You should be able to stand, no matter what – which is saying, here, much about who you are.

What would change with not being Anonymous – understand, this is not about us, but about you and what it says about you with remaining anonymous and how little of what you say can be trusted with remaining anonymous, with reacting to something as simple as ‘fear of being down voted’ ‘fear of exposing your identity’. I mean, here we stand, here I stand, with my name, process, information walked Openly as who I am and what I stand for –and even despite ALL the deliberate attempts to spread / provoke the contrary to what we’re saying/showing: we Stand. And, even with the Point of Portalling – which, for me, being something Natural, with having walked it consistently for 7 Years now with a massive amount of information available from various beings, on a daily basis, walking the One Principle of showing the process of how human nature can change and with individuals walking their processes to prove this with regards to how they changed themselves and their lives and to show the potential that there exist more in this existence than just Human Consciousness, and how everything aware: it is unfortunate that Human Consciousness wants to believe that all that exist is ‘human intelligence’ and that nothing else in existence has an awareness/intelligence, because human beings are the only apparent ‘dominant force’ in existence. So, I mean – I understand why human beings may find it difficult to conceive that there’s more to existence than only Human Consciousness, that one can communicate with animals, nature, the environment that is in fact aware, but not on a level of consciousness that the human is existing within. In and through the Portal, we explain the different levels of consciousness –the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind and quantum physical, and where human beings’ awareness is now only on the conscious/subconscious mind level. And this we explain in absolute detail for the individual to see, realise and understand how little awareness of the human in fact exist – even in relationship to our own thoughts, memories, emotions and feelings and how they in fact operate and function.

So, with this – this is all we’re doing/showing: that there’s more to existence than human consciousness, and we’re reaching to those who are willing, in this life to consider this, and to re-align our relationships/considerations to only the self-interest of our own Lives and dedicate our lives/living to considering/regarding/realising that there is an ENTIRE physical existence/humanity that is here that we haven’t been taking responsibility for, individually and collectively and simply expanding this awareness to dedicating our lives to better ourselves and this world/humanity as a whole with the potential that does exist for this to manifest.

Therefore, if you’re not able to consider, in this lifetime, that there is more to us humans/this physical existence than the intelligence we believe we are, and that with expanding our awareness in understanding ourselves, our relationship to the mind, the physical and this existence as a whole – that we came become more/make more of our lives for ourselves AND for all in this physical existence: then don’t. We’re going to walk this, whether you do or don’t. So, within this – if you don’t want to consider this, then – why “attack”? I mean, it’s not like we’re going to each individual human in this existence and knocking down their doors/minds and interfering in their forums/blogs etc. and attacking/provoking like you are now. Your reaction would imply that you actually in fact do see the potential of something like this existing/manifesting- but you’d rather in your life preserve your interests, than consider dedicating yourself/your life to something greater/more/better. Because if you didn’t ‘personally react to try and preserve interests that you feel are being challenged’ – you would have simply looked at the information and walked away.  And simply because we’re challenging held beliefs/acceptances and allowances such as “this world is the way it is because it’s always been that way” and showing that, hey – by accepting/allowing such a statement we’re keeping it all this way, by not standing up for change within ourselves and this world – everyone goes into immediate “reaction”. All we’re ‘challenging’ at the base of it all, is – there’s more to this existence than only human consciousness and what we now accept/allow life on earth to be. So, if you react to being challenged to consider something MORE, then that’s your personal process. We’re here to stand with those who are willing to move beyond their own reactions, challenge themselves to consider something more to self and what life on earth is/has become. If we remain in the ‘lesser’ version and definition of ourselves, without challenging ourselves to consider more – how are we ever going to change ourselves or anything in this existence to something better, because our acceptances/allowances/definitions is what is keeping ourselves/this world limited, therefore to expand, to change, we have to expand how we see/view/interact and consider things.

