8/11/2013. The Big Man

That’s what I called Bernard. “The Big Man.” I liked to tell Andrea, “Can’t hang out with ya, hun. Gotta go into town with the Big Man.” It was due to the fact that when I first time I ever laid eyes on him I was surprised how large he looked. It was evening time, September 29, 2008. After being picked up at the airport I arrived in the darkness of night to the farm and strode through the front door of the main building. I had been invited to the farm by Bernard. I had only contacted him via email and chats on the Internet. On a whim, I decided to take him up on his offer. In an email to me he said, “You won’t want to leave.” I didn’t even know what the man looked like. It was strange that I was even on another continent placing my safety into the hands of a stranger.

Bald and stout, Bernard meets me inside the door. We embrace and then he takes me into the kitchen where he suggests that I would like some coffee. We exchange the polite, customary pleasantries. Bernard pulls out a cigarette and says, to no one in particular, “How long will Darryl continue to wait?” Bernard often asked questions that tended to freeze you in your tracks. I had a wonderful time there at the farm. I extended my stay.  By the time I left, which was months later than the 4 weeks I originally planned, the Big Man was not only my firm friend, he had also become an unbelievable example of unshakable integrity. He was right. I didn’t want to leave, but I felt it was time for me to go. And the night before I left he said, “When things get tough, don’t forget to breathe.”

Well, what do you know. Things got really tough when I returned Stateside.  Three days after staying with my best friends I was kicked me out onto the street in the dead of winter. I was afraid my truck would be impounded because my insurance lapsed. I spent the night in sub-freezing weather wondering how I would get through this ordeal, wondering what I had done to “deserve this.” I kept breathing. I survived. I was offered a place to stay until I could get back on my feet. I just had to move to North Carolina. Luckily, I had just enough cash to make the journey. But that episode did not fare too well, either, and I found myself back in Bernard’s living room once again. When he saw my haggard face (I’d been through a lot), he just grinned and offered me a cigarette.

The last time I saw Bernard was when dropped me off at the King Shaka airport,  August 4, 2010. Esteni was also there and we all embraced warmly as he said to me, “You will be back here in 5 years to stay.” And he smiled. It sounded like one of his ironclad promises. I turned and headed into the airport, fully expecting to see him again. But I heard the news today. Such a reunion is now impossible. Bernard’s gone. I heard this morning that it was a fatal heart attack.

I feel strangely quiet inside writing this, but it has been an awfully long day. Maybe I’m still in a bit of shock, maybe I’m just being calm.  Maybe it will hit me later. I’m sure there are many hugs and tears to go around. But life goes on. The Desteni Group lives on, and this Group will not wimp out or fragment or disappear. Sorry, haters, but the shit just got real.

Over the years, there has been many blogs that I have written that were pretty hard to write. While this isn’t one of those instances, I must confess that there’s an existential void Bernard left that is destined to be filled with our focus, determination, fearless purpose and integrity of the Desteni Group. Meeting, knowing  and living among so many Destonians makes this day a lot easier to walk through. To everyone on the farm; Esteni, Sunette, Andrea, Cerise, Leslie-John and all the others – I love you all. And I am grateful to have lived, worked, sweated and wondered on the land that existed under Bernard’s feet.

(From the Diary. There are so many stories about hanging out with Bernard that I could relate, and I may write about them later, but If there is one event from my time spent with the Big Man that encapsulates how my life was forever transformed, this would be as good as any).

October 7, 2008

LJ asked if I could help with the planting. I booted up and put on my Indiana Jones hat and made my way to the patch where the guys had plowed the day before. I’m given instructions by Fidelis on where and how to plant the seeds into one of the two plots that had been plowed. Okay, so this will be cool. I’m planting seeds into the dark earth. Watermelon, corn, squash, tomato. Rain had been falling over the past few days (it’s the raining season here in South Africa). But today was a good, warm day. The flying ants were out and the entire valley was buzzing with millions of the things. We planted into the afternoon and took a break to re-hydrate. Gian and Jesper jumped into the pool while I was playing with the dogs,  and I said to myself, “Yeah. Good idea.” The water was cold, but felt okay after a while.

Leslie-John called us back to the field and we planted more seeds into the earth.

After we were done, I returned to the house and sat in the lounge to cool off. I was feeling very frustrated for some unknown reason. Very frustrated. Slowly I came to see that I was frustrated with myself. I was so happy being in such a place where support and understandings were coming left and right. But it felt I wasn’t moving fast enough. What was it? I was still shaking. It had been with me all day. Bernard pointed it out first thing in the morning. “Shaking,” he said. All day out in the field planting seeds, I felt it. A miasm that was showing me that I am slowly dying. Here I am in this beautiful, life-affirming place where I am being supported, fed, housed, given understandings that I never had before. And each tremor reveals that I’m slowly dying. Nothing’s changed. I am still the same loser that I have been my entire life that nobody cares about. I’m still the same old ridiculous fool, everybody’s favorite punching bag. To come this far in my life where I could finally see myself being of some use to myself and the world only to be one the losing end of the stick once again, this was just too much to bear.