With this, getting now to the question regarding Dignity and Respect: I would argue the following with how we at Desteni look at things and how I also have looked at my relationship to humanity/this World and asked myself a question: Can I stand in self-respect, in dignity – with having a look at my life on earth that I have walked in relationship to humanity/this physical existence as especially for example this current World System/Money System and say that I have lived in respect/dignity to my fellow man, to the animal kingdom, the nature/environment, the earth? No. Why? Because – how can we say, that we have lived a “dignified life” when the very life that we do live, in relationship to what Money provides – that Money that provided the ‘life’ I had lived, for me to have the money I have – was at the sacrifice/cost/expense of other human beings lives, animals, nature, the environment, the earth. That, for me to have a ‘life’ – that opportunity of ‘life’ had to be taken away from other human beings/other life forms; which is how this Current world system is set up in terms of catering to only a minority of human beings, while the majority struggle to survive with the amount of money available to them and the “cost” of living in this world is rising more and more and more, and more human beings are being filtered out of the World System to live/survive in this world/reality. I would also suggest watching the documentary the Power Principle – showing the process of how this current World System came into being with deliberate interventions with populations/peoples who have proven that self-governing is possible, to exist in harmony and equality where everyone works together for the betterment of all of the society/environment and deliberately taken over by the World System frontrunners to have control. Then, to the point of Respect – how can we claim respect, when we cannot even respect/consider/regard LIFE-itself, that is existent in each human being, each child that is born, each life form that birth within this physical existence – with regards to how this current World System/Money System blatantly disrespect the opportunity for life/living for humanity within this physical existence? I mean, you can do your research with regards to the extent of abuse/violence and even to the consequence of extinction of species is existing simply for profit, for greed, for money, for self-interest – and then we support/participate in such a System that so deliberately disrespect the life of such beings: what does it then say about us?
So, what we suggest considering is a “Dignified Life” and “Respect” – with regards to presenting such an opportunity for humanity, where each child born is ensured/secured a future in this world/reality, where we can assist/support ourselves to actually co-exist for ourselves and for all, and stand within/as Respect with regards to looking at/investigating alternatives / solutions to our current relationship to nature, the animal kingdom, the environment and the Earth. I mean, it’s fascinating that human beings alone is being blamed for this earth’s slow but sure destruction – when it’s the current World System/Money System and our accepted and allowed relationship to it, that is governing/managing all the relationships in this Physical Existence and so: all we’re showing is that we change this Entire System, re-align the Relationships to real consideration/regard in relation to Respect and Dignity that is Physically Visible within this Existence.

With this, all of us are not yet equal – at all, equality would be where we’re able to Co-Exist, as Equals, as Human Beings and work-together for the betterment of ourselves, each other and this world as a whole. Yes, we most certainly understand this process we’re Undertaking is a Massive Task and will be a Process to walk – but, despite all the odds and individual such as yourself who just cannot at this stage conceive of such a Solution – we know the potential exist, and so we walk it. You’re equal-to and one-with what you accept and allow in our mind and your life – at the moment, everyone is accepting/allowing themselves to be equal to only consciousness, only this current world-system/money system and so in that definition, are in fact limiting ourselves to considering the potential that exist for ourselves and life on earth. So, for those that are ready to step beyond such limitation, acceptance and allowance in the Mind and this World/Money System – we’re walking ourselves beyond such limitation to/as considering more.

Now to the point of defining me as a ‘nobody’ in your question/statement – this in fact does not define me, but defines you. I did not see myself as a ‘nobody’, nor did I define myself as that. I was simply living my life, unaware of anything/anyone – but my own mind, my own survival: exactly like most of humanity are existing/living now. Completely caught up in our minds, our personal lives and especially survival/money. I have been there myself. However, this process – had made me Aware, that – there’s most certainly more existing in this existence than JUST me, made me Aware that – I am currently living in, accepting and allowing a World / Money System that is causing unimaginable harm/abuse/consequence to the rest of humanity/this physical existence, which in this also brought me to the question “where was I my whole life that I had lived to ignorantly in relation to money, the world/money system, other human beings” – I mean, it was not even registering/being considered in my consciousness/mind, so closed-minded I was. So, now – I am more aware of my responsibility to me, how my mind shape/create/manifest me/my life/living, how to change me to become the directive principle of who I am, and so my responsibility to what I accept/allow in this world/reality with regards to our current accepted and allowed relationship to this World System/Money System. So, my process has not been from a “nobody to somebody” – more from ignorance to awareness. Your reference to ‘being a nobody’ is unfortunately how you are seeing yourself, which if you continue to do so – is how you will remain in your own mind/life. You are already a ‘somebody’ in terms of ‘individuality’ and what you accept/allow to live in thought, word and deed – so, no one is a ‘nobody’ in fact.

With regards to the Rick Ross Forums – as we’ve said: We’ve been walking for 7 Years, all the information / videos and writings are available on the Forums in which the individual can walk the time / reading within and as their own Process. Thus, the responsibility to Ask and Cross-reference information is in fact the Individual that accept and allow themselves to believe the Rick Ross Forums – which have put together bits/pieces of information from material/videos/forums we have walked for 7 Years and framed it in a way to define it according to their own intentions/definitions/beliefs.
Thus, individuals that are genuine and have consideration/regard and awareness – would ask questions/cross-reference/read/check from/of the actual source of information, which is ourselves. Everything is open and available.

And lastly, we’re a Non-Profit Organisation – Non-Religious.

With this – we have now, with various individuals walking / sharing / showing Desteni / Equal Money expressed what we stand for and as. All the links to the REAL information: Desteni – Group of people exploring Equality & Oneness principles,Equal Money System,http://www.desteniiprocess.org. Because, clearly – all you’re going to deliberately continue with is attempt/try to harass/provoke and misinform; but we have now spent sufficient time in standing/showing/directing to/as the real information and context that we stand for and as.

So, we’re going to continue walking our process with those who are ready to consider more to self/life, and for those who do read this – to again, consider, and see – how this individual, anonymous, is simply constantly, continuously finding little things to draw out of ALL that we say to continue provoking/harassing and misinform. And that we have now been clarifying/showing/revealing much – all this individual doing is spamming the Forums with questions/answers of hidden intentions and we’re rather, on the Quora Forums going to interact with individuals serious about / genuine about considering more to self and life.

So, all the relevant/real information is available on our sites  – also our Facebook page/Groups that we share our processes, and welcome to in your own time – research, investigate and walk.

Fear of Equality, Part 3 03/06/2013


The Myth of Liberty

Capitalism  is not only an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, and it is not only a system based on private ownership and generating profits for the “free market” and “investors.” It is actually a functioning Religion, as well.

As a Religion, Capitalism provides many of the same features and benefits any metaphysical system could conceive. It deals entirely in matters of Faith, worship and beliefs in a Supreme Being (of sorts). There are Narratives that are passed down from written books written centuries ago by Priests and Prophets, who created expansive systems of economic theologies which believers take as proof of their God’s existence and Truth of the nature of Reality. There are several main beliefs that have been given a metaphysical status within Capitalism, although we’ll only touch upon a few. It is the enduring, totalizing and ubiquitous presence of these beliefs systems that have made Capitalism so entrenched and almost impossible – to – dislodge for what it is; a pious and deadly superstition. If we look at some of the main myths of Capitalism, it will be revealed that what actually is offered as the truth are distorted and destructive definitions that has been surreptitiously uprooted and erased from their original meanings. The amazing thing is that these transformed, innovated and falsified distortions have caused these definitions to drift away and disappear from their supposedly definite significations, and nobody has seemed to notice. It is much like donkey meat being sold as 100% ground beef at the supermarket, and people not knowing or caring about the difference.

1. Liberty

Capitalism claims to promote liberty, voluntary exchange, integrity, political freedom, private property and wealth. Of these, private ownership of property and personal liberty are touted as the main benefits of Capitalism, and with it, a moralistic presumption that these things are what everyone naturally desires and are entitled to by their own self-reliance and the Grace of God. This idea, among others from classical Liberalism from intellectuals like Hobbes,  and slave – traders such as John Locke and proslavery advocate Hugo Grotius [1]. “Sovereignty,” “natural law,” and the “pursuit of happiness,” were all the rage with these philosophers, although the question of slavery was still far from settled for these purveyors of liberty. With the rise of Capitalism, there was a growing realization that realities of slavery and the ideas of liberty were causing friction and discord among the European intelligentsia. Logic, reason and common sense failed to dislodge the institution of slavery from the institution of Christianity (which tacitly supported it) and the newly – formed investor class that was beginning to amass astounding, if risky profits from the slave trade.  It took centuries and the bloody American Civil War to help settle the question for good. The definition of Liberty, always as metaphysical and philosophical term of “freedom” which never existence in palpable  physical terms on Earth, was slowly transformed within the evolution of the Capitalistic system. Although slavery was abolished, with the idea that man could not have his labor sold without his consent or payment, what now “free” to rent his labor to another for a wage, instead. This bastardization of “liberty” is today’s “freedom” to libertarians and neoliberals, who have no problem in checking their avowed respect for “voluntary exchange” and “personal integrity” at the door, or change their meanings into a gross distortion, as long as it boosts profits.

Capitalism does not promote “liberty,” but in reality, produces a crypto-authoritarian state of enslavement, alienation, endless consumption, poverty, waste and war. Why do I say “crypto-authoritarian?” Because there is no “voluntary exchange” within Capitalism. There is only voluntary servitude. If one doesn’t “voluntarily” hand over one’s body, effort, mind and time to another, that person will not have a bed to sleep or food on their table. Yet Liberty is raised to religious heights, like an invisible Supreme Being that lives in the sky that has no shape or form other than that molded by inference, wishful thinking and ignorance born from the narratives of Capitalist propaganda. Nobody wants to live without a bed or food, because there is no life outside this  system, where only the hell and gnashing of teeth of  begging, destitution and death awaits. Quite an inescapable bubble we’ve managed to create for ourselves, and yet, the belief has solidified into a substance far heavier than Mount Everest: that this is the best of all possible worlds and that Capitalism is the best of all possible systems created by Man. Well, with half of the world’s population living on less than $2 a day, you couldn’t prove this to me.