I am useless.

I felt I was ready to walk. I was tired of doubting and wanting and waiting. I saw that nothing in this world was of any use and I was ready to be counted on.

Was this some kind of joke? Is this where self-honesty has led me? With cosmic egg on my face? How did I allow myself to be used and allow myself to waste my life – to have it turned to shit? To accept living in the teeth of a nightmare?

Because I allowed it. The blackness of that moment of realization was heartbreaking.

Bernard pointed to one eye and said to me, “Darryl. See.”

And I saw.

I saw that nothing will ever change for me because I still carried who I am that has existed from the past. I still claimed this self-image that I had painted on the canvas of my life. And that painting was finished. It would last for eternity.

And then I saw something else. I saw that I do not have to carry that painting any longer. I could release it and paint another self and walk as that!

One that was effective, self-directive. One that stood one and equal with the entirety of existence and did not doubt or waste his life in senseless, useless time loops. One who trusted himself. One who would never ever, ever quit. A self that would stand the test of time.

Could it be that simple?

Could it be that instead of waiting for change to be thrust upon you, or given to you from somewhere outside yourself, you could change yourself in one moment? In one breath? Just by releasing the past? Just by literally seeing yourself integrate all that is, equal and one? Just by seeing that what passes for ‘life’ in this existence has no honor and here, it stops. I took a breath.

I noticed that the shaking stopped. Tears filled my eyes. Bernard, with cigarette in his hand, asked, “Do you get it?”

Yes, I got it.

I could walk.

Darryl and Bernard


How to Deal with a Paid Internet Troll. 03/20/2013

Illustration: Darryl Thomas
Illustration: Darryl Thomas
Did you know that there exists on the Internet people who are paid to invade social networking sites like Yahoo, Facebook and others, and try to influence others with premeditated trolling. I myself ran in dozens of trolls when I moderated the Desteni Forums a few years ago. Actually, trolls were instrumental in my Internet education when I began participating on bulletin boards many, many years ago. There was a soccer fan site called Matchnight that was full of them. Don’t look for it now, it’s defunct, but it was literally the Wild, Wild West of online male dickholery. At times even the moderators would troll their own threads. I formed a thick skin learning the tricks of word games and emotional manipulations trolls love to play, and by the time I became a moderator, when I spotted a troll, I mercilessly mocked, irritated and banned the hell out them. Eventually, I read on another board that one shouldn’t mess around on the Desteni board because it was tightly moderated. Damn right it was.
But I didn’t dream that there were fools who were actually paid to write crap that is meant to piss people off. Not when so many of them are willing to do it for free.
But they are out there. And they follow the members of Desteni around the Net like a wretched, ghostly  hyena spreading misinfo, disinfo, slander and outright lies in order to… I don’t know what they want to do because they should realize by now that we’re not going to “crumble under the pressure” of their pathetic, futile, libelous bullshit. (And I say “they” as if they are more than a handful of them – you probably could count them on one hand).
So it is with great pleasure and gratification that I post the following exchange between an “anonymous” troll who had pestered a bulletin board for several days (in a manner a la Rick Ross’ Cult Infotainment Forum) and Sunette Spies. I could say that it was truly a Master Class of Advanced Internet Beat-down of a faceless Anonymous Coward, but that wouldn’t be fair to most cowards. Please carefully read the anonymous user’s “question” – it’s classic Trollery. And carefully read Sunette’s answer as she strips away the bullshit to get inside the troll’s head just using the troll’s own words. It brought a tear to this jaded, crusty eye. Well played, madame. It will be a loooooooong day before this anonymous coward will want a second helping.
Anon User

Sunette Spies.Lets open up a rational dialogue here. I am firmly convinced that if you answer some of the questions I have about you and your group- we can all come to a better understanding of the truth.1. If the Rick Ross forums have spread mis-information about your group, then why don’t you point me to a specific list of facts that are incorrect. Without giving me some examples of incorrect facts that I can verify myself I can only conclude that THEY must be telling the truth and you are only upset about it and calling them liars. I need empirical proof of lies or falsehoods.2. The fact that I am anonymous is to protect my identity. We have already been over this several times. Users who submit answers that you don’t like, even if they are FACTUALLY CORRECT get their answers downvoted just because you don’t like them. That is wrong. You and EMS should not do that. I do not want my answers downvoted and so I REMAIN anonymous.A further point. WHAT WOULD CHANGE if I was no long anonymous? What WOULD you do if you knew my name? Would you try to go and try to make up some lie about me so that what I have to say seems less important?I am surprised that you don’t understand this yourself. You used to be a waitress am I right? You used to be a nobody, someone whose name didn’t mean a thing to people who had not met you. Just because you were not someone people knew didn’t mean what you had to say was not (in your and other’s opinion) potentially important.I am a nobody, but that doesn’t mean that what I have to say about your group is not important, just like you. If all people are equal, don’t I deserve the same dignity and respect as you? Don’t I deserve to be heard out regardless of who I am?A final question that I have for you, is the Destonian group a non-profit religious organization or is it considered a private enterprise?

Sunette Spies

Sunette Spies 19 votes (show)

Ah, very interesting opening line “rational dialogue” – which would lead an individual to from that premise believe that the rest of your statements/questions would be “rational”, when it is in fact irrational. Such as your irrational fear to remain anonymous just because of fear of down voting – I mean, can you not even stand by your own name/words out of a silly fear/reaction to being ‘down voted’ – you should be able to stand by your name and words whether being down voted or not. Thus, showing that you determine who you are and the words you speak based on how others would react, which would basically then come to question everything about you in your life with regards to how much of who you are is determined by others/what others think/how others may react – such as something as simple as down voting and how much of you is in fact standing for anything? You should be able to stand, no matter what – which is saying, here, much about who you are.

What would change with not being Anonymous – understand, this is not about us, but about you and what it says about you with remaining anonymous and how little of what you say can be trusted with remaining anonymous, with reacting to something as simple as ‘fear of being down voted’ ‘fear of exposing your identity’. I mean, here we stand, here I stand, with my name, process, information walked Openly as who I am and what I stand for –and even despite ALL the deliberate attempts to spread / provoke the contrary to what we’re saying/showing: we Stand. And, even with the Point of Portalling – which, for me, being something Natural, with having walked it consistently for 7 Years now with a massive amount of information available from various beings, on a daily basis, walking the One Principle of showing the process of how human nature can change and with individuals walking their processes to prove this with regards to how they changed themselves and their lives and to show the potential that there exist more in this existence than just Human Consciousness, and how everything aware: it is unfortunate that Human Consciousness wants to believe that all that exist is ‘human intelligence’ and that nothing else in existence has an awareness/intelligence, because human beings are the only apparent ‘dominant force’ in existence. So, I mean – I understand why human beings may find it difficult to conceive that there’s more to existence than only Human Consciousness, that one can communicate with animals, nature, the environment that is in fact aware, but not on a level of consciousness that the human is existing within. In and through the Portal, we explain the different levels of consciousness –the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind and quantum physical, and where human beings’ awareness is now only on the conscious/subconscious mind level. And this we explain in absolute detail for the individual to see, realise and understand how little awareness of the human in fact exist – even in relationship to our own thoughts, memories, emotions and feelings and how they in fact operate and function.

So, with this – this is all we’re doing/showing: that there’s more to existence than human consciousness, and we’re reaching to those who are willing, in this life to consider this, and to re-align our relationships/considerations to only the self-interest of our own Lives and dedicate our lives/living to considering/regarding/realising that there is an ENTIRE physical existence/humanity that is here that we haven’t been taking responsibility for, individually and collectively and simply expanding this awareness to dedicating our lives to better ourselves and this world/humanity as a whole with the potential that does exist for this to manifest.

Therefore, if you’re not able to consider, in this lifetime, that there is more to us humans/this physical existence than the intelligence we believe we are, and that with expanding our awareness in understanding ourselves, our relationship to the mind, the physical and this existence as a whole – that we came become more/make more of our lives for ourselves AND for all in this physical existence: then don’t. We’re going to walk this, whether you do or don’t. So, within this – if you don’t want to consider this, then – why “attack”? I mean, it’s not like we’re going to each individual human in this existence and knocking down their doors/minds and interfering in their forums/blogs etc. and attacking/provoking like you are now. Your reaction would imply that you actually in fact do see the potential of something like this existing/manifesting- but you’d rather in your life preserve your interests, than consider dedicating yourself/your life to something greater/more/better. Because if you didn’t ‘personally react to try and preserve interests that you feel are being challenged’ – you would have simply looked at the information and walked away.  And simply because we’re challenging held beliefs/acceptances and allowances such as “this world is the way it is because it’s always been that way” and showing that, hey – by accepting/allowing such a statement we’re keeping it all this way, by not standing up for change within ourselves and this world – everyone goes into immediate “reaction”. All we’re ‘challenging’ at the base of it all, is – there’s more to this existence than only human consciousness and what we now accept/allow life on earth to be. So, if you react to being challenged to consider something MORE, then that’s your personal process. We’re here to stand with those who are willing to move beyond their own reactions, challenge themselves to consider something more to self and what life on earth is/has become. If we remain in the ‘lesser’ version and definition of ourselves, without challenging ourselves to consider more – how are we ever going to change ourselves or anything in this existence to something better, because our acceptances/allowances/definitions is what is keeping ourselves/this world limited, therefore to expand, to change, we have to expand how we see/view/interact and consider things.