2. The Individual and the Fear of the Group

Also known as God, the Übermensch or the Exceptional Man. Here as well Capitalism elevates the Individual into metaphysical terms as a perfect expression of humanity, the idealized being that conquers and subdues all in his path. Like the petulant, disgruntled John Galt, but this Individual does not exist, much like John Galt, does not exist, but is a story of the frustrated expression of enlightened self-interest. “Men of the mind” [2], as Ayn Rand would put it, whose genius and acumen creates the gifts of the Gods for the swarming masses of humanity.

Within the Capitalist  (and especially the Libertarian and anarcholibertarian) mythos, the Individual is granted an unassailable sovereignty that is unconcerned with anything that might dampen the fires of “enlightened” self – interest. This dimension of the Individual is meant to convey a political reality where the rights of the Individual is claimed to supersede the rights of the Group. When we speak of Fear of Equality we are in essence speaking about fear of the Group.  In Western Civilization, this fear has a deep philosophical undercurrent. The great Holy Trinity of Classical thought, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, were all disdainful and fearful of democracy and majority rule. They thought, and many others as well, thought that the common man was a bit too dense to allow social groups to act as a politically cohesive unit. [3]

The Individual, according the Capitalist religion, is endowed with “rights,” “free choice” and “responsibilities” that must not be thwarted by any outside agency, for the Individual must be given “personal liberty,” free from the restraints of the leeches of society.  Individual must be granted total sovereignty over their body and more importantly, over the ability to form networks, agreements and relationships. This Individual seems to have no real connection or relationships with other Individuals, and seems to exist in and as an island unto themselves, unless one enters into a “voluntary association.”  Yet, even though this Individual must enter systems of social and financial relationships which forms a “Group” that he naturally fears and despises, according to the Capitalist mythos, the Individual must be allowed the liberty to dictate what kind of relationship he wants to enter with another, as long as it does not involve stealing or forcibly harming another’s body or property.

What is interesting here is that the current system steals and harms the largest portion of human beings (Individuals as a Group) on Earth. Of course the Individual lives in fear over that the Group will some day, out of sheer, overwhelming numbers and vengeance, take his property and wealth away. Ayn Rand went so far to even deny that society (as a Group) did not exist, since it is made up by Individuals, and did not enjoy any moral claims to have rights – “rights”  could only be enjoyed by the Individual. The grafting of a moral component to the capitalist concern of self – interest was a cheap trick (who isn’t for morality?), but many have bought it. And few have questioned how is it that Capitalism (composed of one group of Individuals), as a “moral” system, holds no responsibility for the incredibly damaging effects it produces for this planet and the larger group of Individuals living on it.  “Rights,” “liberty” and “morality” are imaginary, metaphysical concepts used to justify the trap that exists as the jaws of a nightmare from which there is no escape.

Only the fear of the Group is real.

NEXT: The Survival of the Fittest


[1] Hugo Grotius (1583-1645) was immensely influential in developing the “natural law” idea that would be borrowed and expanded upon by such thinkers as Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jaques Rousseau and Locke. Among his ideas was that is permissible for a being to enter into voluntary servitude in exchange for a stable society. Compare this with the modern libertarianism of  Robert Nozick’s notorious statement from his book, “Anarchy, State, and Utopia” (1974):  “The comparable question about an individual is whether a free system will allow him to sell himself into slavery.  I believe that it would.” While Libertarians wonder why they aren’t taken more seriously, this is precisely the reality we all find ourselves in.

[2] Ayn Rand’s hero, John Galt, who is meant to be a Capitalist “hero” in Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” is a rather poor example of the flower of Capitalism Rand’s followers make him out to be, because the question must be asked; what self – respecting Capitalist worth his salt goes on strike against… his customers?

In a lengthy speech that drags on for dozens of pages, Galt crows, ““All the men who have vanished, the men you hated, yet dreaded to lose, it is I who have taken them away from you. Do not attempt to find us. We do not choose to be found. Do not cry that it is our duty to serve you. We do not recognize such duty. Do not cry that you need us. We do not consider need a claim. Do not cry that you own us. You don’t. Do not beg us to return. We are on strike, we, the men of the mind.”

[3] Aristotle:  “A democracy is a government in the hands of men of low birth, no property, and vulgar employments.” and “Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.” Plato was just as scornful: “Democracy… is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder; and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike.” According to research by I. F. Stone in his book, The Trial of Socrates, Socrates was put to death because of his teaching of anti-democratic views to his pupils in Athens.