With this, getting now to the question regarding Dignity and Respect: I would argue the following with how we at Desteni look at things and how I also have looked at my relationship to humanity/this World and asked myself a question: Can I stand in self-respect, in dignity – with having a look at my life on earth that I have walked in relationship to humanity/this physical existence as especially for example this current World System/Money System and say that I have lived in respect/dignity to my fellow man, to the animal kingdom, the nature/environment, the earth? No. Why? Because – how can we say, that we have lived a “dignified life” when the very life that we do live, in relationship to what Money provides – that Money that provided the ‘life’ I had lived, for me to have the money I have – was at the sacrifice/cost/expense of other human beings lives, animals, nature, the environment, the earth. That, for me to have a ‘life’ – that opportunity of ‘life’ had to be taken away from other human beings/other life forms; which is how this Current world system is set up in terms of catering to only a minority of human beings, while the majority struggle to survive with the amount of money available to them and the “cost” of living in this world is rising more and more and more, and more human beings are being filtered out of the World System to live/survive in this world/reality. I would also suggest watching the documentary the Power Principle – showing the process of how this current World System came into being with deliberate interventions with populations/peoples who have proven that self-governing is possible, to exist in harmony and equality where everyone works together for the betterment of all of the society/environment and deliberately taken over by the World System frontrunners to have control. Then, to the point of Respect – how can we claim respect, when we cannot even respect/consider/regard LIFE-itself, that is existent in each human being, each child that is born, each life form that birth within this physical existence – with regards to how this current World System/Money System blatantly disrespect the opportunity for life/living for humanity within this physical existence? I mean, you can do your research with regards to the extent of abuse/violence and even to the consequence of extinction of species is existing simply for profit, for greed, for money, for self-interest – and then we support/participate in such a System that so deliberately disrespect the life of such beings: what does it then say about us?
So, what we suggest considering is a “Dignified Life” and “Respect” – with regards to presenting such an opportunity for humanity, where each child born is ensured/secured a future in this world/reality, where we can assist/support ourselves to actually co-exist for ourselves and for all, and stand within/as Respect with regards to looking at/investigating alternatives / solutions to our current relationship to nature, the animal kingdom, the environment and the Earth. I mean, it’s fascinating that human beings alone is being blamed for this earth’s slow but sure destruction – when it’s the current World System/Money System and our accepted and allowed relationship to it, that is governing/managing all the relationships in this Physical Existence and so: all we’re showing is that we change this Entire System, re-align the Relationships to real consideration/regard in relation to Respect and Dignity that is Physically Visible within this Existence.

With this, all of us are not yet equal – at all, equality would be where we’re able to Co-Exist, as Equals, as Human Beings and work-together for the betterment of ourselves, each other and this world as a whole. Yes, we most certainly understand this process we’re Undertaking is a Massive Task and will be a Process to walk – but, despite all the odds and individual such as yourself who just cannot at this stage conceive of such a Solution – we know the potential exist, and so we walk it. You’re equal-to and one-with what you accept and allow in our mind and your life – at the moment, everyone is accepting/allowing themselves to be equal to only consciousness, only this current world-system/money system and so in that definition, are in fact limiting ourselves to considering the potential that exist for ourselves and life on earth. So, for those that are ready to step beyond such limitation, acceptance and allowance in the Mind and this World/Money System – we’re walking ourselves beyond such limitation to/as considering more.

Now to the point of defining me as a ‘nobody’ in your question/statement – this in fact does not define me, but defines you. I did not see myself as a ‘nobody’, nor did I define myself as that. I was simply living my life, unaware of anything/anyone – but my own mind, my own survival: exactly like most of humanity are existing/living now. Completely caught up in our minds, our personal lives and especially survival/money. I have been there myself. However, this process – had made me Aware, that – there’s most certainly more existing in this existence than JUST me, made me Aware that – I am currently living in, accepting and allowing a World / Money System that is causing unimaginable harm/abuse/consequence to the rest of humanity/this physical existence, which in this also brought me to the question “where was I my whole life that I had lived to ignorantly in relation to money, the world/money system, other human beings” – I mean, it was not even registering/being considered in my consciousness/mind, so closed-minded I was. So, now – I am more aware of my responsibility to me, how my mind shape/create/manifest me/my life/living, how to change me to become the directive principle of who I am, and so my responsibility to what I accept/allow in this world/reality with regards to our current accepted and allowed relationship to this World System/Money System. So, my process has not been from a “nobody to somebody” – more from ignorance to awareness. Your reference to ‘being a nobody’ is unfortunately how you are seeing yourself, which if you continue to do so – is how you will remain in your own mind/life. You are already a ‘somebody’ in terms of ‘individuality’ and what you accept/allow to live in thought, word and deed – so, no one is a ‘nobody’ in fact.

With regards to the Rick Ross Forums – as we’ve said: We’ve been walking for 7 Years, all the information / videos and writings are available on the Forums in which the individual can walk the time / reading within and as their own Process. Thus, the responsibility to Ask and Cross-reference information is in fact the Individual that accept and allow themselves to believe the Rick Ross Forums – which have put together bits/pieces of information from material/videos/forums we have walked for 7 Years and framed it in a way to define it according to their own intentions/definitions/beliefs.
Thus, individuals that are genuine and have consideration/regard and awareness – would ask questions/cross-reference/read/check from/of the actual source of information, which is ourselves. Everything is open and available.

And lastly, we’re a Non-Profit Organisation – Non-Religious.

With this – we have now, with various individuals walking / sharing / showing Desteni / Equal Money expressed what we stand for and as. All the links to the REAL information: Desteni – Group of people exploring Equality & Oneness principles,Equal Money System,http://www.desteniiprocess.org. Because, clearly – all you’re going to deliberately continue with is attempt/try to harass/provoke and misinform; but we have now spent sufficient time in standing/showing/directing to/as the real information and context that we stand for and as.

So, we’re going to continue walking our process with those who are ready to consider more to self/life, and for those who do read this – to again, consider, and see – how this individual, anonymous, is simply constantly, continuously finding little things to draw out of ALL that we say to continue provoking/harassing and misinform. And that we have now been clarifying/showing/revealing much – all this individual doing is spamming the Forums with questions/answers of hidden intentions and we’re rather, on the Quora Forums going to interact with individuals serious about / genuine about considering more to self and life.

So, all the relevant/real information is available on our sites  – also our Facebook page/Groups that we share our processes, and welcome to in your own time – research, investigate and walk.

Fear of Equality, Part 5. 03/12/2013


THE impression forces itself upon one that men measure by false standards, that everyone seeks power, success, riches for himself and admires others who attain them, while undervaluing the truly precious things in life.

Thus begins Freud in his book, Civilization and its Discontents. We can speculate some other time about what the “truly precious things in life” may be, since such things are wholly subjective and would prevent us from cleaving to the matter at hand. But Freud does reveal a tendency or a trait within human beings, that we are often given to measure our relationships, environment and thoughts by false standards, through manipulation, ignorance and wishful thinking.

This has been my thesis so far: people fear Equality because differing groups of people fear the domination or misuse by other Groups.

There can be no vast accumulation of wealth within a system of relationships of equal cooperation. There is no rational explanation of how massive social inequality could exist within cooperative relationships within the Group. Thus, the idea of Competition, rather than cooperation, was used  to justify and protect the wealth and property of the haves from the have-nots; a framework that makes sense only within the paradigm of Capitalism.

This fear of the Group is channeled and misdirected into elevated, metaphysical conceptions as values of competition, liberty, free will and Individualism. Of these, liberty, free will and the Classical Liberal deification of the Individual are thought experiments that can only be measured and compared through the signification of vocabulary or artful terminology. Of these, only competition can be considered an event taking place in reality, since competition has very real consequences and effects that can be measured, seen and experienced. The others are mental projections that are used to justify the means and ends of competition.

Managing the Trinity of Fears

There is a Trinity of great Fears that predominately exist within human beings, and they are:

(1) knowledge that each one of us has needs that must be met in order to survive.

(2) Nobody can be trusted, and,

(3) Survival is wholly dependant on access to money or those with money.

To deal with these fears, and more importantly, matters of survival, it is believed by social scientists that early social Groups were formed within relationships of cooperation to deal collectively with the issues of survival. As Society grew more complex and advanced, competition was introduced. How did this occur? The easiest answer has to do with man’s capacity for greed and desire for power over other groups and the environment. Wars and establishing controls over groups became the accepted standards for managing people and resources. There is even a saying about the realities of war that confirms this: to the victor goes the spoils. [1] Capitalism provides the incentive to compete, survival is the motivator, the point between life and death, as well as the attainment of value through the fulfillment of desire via “winning” (acquiring property, sex or fame).  The “loser” is accorded the loss of value, since the loser’s value must be extinguished and consumed by the winner.

It was a very neat and fiendishly clever trick to convince the Group that an existential “winner – take – all” competition for survival was the best and most efficient mode of living. Yet for over 500 years, modern Capitalism has reigned as the winner over all other economic systems. But it required a lot of help from the philosophers, economists and science to do so.

Conceptions of Society

Philosophers, scientists and churchmen have all had their own ideas about forming the perfect society; The major thinkers include Plato, Augustine, Marx, Lenin, etc.. In Plato’s Republic, the cornerstone of society would be “justice.”  Plato’s perspectives were informed by his aristocratic status in Athenian society, and he had a suspicious and disapproving view of democracy, preferring his utopia to be ruled by elite philosophers.

Augustine believed that the ideal society would be one entirely devoted to Christian principles in order to gain entrance into the City of God in the hereafter. Augustine believed that if the State followed the teachings of Jesus Christ, justice and peace would ensue.

By the 18th Century, philosophers like Jean – Jacque Rousseau and others proposed that a perfect utopian state existed before being debased by European culture. Rousseau envisioned a future community that linked political “freedom” with education, but at the same time was pessimistic that self-interest could be overcome to a point that would allow such a reality to unfold.

Karl Marx proposed that “true freedom” could not be found through individual means, but only through the community. Marx’s ideal community would be a classless one of equally shared property and resources, which would only emerge after the conflicts that will cause the collapse of Capitalism.

Amazingly, small – scaled experiments of egalitarian communities were formed in Europe and America in the 19th Century by Robert Owen, Charles FourierÉtienne Cabet and others.

Despite the failure of these communities to survive, the common notions of economic and political equality would never completely be lost, although these principles would live on in diluted and distorted forms within the various stripes of socialism (which has never escaped the gravity of market capitalism, thus keeping the social inequalities in place).

The fear of Equality is based on a false, mental reality that has produced severe material and physical consequences for humanity and the environment. These consequences are fast approaching the line of no return that will endanger our civilization in ways that are scarcely imaginable, most likely in permanent, unpleasant ways. We need to find a way out of this date with a dystopian destiny before that line is crossed. Perhaps, if we could finally see and understand how a community based on common sense and Equality could become a workable, comprehensible reality, we can begin to fashion an alternative that will be to the benefit of all.

NEXT:The Natural Law Argument Against Equality


[1] A peculiarly American political idiom that arose in the mid – 1800’s to describe a rewards – system that benefitted the winning candidate’s supporters with government jobs.

Fear of Equality, Part 2. 03/03/2013


People fear equality because we fear each other within the competition of survival

The Belief that Man (and Earthly existence) is Inherently Evil (Original Sin doctrine).

This notion was codified in the West by Augustine of Hippo and was expanded upon by Christian theologians through the centuries and accepted as a “truth” ever since. The opinion of Augustine was that human sexual desire was the engine that made Man into a depraved, immoral and hopelessly sinful creature that needed the salvific  intervention of Jesus Christ to be saved from eternal damnation in Hell. In this teaching Augustine traced the fallen state of Man to the Fall of Adam and Eve after they “sinned” against God in the Garden of Eden. [1]

Running along this cultural stream is another complimentary or competing idea that the evil in the world is necessary because of the existence of Free Will in humans, which allows and justifies evil within a scheme of metaphysics that claims salvation comes in choosing the good over the evil, thus following the example of Jesus Christ and earning one’s way to Heaven.

Due to our so-called “fallen nature” combined with “free will,” Man is thus free to commit any act he wishes, regardless of the consequences an act may have on one’s self or others. People are intimately aware of their own inner demons and destructive impulses, so we are certain others are aware of theirs and our own, as well. The question is always present when we enter into any relationship – who can be trusted?

Equality is feared because somehow there exists a belief that such a state will increase MORE suffering and misery for people  in the world. The person I encountered in the previous blog on PolicyMic held such ideas. Mr. Green stated;

Once perfect equality is achieved it will soon dissolve by human nature and talent within hours, to maintain equality for a longer period requires totalitarian force and oppression while leveling down the lifestyle of some to starvation poverty of others. Your equality comes down to petulance of wanting others to suffer, somehow your hatred of those wealthier then you will be abated when this occurs? What will you an internet user do when your opulent lifestyle needs leveling down too?

Reading between the lines reveals a nightmare for those who fear Equality as an existential, authoritarian and human destructive force where freedom of choice, and more frightening, loss of privilege will wipe out human initiative, and more important, degrade the current lifestyle of those who now benefit from inequality within the system today. This fear of degradation of the current lifestyle is the major concern here, although it seems to float upon Green’s subconscious. I don’t know if he aware of the ramifications or the implications he’s made in this comment.

Why does Equality conjure up in the mind of such frightening images of nameless, existential ” totalitarian force and oppression?” Because we are so distrustful and fearful of each other, we consider ourselves so depraved and hopelessly evil, that this belief has become hard – wired into our brains: Equality can only be achieved through militaristic and draconian measures.

By the way, the same can be said to accurately describe the current Capitalist State. Competition (over diminishing resources) is seen as the smarter choice than cooperation. Logically, one could map out the consequences of the destructiveness and  irrationality of this kind of thinking. However, it is more important to maintain the status quo of near-immediate gratification for those who can afford this, and so the consequences must always remain incoherent, unexpressed and exist in some untouched future for others to deal with. Equality is a direct threat to the status quo and will be pushed back, not through superior logic or intellectual power, but through emotional expressions of greed, fear of loss, hatred and mistrust of Man against Man. When John Mackey complains that Capitalism has been under unjustified attack by intellectuals, his response is likewise a feeble emotional romanticism of a mythical Capitalism that is making the world a better place for everyone. This form of Capitalism obviously only exists within his mind, and yet, because he has systematic value (wealth), he’s going to influence others to adopt his religion of “compassionate” Capitalism. It is unfortunate, and another obstacle to overcome as we spread our ideas of Equal Money and Equality to the world.

NEXT: FEAR OF EQUALITY, PART 3: The Myth of Liberty


[1] Augustine based his teaching on his interpretation of Paul’s Letter to the Romans 5:12-21

07/16/2012 – 2012 : The Ignorance of Knowledge and Information

It is the collective mind of the  human race that has erected numberous sciences, arts, religions, superstitions, philosophies, metaphysics in a vain attempt to understand the existence, the reality we have found ourselves in. The only area in our lives that we are under no doubts is that our situational awareness of this reality simply cannot be grasped by our consciousness. This can only be considered as a monumental and colossal failure of the powers of the mind. It makes clear that one should consider that the mind is incapable of solving this “problem.” So the old saying of “I think, therefore I am,” should be considered questionable – because to think or to exist does not answer the big question of “existing as what in this reality.” We have composed many theories and speculations of what actually is appearing  before our eyes and through the mental exercises, and that has been deemed an acceptable path long before the days of Aristotle. Since the first speculative fictions of the nature of reality was delivered over – geez, 10,000 years ago (as far as we know), research will show that the knowledge and information of our reality still leaves much to the imagination.

It is the continued and ever-expanding state of world-wide human suffering which provides proof that the mental exercises of humanity with its trajectories of religious and abstract thinking has completely failed humanity in providing the end of human suffering within the ignorance of knowledge and information. To think is to exist within a bubble of ignorance and energy. Shakespeare may have said it best with this bit from Macbeth

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Consciousness* is but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Fixed William’s post. It is consciousness, not “life” that is that “walking shadow.”  When Desteni says the primary goal for each person is to “birth self into life,” what it means is to become the directive principle [1] over the legion of personalities and characters that has become one’s consciousness and not to live life through and as the abstractions and pathologies of our combined, mutable and fictitious personas.


[1] “A point to consider with regards to you particular reaction to ‘Knowledge’ is that, in fact – everything you participate-within in your reality is ‘manifested-knowledge’: Education, Television, Communication, Participation – everything exist-within and has been manifested/created from/as Knowledge, what we are as the Mind is manifested knowledge and information infused/substantiated with/as energy and personalized with preference/morality, creating ‘individualized personalities’.
So, if you self-honestly have a look, you don’t actually have a reaction towards Knowledge-itself, otherwise you would have had a equal-reaction to/towards everything and everyone in your reality/existence, you have a particularly-specific reaction to/towards that which you require to apply discipline and effort towards obtaining to become practical in this world/reality. Therefore, it’s not the manual or the Knowledge that you’re reacting to – you’re reacting to the fact that you have to walk a process, step by step in reality and actually apply/live discipline and concentration/effort.
So – got to look at the point of laziness and postponement in yourself in relation to your world/reality where you want things to happen/manifest immediately or quickly, without having to go through the discipline / effort to manifest it as you. Therefore, the ‘problem’ is not the knowledge, the problem is ‘you’ not wanting to discipline yourself and apply the effort to walk something here in the physical, step by step.”

-Sunette Spies, ” Applying Self in Reality.” Article. Self-Direction -Destonians.com

05/26/2012 – Is the Mind the most powerful thing in the Universe?

“Uhn.. if I could just think… a bit… harder… somethin’s bound to happen!”

Your thoughts create your reality.

Your mind is more powerful than you know.

Are you worried about something right now?

Are you feeling unsure about something these days?

God invites you to change your thinking.

Miracles seldom occur in the lives of those who do not consider them possible.

There could be a miracle waiting for you this minute.

Please make room for it in your thinking. Thanks.

Love, Your Friend….

Neale Donald Walsch

Wow. The mind has been given a lot of credit by philosophers, metaphysicians, science and religion. Not only does the miraculous mind receive credit for moving things in the universe, it has been touted as creating the universe! That sounds nice but seriously, can we really define consciousness in any other terms other than a vampirous abstraction, or as  generative and consuming energetic of substance –  like a flame devouring and evaporating a candle of wax?  But the majestic brilliance of the flickering light lasts only for a moment until it vanishes into the darkness, rubbed out from existence and from memories. But such metaphors must sound too cruel for people like Walsch when referring to something so God-like as the mind, until one realizes that  there is a difference between “God” and “God-like.” I suppose the biggest difference is that “God” is a mind-created fable and  truth-claim about a unseeable object while the mind is something we are all very intimate with, especially its oppressive, deceptive and ingratiating nature which ceaselessly drives us to erect such titanic monumental altars to worship it.  The mind has seemingly deserved all the praise that we have given it, what with all the wonderful things in the world that the mind has given us, like depleted uranium, plastic soup oceans and genetically modified vegetables (and wasn’t the world clamoring for more depleted uranium, plastic in the oceans and genetically modified food?)

If one would find any benefit to blame whoever was responsible for lifting up such a bully to eminence, we could mention the Brahmanas and the ancient Greeks. The Advaita – the orthodox philosophical school of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), claims that Brahman is “knowledge” and everything in the visible world, “eternal spiritual body which is full of bliss!”  He is the Supreme Person! A Consciousness of Absolute Truth! The principle Upanishads claim that Brahman is the infinite consciousness. And how did we come to know of this infinite consciousness? From the words handed down from Vedic literature. You know, from stories. But the Vedas will be the first to admit, the Brahman that can be talked about is not the true Brahman.  Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

The Greeks had their stories as well, but I’m not talking about their superhero gods like Hercules, Aphrodite and Apollo. Their conception of the mind as God was just as abstractly absolute as anything  the Brahmanas cooked up. Anaxagoras conceived of a cosmology of where there was nothing but a formless, cosmic soup that existed at the beginning , until a cosmic mind he called, nous placed everything in order.  As Donnie Darko would say, “Deus Ex Machina! Our Lord and savior.” Anaxagoras never said where is “mind” came from, but you gotta admit, it makes for a great story and it even influenced the great Plato and the Neoplatonists, who also conceived a transcendent cosmic mind as being and thought from which all things emanated. The enemies of the Neoplatonists were the Gnostics, who claimed that the physical creation was the inferior and flawed work of an evil creator and a growing post-Judean sect called Christians who worshipped a crucified man as the Son of God, the Logos, the creative principle made flesh.

And to this day, there are people who believe that the mind within our holy brains, is the most powerful thing in the universe. Good ol’ New Age. Way to keep the cosmic consciousness home fires burning. From this we gather stories about how the human mind, the “greatest force in the universe,” is evolving into achieving “higher consciousness” and increasing our vibration to the point of becoming one with the cosmic consciousness.  Which is all well and good, but goddamn, where does the love-in end, Neale Donald Walsch? Why do you ask us to “make room in our minds for miracles,” for God’s sake? I understand that some of the books you’ve presented appear rich in wisdom and profound statements and that  you made a fortune with them, but did you ever ask yourself whether the alleged contact with “God” could in any way be verified? Did you ever consider that the words you assumed that came from “God” were actually formed within  a secret compartment  within your mind that in no way was connected to any Divine source? From judging the above quote, I reckon not, because it sounds like you are serious when you suggest that “making room” ” in your thinking for a miraculous intervention from “God.” Somehow, according to the schematic of  Walsch,  “God” is quite limited – and can only act on the human scene through the thoughts of human beings, but only if we engage in wishful, magical thinking. Again, like Eckhart Tolle, Barbara Hand Clow, Esther Hicks  and many, many others who present consciousness as the most powerful force in the universe, they present claims as truths and don’t seem to realize the difference. To tell people to make room in their thinking for a miracle is capitulation of one’s self-direction. Thus Walsch’s claims are not credible and people need to check themselves for the lack of development of their common sense if they buy into this garbage. And that so many people do buy into this trash should make one question whether consciousness is all that “powerful” after all.

05/02/2012 – 2012 and Randian “Virtue” of Selfishness Part 2

Ayn Rand. Fanboys Assemble!

 “I swear—by my life and my love of it—that I will never live for  the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

It is a common assertion of the disciples of Ayn Rand’s philosophical vision of Selfishness to justify it by saying that sacrifice is something is something “contradictory to nature.”

Can selfishness seriously be raised to an ethical (or as Rand would say, a “rational”) level? Rand herself claimed that no philosopher had ever managed to offer a reason why there should even be a code of values to follow in the first place. ( A “hint” to the Randians: “To make life easier for everybody”). While I seriously doubt her assertion was true, [1] there remains a further question. What made Rand decide on Selfishness as her moral compass?

There is plenty of room for speculation, but essentially Rand’s Virtue of Selfishness can be reduced to this quote by her:

“I am not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism; and I am not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason. If one recognizes the supremacy of reason and applies it consistently, all the rest follows.”

The “rest” that “follows” is the appeal for the rationalization of naked greed dissembled as a logical and worthy enterprise. This is the Randian rational self-interest trope, AKA her “pursuit of happiness” taken to the extreme. Can you imagine a world where everyone took this applied pathology as the starting point of morality?  Well, it would much look like the sociopathic world we have now, but worse. (Thankfully, and I’m being ironic here, that the policeman inside the heads of our country’s citizens moderates sociopathic tendencies for the most part). And what makes egoism such a fail in terms of its application? Well, you’d be wading through a tornado of selfish pricks with competing self-interests to deal with. Yo, Randians! Sounds like fun to you, or what?

I can’t help but think that the followers of Ayn Rand are held hostage to a hero-worship that has arrested the development of their consciousness and common sense. To insist on the virtue of selfishness is to deny that human beings are social animals. I understand that in neoliberal, libertarian and Paleo-Conservative thought, they piss on rationalism and logic when they claim that  looking out for others is a bet made by suckers. “Living for the sake of another” means that you would gladly live in someone else’s shoes. Would the head of JP Morgan trade places with an African child soldier? Would Mark Zuckerberg trade places with a Latina trying to cross the US-Mexico border? No, they would – and so would you – do everything in their power to keep such a life away from them, and in that effort, keep the wheels of oppression grinding away as if their was no tomorrow.

I’m sick of fanboy Randians. They don’t know what they are really pushing for.


[1] Aristotle, who happened to be Rand’s favorite philosopher, provided her with the rational framework of her philosophy. The Greek Philosopher did present a line of reasoning for activating the “good will” within one towards the benefit of others (friendship) in his Nicomachean Ethics.  Rand distorted the self-love thesis of Aristotle and took it to an extreme abstraction where she proposed that the only justifiable act must be one of self-interest only, and where the benefits of others is ignored or must dovetail into the benefit of self-interest.